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Vote Counting Machine: Is It Secure and Accurate?

30 April 2016 / No Comments
  • They're few things to check about this Vote Counting Machine(VCM) and we will see it in details
  • VCM is an improved version of PCOS machine.
  • VCM is more accurate, secure, and transparent.

[Trailer] Jason BOURNE is Back in HD!

23 April 2016 / No Comments
Yet another action spy thriller film, Jason Bourne (previously named as Bourne 5) will show at the BIG SCREEN this July! And it is the fifth film in the Bourne film series and the sequel to the 2012 film The Bourne Legacy.

Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' First Trailer World Premiere

13 April 2016 / No Comments
Open your mind. Change the reality!
  • Unleash your mind with Dr. Strange's trailer!
  • Disney and Marvel Studios bring the first trailer to Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Indeed, this 1min-and-56-seconds trailer unveiled by Marvel's lesser-known hero, Doctor Strange(powerful sorcerer).

Rabbit: Remote Browser Makes Videos Faster and Better

03 April 2016 / No Comments
Sometimes, you need a faster internet connection to watch movies better and faster with no BUFFERING...and it answers with RABBIT.
Video chat with up to 15 friends, with no download or installation. Watch movies together, listen to music, work on projects...and it's free! ~

Cherry Mobile Alpha Neon Windows-Powered Device Specs and Price

27 March 2016 / No Comments
  • Cherry Mobile unveiled its Windows Powered phone —Alpha Neon

Well, it was announced last year that Cherry Mobile will be powered Windows Phone devices which one of those is Alpha Neon at the global stage Barcelona.

HOW TO: Play Facebook Basketball Game

26 March 2016 / No Comments
First off,  Facebook Messenger already had its a chess game that works on a Web browser, just recently, Facebook Messenger announced its new minigame-hidden-yet-highly-addictive shooting game, Basketball, that works within its Messenger mobile app.

If you are bored, then you need to shoot and get high score of it.


Facebook Messenger has a hidden addictive basketball game (celebrating the college basketball's March Madness tournament) within its app.

Top 15 Free and Useful Tools/Software on Windows

23 March 2016 / No Comments
Okay, blank PC desktops are boring. Of, course, PCs need applications to fully maintain functional and useful both personal and business work related.