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13 August 2018

HOW TO: Calculate Age and Sort Monthly for the Birthdays using Microsoft Excel

Sometimes, you need to sort out a list of people from youngest to oldest and categorically arrange by month with the given birthdate using Microsoft Excel to increase productivity and easier access.

This could be tough and complicated but somehow it kinda helps you play some functions.

Some EXCEL functions used:
  • The DATEDIF function is useful in formulas where you need to calculate an age.
  • The NOW function is useful when you need to display the current date and time on a worksheet or calculate a value based on the current date and time, and have that value updated each time you open the worksheet.
  • The NUMBERVALUE function is useful when you convert text to a number, in a locale-independent way.
  • The TEXT function is useful when you change the way a number appears by applying to format to it with format codes.

HOW TO: Calculate Age
  • Using Function =DATEDIF()
    • Syntax: =DATEDIF(start_date,end_date,unit)
    • Sample: =DATEDIF(E4, NOW(),"y") where E4 is the birthdate field (m/d/yyyy), "y" to fetch and result for year.
1. First, you need to add some header titles on top row or wherever you want to add. Here I put it on the first row with the following header titles like:
  • #
  • Lastname
  • First name
  • Birthdate
  • Status
  • Age
  • Sex
  • MM
Since we are getting the age the most important here is just the birthdate and age cell.
Important: I usually add # or No. on headers for me to easily sort on the later part of the project.

05 July 2017

How to Skyrocket Your Writing Skills Online: Step-by-Step Guide

Right now is probably the best time in history to make use of your writing skills. This goes double if you are a writer, but even if you're a professional in any other area, you can still benefit from knowing your way around a sentence. For instance, if you are a manager, being able to communicate effectively with your clients can help your company score new projects, and grow the reputation of your business.

Image Source: Pexels
This is because new media and technologies have emerged which require us to write. We are talking about social media, texting, blogging, and websites, among others. Any of these platforms can help you boost your popularity, build your brand, and make a good profit, provided that your writing skills are up to the job. Even though some are better at it than others, writing is a skill which can be honed and developed.

22 June 2017

HOW TO: Convert Video Format And Reduce Video File Size With WonderFox

Undoubtedly, digital devices such as tablets and smartphones are necessities for everyone's daily life. It helps us to keep in touch with friends, deal with our business and it also offers us entertainment such as we can enjoy video and film on it. However, since different digital formats support different types of video formats, it might happen to you that the video you want to watch can't be played on your digital devices. Moreover, the video files can take up much RAM space of your devices. So is there any way to solve the problem? 

04 February 2017

HOW TO: Use SlideShare To Your Business

If you’re like most businesses, you probably create lots of content that potential clients—even other businesses—would be interested in. Sharing that content, be it videos, papers, infographics, or other items, can be an excellent way to build a bigger, broader, more robust community of brand-focused listeners. And there’s a great tool that you can get a lot of mileage out of LinkedIn’s SlideShare.

SlideShare is a social media platform that focuses on those business-focused content pieces, helping you to share them with followers.

02 February 2017

HOW TO: Get LOST Original Certificate of ELIGIBILITY from CSC

What if you lost the original certificate of eligibility, and you forgot the details especially the date and the place of examination? Will the CSC grant my request a certification or not?

If you or your family/friends want to take the examination, you can check this 2017 Civil Service Examination Schedule.
Lost Certificate? No Problemo!
Whether we like it or not, we may be a victim of these calamities, accidents, or crimes, which we lost our certificates and want to replace it with a new one — this is a stressful moment when we want that lost file. How will we get the formerly lost certificate?

If you want to know your rating,  you may want to check on how to get your report of rating here.

17 November 2016

13 July 2016

[HOW TO] Beat the Online Job Application Systems - Quick Guide

Online job application systems are traditional recruitment tools that help companies streamline the whole process of sorting candidates before interviews. Like any computer program, they work based on algorithms. On the one hand, it might seem difficult to get around their strict methods of selection.

11 May 2016

HOW TO: Hide Last/Active Now Feature On Facebook

  • For PC Users, this is to disable the last active in minutes ago feature on Facebook.
  • Sometimes, we need to hide our last online active status when using Facebook.
  • Adblock Plus is a great tool for protecting last active online in Facebook.
  • Downside: You need to refresh the browser for new notifications update or chat message.
  • How to hide last online status on Facebook Chat
Although, last active online is a quite powerful feature, but people with privacy issues prefer not to be seen by other Facebook friends on Chat.

