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20 August 2018

What is SLR, DSLR and DSLT camera? Which one do you carry?

Devices have evolved from its simplest form into a more complex and advanced state. Like any other, CAMERAS have made its changes from regular camera to single lens reflex camera to digital single lens reflex and to digital single lens translucent. As time goes this device has been improving to provide the best image captivating quality for its users.

It is innate for humans to ask and be curious. You might be using a camera almost your entire life and haven’t even understood its mechanism. You might also ask the difference between SLR, DSLR, and DSLT.

12 August 2018

05 November 2014

Sharp's Color Night-Vision Camera Captures and Records in Total Darkness

Sharp Corporation unveiled its first infrared color recording night-vision camera which capable in capturing and recording color video in absolute darkness (zero lux environments) which is very useful to corporation.

How does Sharp achieve this? Is it kind of magic?

30 September 2014

14 September 2014

18 April 2014

A Person That Has Visual Problems Can Be Saved W/ Google Smart Camera Lenses

With a blink of the eye, it will capture an image. How cool it will be? Is it possible technology? Okay, right now Google had announced that they are working to make a contact lens with integrated CHIP camera to help people with visual difficulties or evenly blinded person.

How this little smart contact lens works?

  • An integrated chip camera system is embedded way out of the pupil to make sure it will not obstruct vision.
  • When a person blinks, it will activate the sensor of the camera system.
  • The good thing about it is it will have the ability to follow eye's movement.
  • The data that is being collected by the camera is processed.
This lens can be linked to any smartphone whenever some warning signals. Also, it will able to take regular images. Which is why I love the feature. With a blink, I can taking pictures. 

17 April 2014

Google Has Own Standalone Camera App W/ Lens Blur Feature

Probably a good news for photographers, hobbyists, and wannabes, Google has launched its own STANDALONE Camera app that can be found in the Play Store. That app called Google Camera.

In the TheVerge post , Google Camera will currently be shipped with the latest Android OS — Kitkat 4.4. This app is a little bit different but equipped with number of improvements and refinements compared to the old camera software.

Introducing yet best feat so far is the Google Camera's new LENS BLUR mode can offer shallow Depth of Field (DoF) or "Bokeh" effect that has similar with SLR-like Photos.

07 April 2014

Sony Full-Frame Alpha7s Camera That Can Shoot 4K Video In The Dark

Sony's new model alpha7s is the world's first CAMERA to utilize FULL-FRAME image sensor in spectacular 4K video quality! This innovative model will surely impress PRO videographers or photographers.

It features 12.2 MP w/ 35mm  Exmor® CMOS sensor paired with a powerful BIONZ X image processor, allowing to shoot sensitivity range of ISO 50-409600 w/ dynamic range and LOW noise.

Neal Manowitz, director of the interchangeable lens camera business at Sony Electronics said:
"The alpha7S gives Sony the most complete, versatile lineup of full-frame cameras in the market today. Between the alpha99, VG900, RX1, alpha7, alpha7R and now alpha7S models, we have completely revolutionized what it means to be a 'full-frame' camera, bringing a new level of quality and portability to enthusiast photographers and videographers."

06 April 2014

This Is Incredibly Awesome 360° Video Shot With GoPro Cameras

Wondering on how to make a Miniature World photo or video with a touch-and-play of GoPro Cameras? This video will give you much-more-new feel. Well, Incredible & COOL!

If you want to attempt this mind-blowing 360­­° video shot, you can achieve it by downloading its open-source 3D Printing Schematics and Specifications.

German-based photojournalist, Jonas Ginter, created this stunning 360° video using six GoPro cameras that are mounted on his bike. The output is excellent!

07 January 2014

Samsung Unveils Security Camera: SmartCam HD & SmartCam HD Outdoor

Samsung announced its security featured two camera during at CES 2014, SmartCam HD and SmartCam HD Outdoor, both WIFI powered IP cameras that could stream at 1080p and have a wide angle lenses of 128 degrees view.

These new set of security cameras can be controlled by using mobile app.

Are you ready to install it in your own house?

29 August 2013

Canon PowerShot A3400 IS Digital Camera: Hands On [Review]

Captured moments with photos are indeed an unusual and beautiful experience. But, these moments are eventually be faded and be forgotten as years gone by. Thus, we need to capture a single piece of evidence created by a camera or a photo. This is a necessary backup of such beautiful moments. 

Also, we should take note that smartphones or cellphones upgrade to somewhat more alike with full-packed & featured Cameras.

One of these gadgets is this Samsung Camera, Is it a camera or a phone? I am still doubtful if it is really a camera that has a phone featured or phone that has a full-featured camera. With the fast breath-taking pace technology, these gadgets tend to become better and full of feature.

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But more likely nowadays #selfie pictorials?

07 March 2013

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100: Is it a Phone or Is it a Camera?

At first glance, i really like its design plus with its lens 3 layers i nodded to approve its a camera but i doubted when i saw some android apps with its interface. Yes, i would have guess its a Galaxy series. Now, im confused if it is really a phone or a camera. But its name simply tells me its really a camera but at the second thought, you might guess it a phone.

31 October 2011