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15 February 2017

Top 10 Effective Ways to Boost Wi-Fi Speed on Windows

  • Slow Wi-Fi connectivity can hamper your work quality significantly. It requires some basic changes to improve Wi-Fi speed. Let’s discuss ways to improve Wi-Fi speed on Windows system.

It requires more than some basic tweaks using your Wi-Fi device then indulging into some serious troubleshoot to receive better Wi-Fi connectivity. Let’s discuss ways to boost your Wi-Fi speed on Windows system. 

1. Update Router’s Firmware: Take it as a primary step to speed up your Wi-Fi performance. Most router manufacturers keep on tweaking software to fix certain issues and to improve its performance. Updating router’s firmware may vary according to device manufacturer and model. In recent router devices, the update process is included in the administration interface of the settings. Thus updating these router’s firmware is a click away. For other routers, you can visit manufacturer’s website for latest updates.
Source: setuprouter

27 March 2016

23 March 2016

05 September 2015

30 August 2015

28 January 2015

Free Fastest Public DNS Servers To Boost Browsing Speed Experience [ Updated: February 2017 ]

Without DNS we need to memorize all boring-complicated numeric IP addresses, instead of using hostnames like — you need to type in the address of! And doing such could make our brain about to explode..well. Not really, though!... Good thing, we don't need a high brain capacity to memorize all these numbers. Instead, we are more convenient to remember and familiar by using mere hostnames (i.e.

Oh, Wait! DNS is not only used for it — it is also used in browsing/surfing experience. I don't think you have the patience to wait for these too slow loading websites —that is, will in effect — gets you frustrated! However, with these FREE PUBLIC DNS servers,  you will have the chance to experience high browsing speed experience. Is it cool right? But how?

17 November 2014

01 October 2014

Why Microsoft Names Its New OS to Windows 10?

Did you know that there are already over 1.5 billion people around the globe using Windows Operating System?

Amazingly, Microsoft announced its new Windows Windows 10 (probably you will start to ask how and why it is not Windows 9 sort of? ) that built from  mobile-first, cloud-first world. It sure does to make people be more productive. I just hope so.

19 August 2014

HOW TO: Upload Photos To INSTAGRAM Using PC Not Mobile App

Instagram is incredibly one of the most used online photo-sharing apps to date. I'm pretty sure you get excited whenever you are in a cool place or have a different food menu. Sometimes, people like me only want to use more of PC. Relatively, I am using more of 90% of the time on Desktop and only 10% on my smartphone. Ideally, though, I don't exert more time on using any app like Instagram.

20 April 2014

How to Force Windows to Boot in Safe Mode? [ Windows ]

If you are wondering what F8 key does not seem to work, and you need to boot your system in the safe mode. How could you achieve in booting it in the Safe Mode?

Unlocking to safe mode with ASUS motherboard is kinda complicated thing to do. This article can help you somehow.

In order to boot up in the safe mode without trying to press F8 key, there is an system option via MSCONFIG.EXE that you can FORCE Windows to ALWAYS boot into SAFE MODE.

05 March 2014

Want To Use & Play Apps To Your PC Offline? Bluestacks Is Here!

Looking for offline app simulation in Desktop ?  Thanks to the engineers of BlueStacks that made useful application for us to use popular android apps in PC or Laptop. Sounds to be good?

Over 12 million people around the world use top apps like Candy Crush Saga, Kik Messenger, Temple Run 2 and more on their laptops with BlueStacks. It took our engineers two years to build the complex “LayerCake” technology that enable this to happen. Download App Player for free while it remains in beta. Just click the button below to install on your PC or Mac.

BlueStacks has been awarded to be the best software at 2012 by CNET. For 2 years in making, it builds a complex so-called Layer Cake technology for a user to be played in simulation.

"Finally! Now You Can Get Thousands of the Best Android Apps on PC."
- Business Insider

Certainly, a must-have applications to be installed in PC or Laptop.

