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20 August 2018

[REVIEW] Is MonthlyJob.Online Really Give Money Or Just a Fake?

I had to be honest here but MonthlyJob.Online is a one-heck another scam-fake website. It lures you to think you can earn money out from just referring links.

One way is to verify and review the website first because you might be in wasting your time doing things not worthy though.
MonthlyJob.Online logo. What?
MonthlyJob.Online logo. What?
Why you should agree with me? I simply review this kind of scheme. They offer a great amount of money with minimal work, but in the end, you are not getting paid.

So let us begin.

Is MonthlyJob.Online Really Give Money Or Just a Fake?
My answer is FAKE. MonthlyJob.Online simply a fake one and here are my factors why it is fake.

What is

Advertising media so not for jobs right? advertising media is leading online advertising company. is
easy money earning system by sharing referral links to your friends, family and others people
through websites, blogs, forums, social media, facebook wall, facebook pages, groups,
twitter, chat rooms and other online media. Start your part time job and get Paid monthly.
High revenue sharing: Signup bonus: 5$ | per referral link visit: 5$ | min payout 300$
How to Earn with
- Signup free and get your referral link
- Share with your friends and earn 5$ per referral link visit
- Get payment at end of month (min 300$) through PayPal, Cheque, bank transfer, Money Gram, BitCoin BTC
- Just refer the referral link and you will get earning when other users will open your link.

Why MonthlyJob.Online Really is Fake?

1. It's logo. It is not professionally made, as though, a website is offering a good amount of money yet they don't invest in the logo.

2. 5$ for referring friends is not financially feasible.
Earn Money from Internet daily. Join us! Earn 5$ for every link visit by your friends or family members

29 May 2018

Is StartJob.Online Fake Or Real ? [Review]

Looking for a decent job online and earn money out of it? Well, there are a lot of websites that offer a great salary. But be warned though, not all websites are legitimate. Some are just fake and it collects information to use it for their own consumption.

How about How will you know if it is a legit one? Well, we will find out here!

03 February 2018

Top 17 Technology Apps that Will Be Popular in 2018

2017 was a great year for apps, wasn’t it? In March 2017, Android users were able to choose from 2.8 million apps, and Apple’s App Store featured 2.2 million apps. It’s a growing industry. We keep seeing new apps, and we cannot dare predict the startups of 2018… we’re going to be surprised in any case. 

We can, however, predict the apps that will gain in popularity throughout 2018. These apps are already available, and they will keep gaining momentum. Let’s list 17 apps that have great potential for 2018.

07 October 2017

REVIEW: Is Real or Fake?

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to earn money online is to refer a link to someone on social media. Yet, most of those are scams, fake, and time-wasting website.

If you are one of those members in well, sorry to burst your bubble, but the website is another fake internet site.  Here are the reasons why!

Question: Is  Real or Fake?
Answer: FAKE!

I must be quick and give straight answers!

Payeeu Logo

03 September 2017

[REVIEW] Is Sarahah App Safe to Use?

Sarahah app went VIRAL by storm!

To be honest, it has mix reactions and comments. Although, for some average users, safety and security aren't an issue at all.

What is Sarahah?
Image: Sarahah
Sarahah means HONESTY in Arabic, developed by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq from Saudi Arabia. It was originally created to help employees provide honest, unfiltered feedback to their employees in a private manner. (You know some work politics). Surely, I want this app for my workmates! I would gladly rate them according to their work ethic and leadership.

07 May 2017

Technology in Education Now vs. 50 Years Ago

Technology in all its dimensions has progressed over the past 50 years. In the education sector, the advancements that technology has made have been very timely, and the impact has been felt greatly by nearly all parties in the sector.

Education is a vital pillar of any society. Hence, it is given a lot of focus and attention. The resources that are directed to the development of education are quite enormous. Many things inspired the apparent transformation of the technology that is used in school. Various parties and stakeholders were driven to accept and implement these advancements with different objectives. But all seemed to revolve around the need to enhance the learning process. 

28 March 2017

[Review] Is Fake Or Real?

Question: Is Fake or Real?
Answer: FAKE!

I must be quick and give straight answers!

If you are stumbled by this website,,  then I recommend you not to engage with it. Last few days ago, I reviewed similar site to this, which is the Review, you are a keen observer, its logo and website design do have similarities.

24 March 2017

23 March 2017

20 March 2017

[Review] Is Real or Fake?

Are you one of those users who are excited to earn money to this website, Sorry to burst your bubble, but that website is completely a fake internet site. Here are the reasons why!

Question: Is Real or Fake?
Answer: FAKE!

I must be quick and give straight answers!

12 February 2017

Is DutyOnTime Authentic Or Just Another Fake Website?

If you are searching for a review to this, then you are in the right place! That tagged line that says "Easy Money," and you should be doubtful about it. There is no such thing as easy money. You need to work to it. Maybe you are asking me; we are working with it by referring others, yes, but, compared to those jobs that were earning you a sum of money, how does it feel working by just referring?

Question: Is DutyOnTime Authentic Or Just Another Fake Website?
Answer: It is fake!

I know, it's hard to accept, but this website is not accurate.

Okay, to be fair, I want to put all the reasons why is not worth your time. If you keep insisting it will make you money, if you don't know, I have reviewed several sites that obviously same as this

14 January 2017

18 December 2016

14 November 2016 Is it Real or Fake?

Looking to have at least an earning via online jobs? Well, there is a place for it, but wait, you should know how to pick whether it is fake or legal. So how to do that?

