19 March 2018

18 March 2018

Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics and software company, Will Make Sneakers Too

  • The company, Xiaomi, has launched a smart sneaker – GTS light-weight sports!
What's on your mind every time you will hear Xiaomi? Of course, we normally say its smartphones, but somehow, little people know that they practically make every single product possible exclusive with electronics or software products. 
In fact, they also make some smart sneakers that look cool as Vans, Nike, Adidas, or other known brands.

Introducing Xiaomi's GTS Lightweight sneaker sports!

03 February 2018

Top 17 Technology Apps that Will Be Popular in 2018

2017 was a great year for apps, wasn’t it? In March 2017, Android users were able to choose from 2.8 million apps, and Apple’s App Store featured 2.2 million apps. It’s a growing industry. We keep seeing new apps, and we cannot dare predict the startups of 2018… we’re going to be surprised in any case. 

We can, however, predict the apps that will gain in popularity throughout 2018. These apps are already available, and they will keep gaining momentum. Let’s list 17 apps that have great potential for 2018.

01 January 2018

SanDisk Unveils Its 400GB MicroSD Card

If you are looking for taking pictures, recording videos, and watching FULL HD videos, then this MicroSD is perfect for you!
Image: https://www.sandisk.com/home/memory-cards/microsd-cards/ultra-microsd-400gb

The 400GB SanDisk Ultra PLUS microSDXC UHS-I card gives you the freedom to shoot, save and share more than ever before. 
Western Digital through its SanDisk brand is introducing its new MicroSD card with a capacity of 400GB!

30 December 2017

LG Unveils First Smart Speaker With Google Assistant

At CES, they never fail us to amaze some innovations. And Droid-Life asked what are the expectations for the next CES event.

With that, LG introduced its LG ThinQ, the first premium speaker with Google Assistant. (you know, just ask questions and it will do things).

If it is true, then you can now say to this speaker whatever you want to play music one, you can control the volume, or whatever you want to do with it.