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14 October 2017

[SCIENCE] Magic Mushrooms Can RESET Brain to Depressed People

Depression (Major Depressive Disorder or Clinical Depression) is common but is considered being a serious medical mood illness. Depression causes severe symptoms: a feeling of sadness, loss of energy, worthless, guilty, irritable, angry, trouble sleeping, and loss of interests in many activities. Indeed, Depression is a silent killer!

Just recently, a small study, a so-called Magic Mushrooms can REBOOT the brains of those people who are diagnosed with DEPRESSION (esp. untreatable depression).

30 January 2017

Should This Law The "Right to Disconnect" Be Implemented?

With the advent of the modern digital technology, we can connect ourselves to the world through social media and more latest high-tech devices making it more advantageous and more successful in doing businesses and work.

disconnect plug
[ Image: Pixabay]
Additional, these technologies give us the efficiency and simpler work than for the past centuries. However, there is a NORM (The "always-on" work culture) especially in the third world countries where employees tend to work extended to their regular working hours, which resulted in emotional state problems.

30 August 2015

14 June 2015

Researchers Achieve Breakthrough 1 Tbps Wireless Internet Speeds

They've done it! Researchers from the England’s University of Surrey finally achieved 5G internet speeds of 1 Terabits per second (1Tbps). This is by far the fastest wireless connection available. 

With this powerful speed, you can download a hundred feature films and stream multiple TV shows simultaneously, all in one second!

09 November 2014

X-MEN: Professor Xavier's Mind Control Power Is Now Real

Do you even wish to control another human body by using your own mind? X-Men's Professor X can do it with his own mind control abilities, but did you know that scientists can control body with another mind in real life too?

In a Telegraph post, researchers successfully achieved the mind control technique by using electromagnets and computers to transmit one's brainwaves to control another body different place miles away.