11 July 2015

HOW TO: Get CSC Certificate of Eligibility

Congratulation passers! For those who did not make it, you can try until you pass it. If you are one of those unfortunate examiners, you can review your score with the CSC's Report of Rating (RoR), take note that it will only show scores for those who did not get the 80% passing score.

For the successful passers, it is a slightly different way to get your score and Certificate of Eligibility.


When I passed last October 21, 2012, Examination, the only way to get a CSC Certificate of Eligibility is to wait for the mail coming from the Civil Service Commission (CSC) which took three weeks to deliver in my address.

Anyway, I got their mail and what can you see in the mailing envelope?

What are the contents of the letter?

You can see two papers here:
  • Congratulatory message
  • CSC Form E-6 (revised 2005). You can download here so that you can have a view.
In the congratulatory message, you will see your rating.  Probably, you are wondering what is CSC Form E-6(Revised 2005). Let me give you some light about it.

CSC Form E-6(Revised 2005) is the official form of CSC to which passers would fill-up and return it to the CSC respected office for the database filing.

You can put all training credentials and other pertinent personal information.

Online CSE - Paper and Pencil Test (PPT) Result Generation System

While mail takes a lot of time, the excellent news is that CSC office is now offering a convenient service for those successful passers to view the result online.

Added to it is the form E-6(Revised 2005) and a congratulatory message.

What if you lost your original certificate? Yes, you can get it! You can even request for a new one or change information details.
Check this out: HOW TO: Get Lost Certificate of Eligibility

This new feature is indeed more convenient and efficient on both CSC and Passers than those traditional mailing services. Of course, CSC office itself can save more money on its expense on printing an individual message and the Form E-6.

No need for the passers to wait more than three weeks to fill-up and apply for their Certificate of Eligibility.

How To Get CSC Certificate of Eligibility
1. To get your examination result, please click here: > http://webapp.csc.gov.ph/CSE_Online/

3. Fill up the form eligibly - and be sure to remember examinee number!

Fill up forms - CSC Online Generating System
Fill up forms - CSC Online Generating System

4. Once you input all fields, click Submit and Voila! You will see a message, a how-to, and a CSC E-6 Form.
sample reporting on successful passers
sample reporting on successful passers

5. Please bring the following documents:

  • Valid ID (same ID submitted during application)
  • Application Receipt
  • Passport Size ID with nametag 
  • Duly accomplished CS Form E6 (s.2005). You can download here.

And pass it to the CSC Regional Office near you to get your CSC Certificate of Eligibility. 
Take Note: CoE is 100% FREE!

Here's a quick look below photo, what is CoE looked like.
Certificate of Eligibility CSC
Certificate of Eligibility CSC
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