06 June 2018

29 May 2018

Is StartJob.Online Fake Or Real ? [Review]

Looking for a decent job online and earn money out of it? Well, there are a lot of websites that offer a great salary. But be warned though, not all websites are legitimate. Some are just fake and it collects information to use it for their own consumption.

How about StartJob.online? How will you know if it is a legit one? Well, we will find out here!

20 May 2018

Secure Your PDF Files With Secret PDF 1.0

Sometimes, your documents need to readable only from the specific person especially it contains your research and you don't need it to share, edit, or copy.

Here's this kind of software to do that.

Want to build a "Secret" PDF document for your reader? This smart software can offer the capability to stop your PDF from unauthorized sharing, copying, converting and editing. Only for reading.

Secure Your PDF Files With Secret PDF 1.0

Secret PDF 1.0
Secret PDF is great software that helps users to create a special PDF document which could be only opened and read on a specified computer. No one can open it in other computers.

19 March 2018

18 March 2018

Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics and software company, Will Make Sneakers Too

  • The company, Xiaomi, has launched a smart sneaker – GTS light-weight sports!
What's on your mind every time you will hear Xiaomi? Of course, we normally say its smartphones, but somehow, little people know that they practically make every single product possible exclusive with electronics or software products. 
In fact, they also make some smart sneakers that look cool as Vans, Nike, Adidas, or other known brands.

Introducing Xiaomi's GTS Lightweight sneaker sports!