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Did You Know That Facebook Has Changed Its Logo?

01 July 2015 / No Comments
Certainly, you will not really notice it, unless, you are keen observer.

Probably, you didn't know also because Facebook has quietly changed it, there is no big announcement in their website.

A mere login notice will inform the users about its changing. What you see is still the iconic "F"logo and there is no full name elsewhere.

[Review] Is GoldXtreme Legit Or Scam?

30 June 2015 / No Comments
If you are a student, a self-employed, an OFW, or an individual who had difficulties and struggles about financial.  Then, this might help you. However, please take note that, I didn't want you to persuade on joining any investment unless properly researched and has proven legally.
Indeed, at the end of the day, you are still the one who decides — the Final Say.

Probably you are searching answers about GoldXtreme and came up here. 

[Review] Is Real Or Fake Work-From-Home Job Website?

28 June 2015 / No Comments
Finding jobs online has been easier nowadays. With the help of internet and technology, companies simply makes a website to help them find members who render services to them.

But the question is, how to spot a legit or a fake website?

Now, here comes one website  claims to offer money from tasks given by its members.

In order to fully understand how it works, I made an account to see if it is worth with your precious time and effort.

Lexus Teases Fully Worked Hoverboard. Welcome to the FUTURE then!

25 June 2015 / No Comments
Last year, a Canadian inventor named Catalin Alexandru Duru set a world record for the longest hoverboard flight, with an awesome hovering distance of approximately 275.9 meters (905.2 feet) across the lake with just his homemade hoverboard.

What's Wrong with MLM or Networking?

21 June 2015 / No Comments
Probably you have heard these statements:
  • As someone/friend said to me, "Hey, Richard, how are you?..blah blah... I have an unique, incredible, and great business opportunity to share with you" 
  • and sometimes, "Did you know that in a day or week you could earn thousands of pesos?";
  • at most times, "Do you know some-name-blah-blah? He/she is now a millionaire, that he/she owns Ferrari/Mercedes? That, he/she has earned $2000/week. POWER!" ;
  • finally,"I will invite you with FREE seminar about this business venture. Just attend and oh you can invite your friends. No commitment." Sounds familiar isn't it?

As first thought, I know it is MLM or networking — judging from its style and deliverables — also these sentences couldn't stop my instincts from thinking that it is a get-quick-rich-SCHEME which I hate the most. (Well, everybody wants to be rich, but with proper investment and workforce....I will surely  venture to work for it. But I am not attracted with the idea of this quick-rich-scheme.)

If something quite slight different with those statements, I pretty sure my instinct tells me it is MLM

[Review] Is Global InterGold Safe and Legit, Or a Fake and Scam Company?

/ No Comments
Probably, you might see this in one of your friends' statuses, which often times stated as, Global InterGold the new opportunity....great amount of earnings, and blah blah blah ...etc. If you are skeptical one like me, then you are most likely search it for its legalities and of course the opportunities.

Disclaimer: Although, I have no keen interest about doing some MLM business, but due to this post, I thought, it will be a useful one. My objective is to share information, either good or bad. It is up to the readers decision though.

Now, if you are familiar with EMGOLDEX, you will see that both have some similarities with their websites' style and design(probably one, not sure though). Why am I referring this to EMGOLDEX? Well, coincidentally! or technically they are much the same, but different names.