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26 July 2016

It's the Middle of 2016. How Secure Are Your Job Applications By Now?

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Along with the rise of the internet, many businesses have moved parts of or entire activities online. Marketing is no longer done just physically or on television, it’s also done online, and more and more companies complement retail branches with online stores. The employment industry has changed as well, the majority of job applications being submitted online.

The Log in Button

Here’s a question everyone has asked at least once: if I upload my resume, why do I have to fill in a form with the same information? The answer: because of the Applicant Tracking System. Most recruiters have turned to technology to cope with the incredibly large numbers of resumes they receive every day and use ATS software to triage applications, usually based on keywords.

How safe is the information you submit? 

In August 2015, a hacker managed to breach the servers of an international network of recruitment agencies and steal over 2000 accounts belonging to recruiters around the world. Phishing scams are also on the rise, with identity theft becoming more and more common. Not so safe, it seems. But, there are things you can do to protect yourself.

04 February 2016

18 January 2016

4 Steps to Setting Up a Secure, Collaborative File Storage System

Small businesses often operate in lean teams, with each staff member behaving like a “jack of all trades.” This attitude can be useful for acquiring customers and putting in the extra effort SMBs sometimes need, but it doesn’t work for data management and security. Cyber attacks are not only a risk to large companies like Target or Sony but are a costly danger to small businesses as well.

13 December 2015

18 April 2015

HOW TO: Access Blocked Websites and Surf Web Anonymously

If you want to access some blocked websites by your Internet Service Provider, then you need this software.

If you want to prevent from hackers, then you need this software.

If you to protect your online presence and have a privacy on surfing, then you need this software.

Be anonymous and freely surf the internet!

03 March 2015

Blackphone 2: Probably The World's Most Secured Smartphone

Other smartphone companies focus on design, specs, and other stuffs, this smartphone however focuses on privacy and security features instead.

Mike Janke of Silent Circle launched its secured smartphone called the Blackphone 2 which has no unnecessary features yet merely on security.

01 February 2015

Hackers Deface Gov't websites in Protest of SAF Carnage

Justice is served for the death of 44 SAF commandos, this is the call of protecting for several groups of hackers by defacing some government websites as to protest of the carnage of 44 SAF members.

Group of hackers claiming to be the responsible for defacing of some government websites were Blood Security Hackers International, Elite Cyber Army, Digital Nodes, Basureros, Philippines Hacking University, Magdalo Cyber Army, Anonymous Philippines, and b4ckd00r.

31 January 2015

24 January 2015

Is Facebook Hot Themes 2015 Safe To Use?

You might wondering about this Hot theme thingy — and pretty sure, as much as you are excited to change your Facebook background with some cool backgrounds and designs similar to wayback few years ago — be warned that this kind of app can hacked your account.

28 November 2014

22 November 2014

HOW TO: Avoid Online Hacks, Scams, and Attacks

With the advent of innovation and latest technologies, we can't deny that most of us are connected to online via our smartphones, personal computers, laptops, and the likes. Did you know that Internet is not "really" a safe place to hangout?
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On the other hand, Internet offers free, useful, and great materials for learning. It is also a good way to stay connected with family, friends, relatives, and love ones, to make new friends, and to use for entertainment, but behind with all these wonderful and great benefits lie the high risks to be hacked, abused, and bullied online.

So here, I will provide information on how to be SAFE online. Why is it important to stay safe online?

05 November 2014

Sharp's Color Night-Vision Camera Captures and Records in Total Darkness

Sharp Corporation unveiled its first infrared color recording night-vision camera which capable in capturing and recording color video in absolute darkness (zero lux environments) which is very useful to corporation.

How does Sharp achieve this? Is it kind of magic?

03 November 2014

Western Digital Unveils Purple 6 TB Capacity

Honestly, the 1TB capacity external drive is not really enough for storing and archiving large files. When I bought WD TB, I thought I can save ALL my files including in my workplace. Sad to say, it is still not enough.

Anyway, for a heavy-user type like me, 1TB is not just for me, although price-wise, this is way cheaper than higher capacity.

22 June 2014

23 March 2014

Phishing Scam Works Easily On Gullible People: How To Prevent It?

Human nature as we are —  get easily tricked or persuaded to believe on something. That is merely why, we need our brain at least to think skeptically and work out of these scammers. By do studying and researching, we can easily weigh detect fake or legitimate ones. 

To cite an example, you surely can attest someone gets easily fooled witnessing with your own Facebook News Feed — particularly on sensualized topic that sometimes went viral. Of course, you can't blame them but you can shower knowledge or wisdom to them on not to share fake or unverified posts.

07 January 2014

Samsung Unveils Security Camera: SmartCam HD & SmartCam HD Outdoor

Samsung announced its security featured two camera during at CES 2014, SmartCam HD and SmartCam HD Outdoor, both WIFI powered IP cameras that could stream at 1080p and have a wide angle lenses of 128 degrees view.

These new set of security cameras can be controlled by using mobile app.

Are you ready to install it in your own house?

13 October 2013

Miley Cyrus Video Scandal: Hoax

Honestly, this is totally alarming and disturbing. You could see it in some social media sites especially Facebook. Worst, it has been shared by your own friends in their Facebook wall. What does it really do? Basically, it floods on some Facebook fanpages in which administrators or moderators have a hard time dealing with the alarming message of a famous celebrity Miley Cyrus allegedly had a sex scandal and have caught in a tape.

Is it real? Or fake?

17 August 2013

HOW TO: Protect Your Data From Hackers

You won't believe it. Cyber Thieves or Hackers have gotten more quite numbers of dollars than those-not-virtually thieves. It is estimated for over billion dollars alone in year 2012. We can't deny the fact the online is very emerging pace of individual lives. We buy, sell, and transact online. And it makes an ICE CREAM COATING with the hackers.

It is important to note that it is not only hackers that made you exposed your sensitive information but also with your user intervention.

14 August 2013

[Solved] HOW TO: Restore Hidden Folder / Files Using CMD?

To show and restore your hidden files or folders in your USB Drive/PenDrive, you need to use an easy way - by using the only built-in tool - CMD or command prompt.

Today, there are lots of viruses and worms that affect many computers globally.Mostly virus and worm are annoying especially when the worm/virus hides folders, and sometimes it creates a copy an executable file with the same folder name which tends to click it without knowing it is already a virus. Phew!

05 August 2013