4 FREE Ways to Improve WIFI Signal

22 April 2014

Whoever wants to experience slow internet connection? Said no one ever. If you ask someone bit tricky question — who will gonna choose and win: love or internet? Most answers prefer Internet. Indeed, WIFI is now considered as a one of the basic NEEDS though.

Amazon's High Official Speaks At Kickstart Ventures Inc. Startup Mixer Philippines

21 April 2014

Amazon.com's VP and Chief Technology Officer(CTO), Dr. Werner Vogels, will speak at the Kickstart Ventures Inc.’s Startup Mixer, to be held at The Globe Tower in Bonifacio Global City on April 30.

In a press release, Amazon.com will talk about its Amazon Web Services (AWS) and to seeks to be the Earth's Most Custome-centric company where customers can find anything they love to buy online at the lowest possible prices.

Cashnit.com: Is it Real or Fake/Scam? [ Review ]

20 April 2014

When I hooked up with Neobux, I noticed in one advertisement that it uses one of the scam websites. Which is surprisingly shocking.

Well, I doubt if it is the sole owner of cashnit.com, however judging from the link, it does have a referral link which made me 90% decided that it is not the owner. For the benefit of everybody, Cashnit.com is yet another circulating scam website that offers and promises its member to get number of job positions, and earn easy money from easiest job.

How to Force Windows to Boot in Safe Mode? [ Windows ]

If you are wondering what F8 key does not seem to work, and you need to boot your system in the safe mode. How could you achieve in booting it in the Safe Mode?

Unlocking to safe mode with ASUS motherboard is kinda complicated thing to do. This article can help you somehow.

In order to boot up in the safe mode without trying to press F8 key, there is an system option via MSCONFIG.EXE that you can FORCE Windows to ALWAYS boot into SAFE MODE.

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