22 June 2017

HOW TO: Convert Video Format And Reduce Video File Size With WonderFox

Undoubtedly, digital devices such as tablets and smartphones are necessities for everyone's daily life. It helps us to keep in touch with friends, deal with our business and it also offers us entertainment such as we can enjoy video and film on it. However, since different digital formats support different types of video formats, it might happen to you that the video you want to watch can't be played on your digital devices. Moreover, the video files can take up much RAM space of your devices. So is there any way to solve the problem? 

15 June 2017

Tutorial for Students: How to Master Speed Reading

Learning speed reading is of great importance to students as it enables them to cover, comprehend, and retain the huge chunks of study material and in turn, obtain good grades. On average, the majority of people read at about 200 to 400 words per minute. 

Mastering this skill will enable you to become a better reader as you will be able to take in more information faster and retain more of it.

6 Engaging Ways to use Technology in the Classroom to Create Lessons That Aren’t Boring

One of the main tasks of any teacher is to not simply deliver the information to the students but to do everything possible to grab and hold their attention. And we’re not talking only about the lesson here. A teacher, who’s able to inspire students to learn, who makes them passionate about their subject, is a good teacher. But what can you do to become one?

Well, that’s a tough question. These days the technologies affect every area of our lives – and education is not an exception here. The teacher has to compete with social media, blogs, forums, and other digital distractions. But do they really have to compete?

11 June 2017

HOW TO: Win Siltbreaker Event on Dota 2

Siltbreaker is a multiplayer campaign event for those The International 2017 Battle Pass owners. It comes in two Acts. Teams of four players engage in a mission to complete objectives in an action role-playing environment. Battle Points and other rewards are given out depending on performance.

Disclaimer: I haven't yet tried to play as of this posting who knows we might win with these strategies I have seen.

03 June 2017

Step-By-Step Guide to Start Your Own Blog Today

There are hundreds of ways to make extra money from home, but only a select few have the potential to generate a full-time income. If you enjoy writing or simply like to share your thoughts and opinions, blogging just may be the things for you. Especially if you can get paid to do it, blogging can turn into the dream job you’ve always wanted.

image: (orvice / Flickr)