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15 February 2017

Top 10 Effective Ways to Boost Wi-Fi Speed on Windows

  • Slow Wi-Fi connectivity can hamper your work quality significantly. It requires some basic changes to improve Wi-Fi speed. Let’s discuss ways to improve Wi-Fi speed on Windows system.

It requires more than some basic tweaks using your Wi-Fi device then indulging into some serious troubleshoot to receive better Wi-Fi connectivity. Let’s discuss ways to boost your Wi-Fi speed on Windows system. 

1. Update Router’s Firmware: Take it as a primary step to speed up your Wi-Fi performance. Most router manufacturers keep on tweaking software to fix certain issues and to improve its performance. Updating router’s firmware may vary according to device manufacturer and model. In recent router devices, the update process is included in the administration interface of the settings. Thus updating these router’s firmware is a click away. For other routers, you can visit manufacturer’s website for latest updates.
Source: setuprouter

26 July 2016

It's the Middle of 2016. How Secure Are Your Job Applications By Now?

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Along with the rise of the internet, many businesses have moved parts of or entire activities online. Marketing is no longer done just physically or on television, it’s also done online, and more and more companies complement retail branches with online stores. The employment industry has changed as well, the majority of job applications being submitted online.

The Log in Button

Here’s a question everyone has asked at least once: if I upload my resume, why do I have to fill in a form with the same information? The answer: because of the Applicant Tracking System. Most recruiters have turned to technology to cope with the incredibly large numbers of resumes they receive every day and use ATS software to triage applications, usually based on keywords.

How safe is the information you submit? 

In August 2015, a hacker managed to breach the servers of an international network of recruitment agencies and steal over 2000 accounts belonging to recruiters around the world. Phishing scams are also on the rise, with identity theft becoming more and more common. Not so safe, it seems. But, there are things you can do to protect yourself.

21 July 2016

If You Don't Use These Work Hacks Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later

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There are a lot of things you know you have to do to make your workday more efficient, and more enjoyable, like staying organized, and well informed. But there are a lot of things you can do, which aren’t as obvious, but can save you a lot of time, energy, and even money. If you want to work better, you’re going to have to work smarter, not harder.

26 March 2016

HOW TO: Play Facebook Basketball Game

First off,  Facebook Messenger already had its chess game that works on a Web browser, just recently, Facebook Messenger announced its new minigame-hidden-yet-highly-addictive shooting game, Basketball, that works within its Messenger mobile app.

If you are bored, then you need to shoot and get a high score on it.


Facebook Messenger has a hidden addictive basketball game (celebrating the college basketball's March Madness tournament) within its app.

04 February 2016

15 December 2015

21 September 2015

17 August 2015

28 July 2015

7 Marketing Tips for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs

Advertizing a business on a shoestring budget can be a tough call yet bootstrapped entrepreneurs have to manage it all within little funds, because for them, every dollar counts. Right?

marketing tips

Well, informing the market about your products & services in the minimum possible cost can be super easy if strategic commitment and solid execution are put into effect.

07 March 2015

HOW TO: Make One Page Landscape and the Other One Portrait in Microsoft Word

This is quite common problem on businesses and agencies regarding documents view — how to consolidate document in portrait and landscape view in one file.

Sometimes, in a Word document, it needs to have different view — but most of us simply choose in one format view — either Portrait or Landscape view. How about I want to set first page to be PORTRAIT and the next page is LANDSCAPE? How will achieve it?

04 February 2015

{TIPS} Become a Successful Passer in Civil Service Exam - CSC Reviewer 2017

You might wonder why you should PASS the Civil Service Exam (CSE), of course, spearheaded, supported, and held by the CSC Agency? What are the privileges and benefits of being one of the CSE passers? Does it mandatory to take an exam to be eligible?

First things first:

What does CSC abbreviation mean? What its functions and administers? Why do we(especially government employees) NEED to pass CSC Exam? Is it really 'that' important? 

Check your room and school assignment: 

Other questions may look like these:

How to pass the civil service exam then? These are few common questions. We will answer that later on. 
CSC Civil Service Commision Logo
Image: CSC
Passing Civil Service Examination (CSE from CSC) has never been easier. Every examination has different approaches (you should not expect the same set of patterns the next exam schedule). A high passing rate of 80% is considered to be quite an 'Inspiring Yet Feared' and relatively "difficult" to pass. Us merely why Civil Service Test/Exam noted to be a prestigious test/exam in the country.


  • BONUS: Get grammar app (Note: if you successfully installed it, we will be a premium type user for one week!
Additional link:
  1. Download: 
  2. Thanks to Joseph Talavera for the lists of useful resources

Statistically computed

Now, an average passing rate is at least 20%; it is arguably and mathematically LOW. But it does not necessary mean that you lose hope with that figure. Don't worry it is only my simple calculation, but I solely based it on the five (5) options that need to shade with one(1) correct answer.

