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30 December 2017

LG Unveils First Smart Speaker With Google Assistant

At CES, they never fail us to amaze some innovations. And Droid-Life asked what are the expectations for the next CES event.

With that, LG introduced its LG ThinQ, the first premium speaker with Google Assistant. (you know, just ask questions and it will do things).

If it is true, then you can now say to this speaker whatever you want to play music one, you can control the volume, or whatever you want to do with it.

20 January 2016

The Science Behind the Success of Google

Whoever thought that a search engine like Google makes one big-time earning company to date.

As we all know, Search Engine is a useful program that, of course, searches files and websites. You might use some search engine to look for a particular answer. Well, typically, we asked ourselves, no problem, Google got it.

26 February 2015

MUST Students Win First Google Cardboard Hackathon Organized by Globe Labs P50,000.00

Is it exciting to interact and travel to different places that you have not been too? Certainly, it is a refreshing experience! Using your smartphone and virtual reality app, then you can explore pre-historic animals and travel abroad! Wow!

In the first Google Cardboard Hackathon organized by Globe Labs (Developer community of Globe Telecom), the Mindanao University of Science and Technology(MUST - graduating IT students win the grand prize of P50,000.00.

01 February 2015

Google Earth Pro From $399 a Year Will Be Completely FREE

By far experience, Google Earth provides me a great detail on the places that I wanted to explore namely — Paris, Japan, Sweden, UK, New Zealand, Greece, and other cold countries.

But that's not all, I usually use Google Earth to view Typhoon or weather forecasts' images for monitoring purposes, yeah it works pretty well.

18 January 2015

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16 May 2014

Google Doodle Features 296th Birthday of Maria Gaetana Agnesi

Hello Wazzup, its been awhile since I made a post about Google Doodle. Today, Google Doodle celebrated  an Italian mathematician and philosopher Maria Gaetana Agnesi. Who is she? What are her contributions?

According to Independent, Google Doodle animation was called Witch of Agnesi Curve.  Maria was born on May 16, 1718 to a wealthy silk merchant. It was believed that she is the first woman in Western to gain reputation as a mathematician.

19 April 2014

Google Project ARA: Reinventing New Modular Smartphone

Could you imagine a smartphone that can be interchangeably swapped every single components when it is TIME to upgrade? Sounds interesting huh? Much as with Desktop, you can choose what specifications you always wanted to have. The idea of making smartphone into a some-what MODULAR, came from Google's Project ARA. Does this Project ARA a game changer or industry changer?

What is Project Ara?

Google's Project ARA is a model that is currently trying to let users swap with different components and configure their phones. This is the mission of ARA, to make it a MODULAR smartphone. It attempts to encourage hardware manufacturers to build modules that will SLOT into a METAL ENDOSKELETON (which serves as the basic core of the phone).

18 April 2014

Google ATAP Team and NASA Working Together To Create Space Robots

Last February, Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) team unveiled its PROJECT Tango smartphone prototype packed with revolutionary 3D sensor chip that has the ability to track motion with 3D  on a mobile device.

Today, Google's ATAP and NASA team are collaborating by using the Project Tango Smartphone to create space robots and help navigate robots in motion tracking in the ISS(International Space Station).

This Project Tango smartphone is equipped with MYRIAD 1 Vision Processor chip that has the capability to make QUARTER millions 3D measurements per seconds.

A Person That Has Visual Problems Can Be Saved W/ Google Smart Camera Lenses

With a blink of the eye, it will capture an image. How cool it will be? Is it possible technology? Okay, right now Google had announced that they are working to make a contact lens with integrated CHIP camera to help people with visual difficulties or evenly blinded person.

How this little smart contact lens works?

  • An integrated chip camera system is embedded way out of the pupil to make sure it will not obstruct vision.
  • When a person blinks, it will activate the sensor of the camera system.
  • The good thing about it is it will have the ability to follow eye's movement.
  • The data that is being collected by the camera is processed.
This lens can be linked to any smartphone whenever some warning signals. Also, it will able to take regular images. Which is why I love the feature. With a blink, I can taking pictures. 

17 April 2014

Remotely Access Windows Machine Using Your Android Smartphone

Ever wanted to access your PC Desktop/Laptop by using your Android Smartphone? Google unveils its new release of CHROME REMOTE Desktop app For Android that let users REMOTELY access another computer in a FREE, EASY, and SECURE way.

Chrome Remote Desktop now Supports on Mobile
In a Google Blog post, they released the version of Chrome Remote Desktop intended for mobile. With a brief history, Chrome Remote Desktop app isn't a new app, instead it was popularly used since 2011 through Chrome app to remotely access Windows or Mac machine.

Google Has Own Standalone Camera App W/ Lens Blur Feature

Probably a good news for photographers, hobbyists, and wannabes, Google has launched its own STANDALONE Camera app that can be found in the Play Store. That app called Google Camera.

In the TheVerge post , Google Camera will currently be shipped with the latest Android OS — Kitkat 4.4. This app is a little bit different but equipped with number of improvements and refinements compared to the old camera software.

Introducing yet best feat so far is the Google Camera's new LENS BLUR mode can offer shallow Depth of Field (DoF) or "Bokeh" effect that has similar with SLR-like Photos.

03 April 2014

Google Keep: New Feature - Ability To Search Text in Photos Quickly

Evernote (a note-taking and archiving app/software) with its rival Google Keep rollouts great features such as Searchable Texts in Photos, List Configuration, and Keep Deleted Notes in a little longer.

If you access Google Keep now, you will be seeing what's new with it. In a TheNextWeb post, Evernote has already had this Searchable Text in photos yet accordingly Google has implemented instantly. In addition, Evernote when tested to index images, it took few minutes in which Google Keep is more superior with speed it display.