Richard humbly started a "semi-serious" blogging in 2011. But he created the blog sometime in 2009. The author sees it, BLOGGING, as a potential-earning-source-career platform and a great place for useful information.

Has something to share with interesting tips/stories? Just contact me and be my guest author.
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Quick Summary of my life
  • I was once a chatter: a Yahoo Messenger (Power User), IRC(Undernet Channel Operator | Bot owner and shell scripts: Trivia, seen, protection, IP reverse DNS, and talking bot). Nothing fancy, but I got my techy-typing speed in that application.
  • Improved-at-most-times a Graphic Designer and a Video Editor/Maker. I love doing those kinds of stuff :P
  • I enjoyed playing a strategy game like Starcraft, Red Alert,  Warcraft III: DotA Map, and DotA 2 and Counterstrike Go!
  • Stumbled now and then to the latest and useful websites in my spare-boring time.

  • Best in Graphics Design 2010 (Mindanao University of Science and Technology - MUST)
  • Champion Cisco Networking Academy Skills Competition Regional Basic Category 2009
  • Wildcard Cisco Networking Academy Skills Competition Regional Advanced Category 2010
  • Finalists for National Cisco Networking Academy Skills Competition
    • Basic Category – 2009
    • Advanced Category – 2010

  • Blogging for Beginners Seminar (CDOBLOGGERS: Cagayan de Oro City, November 12, 2016)
  • Seminar/Workshop on Appreciation of Leaves Benefits (Civil Service Commission)
  • Basic Customer Service Skills - Civil Service Commission - Region 10 (06/09/2015 06/10/2015)
  • HLURB Joint Visayas and Mindanao Inter-Regional GAD Activity - Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board - WVR with CSC Speakers (05/14/2015 05/15/2015)
  • Organization Focused GAD Activity For Women's Month 2015 - Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board - NMR with CHR and Private Physician speakers (03/26/2015 03/26/2015 )
  • Gender and Development Workshops - Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board - NMR and Gender Development Iligan City Speaker (6/10/2014 6/11/2014)
  • Training on Mediation Process For HOA Disputes and Community Organizing for Federation of HOAs - Housing and Land Use Regulatory (11/20/2012 11/23/2012)
  • 4th GIS ( Geographic Information System) On-the-job Training Session - ALEO and LIG Clusters, Misamis Oriental With NAMRIA Speakers (08/29/2012 08/31/2012)
  • Homeowners associations trainer training - Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (Aug. 9-11, 2012)
  • Certificate of Appearance in CONVERGENCE 2009: CICT Cyber Corridor Roadshow – November 12-13,2009
  • Certificate of Participation in Cisco Networking Academy Skills Competition 2010 National Finals –
    • Advanced Category –March 18, 2010
  • Certificate of Participation in Cisco Networking Academy Skills Competition 2009 Regional Finals – Basic
    • Category – January 30, 2009
  • Certificate of Participation in Web Development Seminar – November 14, 2009
  • Certificate of Participation in Robotics Seminar – December 11, 2009
Origin of Mabzicle
Let's now begin to extract my blog name! 

Mabzicle came from the root word, Mabz (my nickname which is short for my family name and coined by my high school talented classmate), and its suffix, ICLE(derived from Popsicle - just love to hear sicle-word-thingy). 

Thus, it popped out to a  brand-name -- Mabzicle and I bought my domain www.mabzicle.com

My blog was inspired to mashable.com.

mashaBLE and mabZICLE...rhyming sounds ayt?

Why did I create this blog in the first place?
It was the lousy and stressful year of 2009 when I was in the college -  I tried and registered in some websites to test and examine what exactly give me the benefits (relaxing and fun experience maybe) until I found Blogger! And there, it is leading one of the useful sites ever existed(up to now), so I sign-up to it. 

The main reasons I register to it is one: I am bored and two:  I have this short-memory-loss problem. With this platform, I can post all useful and cool articles without revisiting some websites from time to time.

Hence, Blogger is my online storage backed then.

Just Search When Forgets
I can quickly look for any article when I forgot the tutorials. It serves my own portal search engine.

MabZiCLe - Information Technology Graduate

Programming Stage
I can code in different programming languages most likely in Visual Basic/C/Java
(web programming language like HTML/PHP/CSS/JS/)
  • Thesis: Web-Based DTR and Payroll System with the use of Biometric Fingerprint Device
  • Project: Hotel Reservation System
  • PC Hardware: AutoLight System + System Logs
  • Inventory, Registration, and another system
I always share my skill and knowledge to my fellow students and other school students to their projects (great sideline for my income).

Designing Stage

One of my hobbies is creating Layouts and Designs. Certainly, contribute some arts in my school days and to my employers. By the way, I started making models since in my elementary days. Well, at some point, I won a first place on-the-spot poster making contest.

My sample logos- Designing Contest designs: MabZDesigns

Tools used:

  • Adobe Photoshop - Photo Manipulation and Final Edition
  • Adobe After Effects - Create and add  video special effects
  • Corel Draw - it is same as Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator - I used it making a high-quality vector LOGO.
  • Autodesk 3DsMAX
  • Cinema 4D
  • Blender
  • AutoDesk Maya
  • AutoDesk Autocad
Networking Stage

As first, I hate this subject and find it difficult with the brain capacity in that year, but eventually changed. Thanks for being part of the team to compete.
  • Former CISCO Networking competitor nationwide contest for Two(2) consecutive years
  • Champion Basic Category - Regional category (2009)
  • National Competitor Basic Category 2009
  • Competitor Advanced Category 2010
  • Wild Card - National Competitor Advanced Category 2010
Researching Stage

With my research skills, I can learn on critical and logical thinking.