The chance to get a correct answer is 1 out of 5, that's 1/5, and it makes 0.2 when divided by 100, and multiply it to 100 that would make a 20% (though, MATH -_-). 

Oh, wait, but this calculation is applicable only if you don't know five options. But what if you are just confused with three choices or 2 choice options? There is a greater chance of hope and higher passing percentage..surely, it gives you more chances to get a correct answer. So, if I put it in a range, it will be of 20% to 30% chances.

Disclaimer:  Many people messaged me that I am from the CSC Agency. Actually, it is FALSE. I don't work from CSC. Moreover, I did consolidate useful reviewer files, and it is not a leakage, though. 

28 January 2015

Free Fastest Public DNS Servers To Boost Browsing Speed Experience [ Updated: February 2017 ]

Without DNS we need to memorize all boring-complicated numeric IP addresses, instead of using hostnames like — you need to type in the address of! And doing such could make our brain about to explode..well. Not really, though!... Good thing, we don't need a high brain capacity to memorize all these numbers. Instead, we are more convenient to remember and familiar by using mere hostnames (i.e.

Oh, Wait! DNS is not only used for it — it is also used in browsing/surfing experience. I don't think you have the patience to wait for these too slow loading websites —that is, will in effect — gets you frustrated! However, with these FREE PUBLIC DNS servers,  you will have the chance to experience high browsing speed experience. Is it cool right? But how?

25 January 2015

HOW TO: Make YouTube Videos Load Faster

Pretty sure, you are frustrated to view YouTube videos that are relatively slow to buff. While it is painfully irritating and annoying to watch these slow buffering videos, there is quite existing extension or plugin that makes YouTube videos load faster and smarter. Learn more here.

05 January 2015

Is Being an "Attention Whore" Will Lose You a Friend on Facebook?

How will you know if your friend unfriended you? Simple: If you visited her/his profile and you see that "ADD FRIEND" button. It hurts, right? Certainly. But it depends on. However, there is a convenient way to see some unfriends you.

But before the plugin or extension, I wanna put this one of the reasons why we are unfriended. Attention-whore! Sounds familiar?

Attention Whore is a noun (a Person — it could be you) that seeks considerable attention that even useless pieces of stuff are being posted on social media like Facebook.

31 December 2014

HOW TO: Change Your Facebook Profile Picture in FULL SIZE — NO CROPPING !

Your  Facebook Profile Picture is what REPRESENTS you. Some people use a photo of their loved ones, about political, activism, cartoons, logos, pets, nature, backgrounds, businesses, and just-for-fun images. Indeed, There is no actual rule that you can't upload any cool photos.
Additionally, it displays prominently reflected your personality.

26 December 2014

HOW TO: Block Seen Feature on Facebook

Facebook Seen is a great feature for the social media giant. It displays on Facebook with "Seen with check icon and timestamp" when a recipient already read the chat/pm message.

This is to tell other user that he/she already read the message. Of course, if a user didn't reply, but read the message it will be called Seenzoned — another spin-off invented word from "Friendzoned".

11 December 2014

3 Ways to Convert to PDF with Able2Extract 9

Many of us have experienced sending a document in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint or similar editable file format, and finding out that the data recipient can't view it or open it properly on their computer. 

Usually happens when the file recipient doesn't have proper software for opening our file (e.g. Microsoft Office), or when they are using an operating system that doesn’t support our software (e.g. when we send MS Office documents to Linux users).

28 May 2014

HOW TO: Report SPAM & SCAM SMS Globe Telecom

One of the modus operandis to suck out your money is by luring you from the scam-scheme type of method. Perhaps, this is an effective way to catch the victims especially those innocent and lack of knowledge people. However, some people already know scams but prefer to ignore it.

23 May 2014

Syncios is FREE, FAST iPad/iPhone/iPod to PC transfer [Software]

Do you ever want to transfer photos/videos/mp3 from your PC to your iPhone/iPad/iPod? Well, honestly, it took me few days to research a FREE solution to transfer files in iOS gadgets to PCs. With lots of software downloaded and tested, this one is exactly what I needed most and its works pretty simple and useful. The fact that it transfer files, this software is totally FREE.  Now, I found this ultimate software solution for iOS devices and PCs — I want to share it too.

Okay, let me introduce SyncIOS that lets transfer one iOS device files to PCs.

What is Syncios?

Syncios is a FREE software for iPad/iPhone/iPhone transfer to PC. What do it does?
It can access it to any iOS devices, you can manage and backup media files too.

The thing is, you can convert your files to make it more compatible to your device.

What are its FEATURES