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26 July 2016

It's the Middle of 2016. How Secure Are Your Job Applications By Now?

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Along with the rise of the internet, many businesses have moved parts of or entire activities online. Marketing is no longer done just physically or on television, it’s also done online, and more and more companies complement retail branches with online stores. The employment industry has changed as well, the majority of job applications being submitted online.

The Log in Button

Here’s a question everyone has asked at least once: if I upload my resume, why do I have to fill in a form with the same information? The answer: because of the Applicant Tracking System. Most recruiters have turned to technology to cope with the incredibly large numbers of resumes they receive every day and use ATS software to triage applications, usually based on keywords.

How safe is the information you submit? 

In August 2015, a hacker managed to breach the servers of an international network of recruitment agencies and steal over 2000 accounts belonging to recruiters around the world. Phishing scams are also on the rise, with identity theft becoming more and more common. Not so safe, it seems. But, there are things you can do to protect yourself.

13 July 2016

[HOW TO] Beat the Online Job Application Systems - Quick Guide

Online job application systems are traditional recruitment tools that help companies streamline the whole process of sorting candidates before interviews. Like any computer program, they work based on algorithms. On the one hand, it might seem difficult to get around their strict methods of selection.

19 July 2015

oDesk Changed Its New Name — Upwork

When I try to access, the website will now redirect to its new site, I didn't know Odesk changed its name, so I decided to dig some infos.

Well, I got from Forbes' post, which stated that Elance-Odesk had its new name Upwork. If you try to access Odesk, you will redirected to Upwork, and oh don't worry, your account in oDesk can be accessed in Upwork. 

30 August 2013

Easier Job Search With Globe Telecom +

Having a hard time looking for a job? With the emerge of fast innovation, Jobs are quite easier to find now because it people could easily access it online. However, it is important to note that there are lots of fraud and fake websites exist too. Thus, when choosing a service to look for a quality work please take extra careful.

23 July 2013

23 June 2013

MyReferJob Review: Is it a Scam or Real?

Looking for a job online? Sure. But how? No idea? I will give you a referral job link. Wait. What? Just kidding. After reviewing websites that promise to give high revenues just by referring and visiting a referral source link, now i was interested to give a review this kind of website.

21 April 2013

14 July 2012

Update Resume And Win P5000 Raffle Promo

Are you one of those who tried all just to get a job? Finding work nowadays is more difficult because of maybe of more competitors. If you are fresh graduate, you are keen to look for a job as soon as possible but that is not the case. Sometimes, its too hard to get hired by the employer unless you have skills and experiences that suite for a certain job.