21 January 2014

Enable Task Manager Disabled By Administrator/Virus [Solved]

Ideally, if something bad will happen with Software or applications, sometimes, we tend to use Windows Task Manager to stop or end the lagging apps. Some of us use TASK MANAGER in viewing the details of the running processes or services, and it could terminate programs (high with those infected with viruses/worms/trojans/spyware).

02 November 2013

[ Solved ] HOW TO: Fix No Bootable Device Insert Boot Disk and Press Any Key

Have you ever experienced "no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key" ? Sounds very frustrating right? In most cases, I have seen this issue with laptops and netbooks. To be straightforward, I have no experience at all at hardware especially on netbooks and laptops.

However, I can determine problems with it. So here, what does No Bootable Device meant?

01 October 2013

Behold! Start Button Is Back in Action with Windows 8.1 Preview

At least, it's a great news! I really wonder if we have the same dilemma in dealing with no Start Button. If you are one of the pledge users of previous version like Windows XP, Vista, and 7, I am pretty sure you had an annoying experiences. However, its a relief when Microsoft announced its new Windows 8.1 Preview together with its new and improved Start Button. 

Do you feel the heat of excitement?

19 September 2013

Google Chrome 29.0.1547.76 FINAL

 The new version of Google Chrome 29.0.1547.76 roll out today. In totally unrelated news, guess what makes Gooogle think after the iOS7 mainstream.

People are quite happy to use Google Chrome as their default browser. In Windows operating system, it seems that Internet Explorer is the first choice that users want to use.

And it seems that Internet Explorer something like a downloader to sort of browsers (especially Google Chrome). Maybe, it should be named as Internet Downloader instead. :)

So what's new about the update 29.0.1547.76 ?

12 September 2013

Saving Tips Fast Search On Local Documents

Searching for documents could be slower and more hard to locate on local disks. Perhaps, one of the reasons is we forgot the filename or the title of that document. If you are not that patient, I am pretty sure you gonna have a bad day.

frustrated person
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I  know it is a kind frustrating when you can't or had a difficulty to locate a certain file(often times, we actually found it when at least not needed, whereas if really needed, it is the time it hides itself. How ironic) This frustration which I did notice, shows when it is in need immediate or ASAP request by our boss or other staff. Well, sometimes, it is very slow to search local files..and at the end, no results found. (sigh)

So how do you minimize this problem? What are your solutions to this dilemma?

08 September 2013

HOW TO: Safely Remove USB Drive

Is it okay to safely remove the USB drive even if Windows does not want to? This is surely the most common question we might ask to the IT expert especially in software and hardware issues because we doubt on how it is exactly had impacted with the USB flash drive or external hard drive.

If you just pull your flash drive or external hard drive and Windows does not display “Isn’t safe to do” message, then you are lucky. I mean, there is no problem at all when unplugging the drive.

However, if you want to safely remove the flash or external hard drive, even Windows does not want you to do such, then you are in big trouble.

Furthermore, if you have heard or believed that it is always need to use Safely Remove Hardware icon before unplugging the USB Drive, then there is a great chance that your USB or external hard drive will not crash or corrupt the files in it.

14 August 2013

[Solved] HOW TO: Restore Hidden Folder / Files Using CMD?

To show and restore your hidden files or folders in your USB Drive/PenDrive, you need to use an easy way - by using the only built-in tool - CMD or command prompt.

Today, there are lots of viruses and worms that affect many computers globally.Mostly virus and worm are annoying especially when the worm/virus hides folders, and sometimes it creates a copy an executable file with the same folder name which tends to click it without knowing it is already a virus. Phew!

23 July 2013

06 July 2013

Boost Speed Windows Startup With MSConfig

Have you ever experienced a tedious start or boot up on your PC? On your Netbook? On your Laptop? Sometimes, it get into your nerves. You are bursting out with impatience and eventually frustrated to what may deem comes the result.

If you are really experiencing such slow starting up, this article could help you at least. Learn on how to optimize system by using MSCONFIG special tool.