26 March 2016

HOW TO: Play Facebook Basketball Game

First off,  Facebook Messenger already had its chess game that works on a Web browser, just recently, Facebook Messenger announced its new minigame-hidden-yet-highly-addictive shooting game, Basketball, that works within its Messenger mobile app.

If you are bored, then you need to shoot and get a high score on it.


Facebook Messenger has a hidden addictive basketball game (celebrating the college basketball's March Madness tournament) within its app.

04 February 2016

30 January 2016

HOW TO: Convert Numbers(Currency) Into English Words In Excel

Microsoft Excel is an excellent spreadsheet software program for computing and sorting out data. Well, it is roughly designed to process large data arrays after its predecessor —  VisiCalc. 

Short history: In 1928, a Harvard Business school student, Daniel, Bricklin has this idea for a visible calculator. Later, Bricklin and Bob Frankston created the so-called "First Killer" application for PC; that is VisiCalc.  

HOW TO: Convert Numbers(Currency) Into English Words In Excel

Microsoft Excel indeed solves the accounting records problem. Thus, it's quite one of the best tools among users including me. 

But there is a limitation with this powerful program, sometimes, we need to convert number currency (Peso, Dollar, Euros, GPC, pounds, etc.) to English Words, and doesn't have this built-in function.

  • 123 to "one hundred and twenty-three."
  • $123 to "one hundred and twenty-three dollars."
  • $123.50 to "one hundred and twenty-three dollars and fifty cents."
  • Php 123.00 to "one hundred and twenty-three pesos."
  • Php 123.50 to "one hundred and twenty-three pesos and fifty centavos."
However, the good thing is, they made a function module. (found on Honestly, it gives me a great deal with it. I don't need to reinvent the wheel from scratch.

Here it goes:

HOW TO: Convert Numbers(Currency) Into English Words In Excel

1. Open Microsoft Excel
2. Press ALT+F11 on your keyboard to open the Microsoft Visual Basic window.
3. Then, Choose the Insert menu then click Module
4. Copy the following code and paste on that module window

Option Explicit
'Main Function
Function SpellNumber(ByVal MyNumber)
    Dim Dollars, Cents, Temp
    Dim DecimalPlace, Count
    ReDim Place(9) As String
    Place(2) = " Thousand "
    Place(3) = " Million "
    Place(4) = " Billion "
    Place(5) = " Trillion "
    ' String representation of amount.
    MyNumber = Trim(Str(MyNumber))
    ' Position of decimal place 0 if none.
    DecimalPlace = InStr(MyNumber, ".")
    ' Convert cents and set MyNumber to dollar amount.
    If DecimalPlace > 0 Then
        Cents = GetTens(Left(Mid(MyNumber, DecimalPlace + 1) & _
                  "00", 2))
        MyNumber = Trim(Left(MyNumber, DecimalPlace - 1))
    End If
    Count = 1
    Do While MyNumber <> ""
        Temp = GetHundreds(Right(MyNumber, 3))
        If Temp <> "" Then Dollars = Temp & Place(Count) & Dollars
        If Len(MyNumber) > 3 Then
            MyNumber = Left(MyNumber, Len(MyNumber) - 3)
            MyNumber = ""
        End If
        Count = Count + 1
    Select Case Dollars
        Case ""
            Dollars = "No Dollars"
        Case "One"
            Dollars = "One Dollar"
         Case Else
            Dollars = Dollars & " Dollars"
    End Select
    Select Case Cents
        Case ""
            Cents = " and No Cents"
        Case "One"
            Cents = " and One Cent"
              Case Else
            Cents = " and " & Cents & " Cents"
    End Select
    SpellNumber = Dollars & Cents
End Function
' Converts a number from 100-999 into text 
Function GetHundreds(ByVal MyNumber)
    Dim Result As String
    If Val(MyNumber) = 0 Then Exit Function
    MyNumber = Right("000" & MyNumber, 3)
    ' Convert the hundreds place.
    If Mid(MyNumber, 1, 1) <> "0" Then
        Result = GetDigit(Mid(MyNumber, 1, 1)) & " Hundred "
    End If
    ' Convert the tens and ones place.
    If Mid(MyNumber, 2, 1) <> "0" Then
        Result = Result & GetTens(Mid(MyNumber, 2))
        Result = Result & GetDigit(Mid(MyNumber, 3))
    End If
    GetHundreds = Result
End Function
' Converts a number from 10 to 99 into text. 
Function GetTens(TensText)
    Dim Result As String
    Result = ""           ' Null out the temporary function value.
    If Val(Left(TensText, 1)) = 1 Then   ' If value between 10-19...
        Select Case Val(TensText)
            Case 10: Result = "Ten"
            Case 11: Result = "Eleven"
            Case 12: Result = "Twelve"
            Case 13: Result = "Thirteen"
            Case 14: Result = "Fourteen"
            Case 15: Result = "Fifteen"
            Case 16: Result = "Sixteen"
            Case 17: Result = "Seventeen"
            Case 18: Result = "Eighteen"
            Case 19: Result = "Nineteen"
            Case Else
        End Select
    Else                                 ' If value between 20-99...
        Select Case Val(Left(TensText, 1))
            Case 2: Result = "Twenty "
            Case 3: Result = "Thirty "
            Case 4: Result = "Forty "
            Case 5: Result = "Fifty "
            Case 6: Result = "Sixty "
            Case 7: Result = "Seventy "
            Case 8: Result = "Eighty "
            Case 9: Result = "Ninety "
            Case Else
        End Select
        Result = Result & GetDigit _
            (Right(TensText, 1))  ' Retrieve ones place.
    End If
    GetTens = Result
End Function
' Converts a number from 1 to 9 into text. 
Function GetDigit(Digit)
    Select Case Val(Digit)
        Case 1: GetDigit = "One"
        Case 2: GetDigit = "Two"
        Case 3: GetDigit = "Three"
        Case 4: GetDigit = "Four"
        Case 5: GetDigit = "Five"
        Case 6: GetDigit = "Six"
        Case 7: GetDigit = "Seven"
        Case 8: GetDigit = "Eight"
        Case 9: GetDigit = "Nine"
        Case Else: GetDigit = ""
    End Select
End Function

