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01 February 2017

Bureau of Customs (BOC) Seizes Smuggled Imported Gadgets Worth Php Million Pesos

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) Intelligence Officers seized alleged smuggled high-end electronic devices worth Php 30 millions of pesos, one of the most popular online gadget stores in the Philippines on Wednesday, February 01, 2017.

 Bureau of Customs (BOC) seizes imported devices

In a report from {CNN}, Bureau of Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon said that according to their intelligence report, KimStore, one of the popular online gadget shops, has been suspected of selling imported devices under suspicious importation schemes and processes.

13 June 2016

29 November 2015

Technology: LI-FI 100 Times Faster Than WI-FI

If you are not satisfied with WI-FI regarding connectivity speed, then you might want this new technology. Are you excited?

Introducing Li-Fi, a next-generation tech next to WI-FI that can reach up to 1Gbps speed — at most 100 times faster than WIFI. Well, at that speed, I can be more productive at work and be more on procrastination when I need to download some apps and watch videos (sigh).

Li-fi lightbulb
Lightbulb - Image: BBC News
While LI-FI can send 1Gbps (gigabit per second) speed, it must have a light source (such as LED bulb), internet connection, and a photo detector.

According to BBC, it was tested by an Estonian Startup company, Velmenni in Tallinn. It was reported that in laboratory tests, it show theoretical speeds up to a mind-blowing 224 Gbps! WOW! It was also tested in their office, to allow their workers to access the internet.
Li-fi chipset
Li-fi chipset.  Photo credit: Peter Tuffy/The University of Edinburgh
Li-Fi sends data information using LED lights. It was not new because it was invented in 201
Compare to Wi-Fi, it transmits and penetrates walls while Li-Fi is based on light which can't penetrate walls and has a limited range which makes it more secure from sniffing.

Besides Velmenni, Oledcomm and pureLiFi already bring Li-fi to its customers.

Watch Haas talking about the technology in 2011.  Li-Fi's inventor himself, Harald Haas.

22 October 2015

SanDisk Is Now Part of Western Digital

Western Digital recently announced its acquisition  of SanDisk. According to the press release,  Western Digital Corp. and SanDisk Corp. entered in an agreement which Western Digital will acquire all shares of SanDisk including Cash and Stock.
The offer values SanDisk common stock at US$86.50 per share or a total equity value of approximately US$19 billion, using a five-day volume weighted average price ending on October 20, 2015 of US$79.60 per share of Western Digital common stock.
It was previously announced that an investment of Western Digital by Unisplendour Corporation Limited closes prior to this acquisition, Western Digital will pay US$85.10 per share in cash and 0.0176 shares of Western Digital common stock per share of SanDisk common stock; and if the Unisplendour transaction has not closed or has been terminated, US$67.50 in cash and 0.2387 shares of Western Digital common stock per share of SanDisk common stock. The transaction has been approved by the boards of directors of both companies.

Image: Wikipedia
The combination is the next step in the transformation of Western Digital into a storage solutions company with global scale, extensive product and technology assets, and deep expertise in non-volatile memory (NVM). With this transaction, Western Digital will double its addressable market and expand its participation in higher-growth segments. SanDisk brings a 27-year history of innovation and expertise in NVM, systems solutions and manufacturing. The combination also enables Western Digital to vertically integrate into NAND, securing long-term access to solid state technology at lower cost.

23 August 2015

ASUS Zenfone 2 Deluxe Special Edition with 256 GB Storage

Do you have a problem with small-sized storage in your smartphone? Do you still want to buy a micro-SD? The truth is this smartphone will give you itch to own it.

By the way, it is quite more capacity than my hard drive.

Of course, with the advent of the fast-changing tech world, user experience has to become rampant. Users love to take photos, play MP3s, watch movies, and download files, which as time passes by, storage will be the most significant factor in users' daily lives.

15 August 2015

Samsung Unveils 16 TB Hard Drive PM1633a: The World's Highest Capacity HD

Do you need extra space for your files? Samsung has announced, probably the world's highest capacity hard drive, its 2.5inch hard drive that can store up to 3 million songs.

At the Flash Memory summit in California, Samsung unveiled its new solid-state hard drive (PM1633a) with a massive 15.36 terabytes of data space.

19 July 2015

17 July 2015

01 July 2015

Did You Know That Facebook Has Changed Its Logo?

Certainly, you will not really notice it, unless, you are keen observer.

Probably, you didn't know also because Facebook has quietly changed it, there is no big announcement in their website.

A mere login notice will inform the users about its changing. What you see is still the iconic "F"logo and there is no full name elsewhere.

07 June 2015

01 June 2015

Lenovo Unveils Smartphone With Built-in Projector

Do you want to have a laser-projection smartphone with gesture-based control technology? Who else doesn't want that in the first place? Good news, this technology is being announced by the Lenovo.

According to Engadget post, there were TWO smartphones with built-in projection, one from Samsung which didn't make a huge hit.

03 May 2015

How Old You Are? Try Microsoft Age Guessing Site

If you think you look younger or older with your current age, then think again — you might use this Microsoft's new age-guessing site that when smash hit over internet.

Now, prepare to be amazed. To be flattered or to be shocked!

The engineers at Microsoft unveiled last April 30 at the company's Build 2015 conference — together with the show off of the cloud service platform — made a site called that will guess an estimated age of yours.

29 April 2015

25 April 2015

10 March 2015

First Philippine-made Satellite Called Diwata

For the first time in the history of mankind, Philippines will set to launch its own-made satellite — Diwata — into space.

Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has announced on Tuesday, March 10, 2015, that Philippines will launch its first micro-satellites  in 2016 and 2017 which aims to improve weather forecasting, protection on forest, cultural, agriculture, fisheries, mining, and historical sites, and other public services.

17 February 2015

Officially, Assassin's Creed Movie Release Date

From the video game, Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed that has sold 91 million units, finally, the movie is moving ahead in its official production.

The adaption of the video game will be released on December 21, 2016. According to Wired, Ubisoft will have its co-producer of the film with studio New Regency, which produces films such as 12 years a slave, Birdman, and Gone Girl.

08 February 2015

07 February 2015

05 February 2015

Microsoft Acquires Sunrise: Best Calendar App On Android and iOS

While Microsoft is trying to reinvent itself, the company makes acquisition on startups that created apps which are in competition with its own.

The latest acquisition of one of the best calendar apps — Sunrise — and is reportedly paid at least $100 million by Microsoft.