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Sony Unveils PlayStation Music Now Powered By Spotify

30 January 2015 / No Comments
Good news gamers! Sony announced to shut down its current Music Unlimited service in their PlayStation Network on March 29, 2015 in 19 countries and be replaced and partnered with Spotify. Is music really that important when playing a game?

Twitter Adds Group Direct Message and Mobile Video Camera Features

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Twitter might be struggling of some sort of its existential crisis whether if it is a social network or a micro-publishing platform.

Blogging: Your First Step To Earn Extra Income

28 January 2015 / 3 Comments
Have you ever thought that BLOGGING could be one of the other SOURCES of INCOME? Maybe this is SOLUTION to your financial problem. Can BLOGGING indeed Earned a MONEY? If so, then how to earn MONEY with BLOGGING?

Start TODAY and you will be HAPPY for TOMORROW. The thing is: Why not start blogging now? Some would venture blogging primarily because of earning opportunity to get extra income right? Right now, to be honest — there's no such thing(well in my opinion and experience) as EASY MONEY and NO GUARANTEED INCOME or SUCCESS because it is all started in a small steps, amount of effort, and investment of learning in order to earn BIG INCOME in the near future.

Free Fastest Public DNS Servers To Boost Browsing Speed Experience [ Updated: January 2015 ]

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Without DNS we REALLY need to memorize all boring-complicated numeric IP addresses, instead of using hostnames like — you need to type in the address of:! And doing such could make our brain about to explode..well...not really though!... Good thing, we don't need a high brain capacity to memorize all these numbers. Instead, we are more convenient to remember and familiar by using mere hostnames (i.e.

Oh Wait! DNS is not only use for it — it is also use in browsing/surfing experience. I don't think you have the patience to wait these too slow loading websites —that is, will in effect — gets you frustrated! However, with these FREE PUBLIC DNS servers,  you will have the change to experience great browsing speed experience. Is it cool right? But how?

SAPPHIRE Technology Unveils Radeon R9 290X Tri-X 8GB

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After the successful introduction of the industry’s first 8GB R9 290X graphics card with its Vapor-X model, SAPPHIRE Technology has just announced another 8GB card sporting the highly acclaimed SAPPHIRE exclusive Tri-X triple fan cooler, enhanced clocks, and dual BIOS, making the large frame buffer option available at a slightly lower cost.

[ FREEBIE ] System Mechanic: Clean Out Your Computer Day!

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February 9, 2015 will be the Clean Out Your Computer Day! With that, iolo technologies will offer tips, promotions, and giveaways to celebrate the fun day!

Twitter Uses Bing To Translate Foreign Tweets

27 January 2015 / No Comments
If you are a Twitter addict and you follow some personalities, media, companies, and other sects, you will notice that they have been tweeted some foreign jokes and pretty sure you can't relate with it. Fear now, Twitter is now using Bing to translate this weird foreign tweets so you could understand it well.