Take note: the currency is a dollar, therefore, depends on your location, you need to change the text above. The function yields to these results:

Notice that if there is no decimal point, it will add "No Cents." In a real world, there is no need to put such words. Ideally, the "only" word shall put at the last of those sentences.

You can still edit it in the code above.

Tip: No need to manually type over again that function. All you need is to point and drag down until it displays the result. See below in action.

You will notice that it is not capitalized. If you wish to convert it to ALL UPPER CASE then right thing, Excel has built-in ALL CAPS. Thanks to function UPPER().

5. Then you close that window. In your Excel window, try to type =SpellNumber you will notice if successfully embedded, display the function.

By the way, the function is called SpellNumber(Cell) (try to see above code)

6. There you have it! After accomplishing the desired output, you need to SAVE it to macro-enabled format. At first, it will prompt something like this:

As per instruction, you need to save it in a macro-enabled to include the function code. Therefore, click NO, and start choosing a .xlsm file format.

Final Thoughts
If you have comments and suggestions, you may cast it below. Thank you!

19 October 2015

26 September 2015

21 September 2015

27 August 2015

HOW TO: Prepare Perfect Boodle Food Fight

This is a kinda delicious way to enjoy and have fun with friends or couple of family members —  with Food experience!

Those who are planning for a reunion, this kind of treat is very helpful and enjoyable!

From sending invites to making sure you have a bunch of food and drinks enough for everyone, planning a party can be quite tedious work, no matter how much you enjoy having people over. And although having one ‘pot luck’ style is a good hack, your guests would much rather prefer that you, as the host, took care of everything. 

23 August 2015

HOW TO: Generate Secure Password

The typical users tend not to be concerned about their simple passwords, you can't blame them, they have nothing at least their account information. However, as the technology emerges at beyond reasonably innovative, people these days rather choose internet to transact business or purchase or sell products or services.

07 August 2015

11 July 2015

HOW TO: Get Online Report of Rating For CSC Examiners

Civil Service Commission (CSC) provides and generates a report of rating report via online if the  examiner does not meet the passing rate of 80% in Paper and Pencil Test (PPT) Career Service Examinations (CSE).

Yes, it's a quick way to review your scores and those subjects need to improve for the next examination.

HOW TO: Get CSC Certificate of Eligibility

Congratulation passers! For those who did not make it, you can try until you pass it. If you are one of those unfortunate examiners, you can review your score with the CSC's Report of Rating (RoR), take note that it will only show scores for those who did not get the 80% passing score.

For the successful passers, it is a slightly different way to get your score and Certificate of Eligibility.

07 July 2015

HOW TO: See Who Unfriended/Deleted You On Facebook

Do you want to know who those people unfriended or deleted you on Facebook are? Well, there is an app for that. 

Introducing, Who Deleted Me, a FREE Facebook Friend-tracking app that used to show WHO UNFRIENDS or DELETES you on Facebook.