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09 April 2015

HOW TO: Recover Deleted, Lost, or Missing Files From Hard Drives

Files are now an integral part of our lives. We enjoy seeing movies/TV shows, listening to music, working with docs, playing games, and cherishing viewing photos. But what if you are not ready for the data loss? How will you face that situation? What will you do? 

For a quick tip: Be sure you are ready for the data corruption/destruction, or else you will cry a river on those very important files.

Want to recover important files from Hard Drive, SD Cards, and Flash Disks? EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Pro software solution can provide a tool to recover all deleted, or missing files and even those that recently reformatted.

26 December 2014

HOW TO: Backup System, Partitions, and Data Files Using EaseUS Todo Backup Home

What if your PC suddenly crashed or its hard-drive failed, and the worst thing is, you don't have any important backup files — which is frustrating, what will you do? Certainly you will cry, regret, and repent!

Sometimes, we fail to backup our important files even though we already knew that we MUST do backup files in the first place. This is probably because we are just too lazy to setup or maybe we don't have actually an information about securing digital data files. Am I right?