Now, if you are landed on this page for answers, then you are in the right place.

To start with, I will only put it in a simpler way.

  • You can Earn 500 Dollars Today, Check Tasks after creating account and login to your account panel.
  • We guarantee you that you will earn 1500$ in your first week by simple task of 5 - 10 minute.
  • 25$ Signup Bonus!

TRY this better and legit website: 
ClixSense: Register and click here. 

My actual earning as of November 14, 2016.

  • You can simply make such big amount of money, in just 'referring' others.
  • Signup bonus of $25.00 is too large for a company to give to its members
  • They can't guarantee to give a potential $1500 with 5-10 minute tasks. Just what the hell?

First thing first:

What is

Fans2earn is claimed to be innovating job site. But the truth is, it is not innovative, in a sense that, there is yet another dummy and fake that is similar to this.

You can check this website: CashJob.Online!

Fans2Earn is a new innovating and internet job site, where you will be hired to do some tasks, different in type and number. and you will be paid a estimated reward for that instant in your account, after it the job poster will review the service and approve the status for your payout, then you will be paid for your work via Cheque. Other Payment options are also coming soon. You have to create a account with us to start and login to your member area, and do daily your jobs and you will be really great after using our service.

fans2earn logo
fans2earn logo
Reasons Why Fans2Earn is FAKE!

1. Enticing descriptions which lead to a fake one.
You can Earn 500 Dollars Today, Check Tasks after creating account and login to your account panel.Everyone can join the siteUnlimited Job Positions!Anyone can Join!No Experience required!Instant Account Setup and Money Making!No joining fee.
Fans2Earn GUI

We guarantee you that you will earn 1500$ in your first week by simple task of 5 - 10 minute
25$ Signup Bonus!

2. Registration is plain and straightforward and is terrible.
Registration: fans2earn

3. Support
Seems to be there is no support staff. If you try to contact them, they will answer in a response script, or worse, they will just be seen zone you.

Dear member,
Thank you for contact. Our team will contact you with in next 3 - 4 working days.


4. Fake database statistics (Work and employees)

Current Active Job holders: 128,000 Employees.
Total Work completed of: 245,954,909 USD
Paid to members on Approval: 205,954,909 USD
Unapproved earning of members: 10,000,000 USD

TRY this better and legit website: 
ClixSense: Register and click here. 

My actual earning as of November 14, 2016.

5. Fake recent payments

Recent Payments:
  Honey Babe             8900 USD    (UK)
  John Rickson          1200 USD     (ID)
  Money334               9700 USD     (MY)
  MariaGirl1990        3490 USD     (USA)

Payments will be clear on 24 - 30th of the next month after your cash approval of each month.
You will receive your money via cheque or available payout options.

6. Cash-out Evidence
 There is no actual proof that members are actually cashing out.

7. No discussion/Forum
It is the best feature that a website owner should implement. Without this, the site is good as a fake, untrusty, and unworthy.

Final Thoughts
Fans2Earn is, in fact, a fake and not worthy to invest time and energy. Be informed. Be educated!


TRY this better and legit website: 
ClixSense: Register and click here. 

27 October 2016

[Review] CashJob.Online: Is it Real or Just a Fake One? Earn Money!

If you landed this page for answers, then you are in the right place. 

Struggling to find a legit job on the Internet? To look for the websites that promise to give you immense money, then there is none.

You can find a legit site that has a POTENTIAL to make you a higher bucks, but you just need to work it out.

If you think CashJob.Online can give you more money; then you should STOP now. 

CLAIM: CashJob.Online gives you $10+ per task, $2000.00 per month salary.

08 July 2016

[Review] Is Real or Scam 2016 ?

Looking for a job? No problem. I will give you one, and it is easy. Geez. If you see and wish to register to it, then THINK again.

Brief: Is Real or Scam 2016?
Answer: No. It is fake. Trust me.

Compelling potential money does not mean it is legit, and more often it is a SCAM. So be aware. In the next paragraph, I will tell you why it is a fake and not legit company.

06 July 2016

[Review] Is Dollarnize Real or Fake?

If you are seeing posts that you can earn the easiest money, then be skeptical. Tell yourself to this: Is it really true? How can they pay BIG money out of small task? Of course, you need some proof or pieces of evidence to make it legit right?

If "Too Good to be true", then it probably is. 

With this, Is fake or legit? Simple right? But then, I will answer in simplest form: NO. 

03 April 2016

Rabbit: Remote Browser Makes Videos Faster and Better

Sometimes, you need a faster internet connection to watch movies better and faster with no BUFFERING...and it answers with RABBIT.
Video chat with up to 15 friends, with no download or installation. Watch movies together, listen to music, work on projects...and it's free! ~

03 March 2016

Is E-commerce in Philippines Changing the Way You Shop?

  •  Kaymu demonstrates the inventory of products that are directly sold to the customers
  •  Shopinas changes the old shopping methodologies to a leading a new and exciting path.
  •  EBay allows the audience to participate and becomes sellers and buyers
Selection of goods and payment of money to have them is a fascinating procedure for everyone. The joy of seeing the variety and buying whatever is needed for yourself can never be underestimated. It is hard especially for ladies to leave the market. But what about the crowds and hectic visits. 

14 February 2016

Is Real Website or Fake?

How do you assess a website's legality and  authenticity?

Oftentimes, we hit the enter key after searching one's reviews, either it's fake or not. Based on these reviews, we almost (yes likely) to believe on those posts. This is because they are far more knowledgeable and they sometimes have more experienced it.