[Solved] HOW TO: Fix CRCDISK.SYS Error In Safe Mode [ Windows Operating System ]

19 April 2014

If power outage interruption occurred, most likely, you will have the problem in booting up your system. Sometimes worst, you will encounter crdisk.sys problem(it freezes) whenever you will try to access in the Safe mode in your system. How to fix it? What are the solutions?

In my experienced, crcdisk.sys error happened when the power supply is fluctuated. Thus, it will not boot up system normally. It hangs in the loading screen and repeatedly restart the system which is annoying at the same time disgusting. So how did I fix it? See below solutions.

CRCDISK.SYS was written by Microsoft that verifies and checks CR that is being read in the hard disk. It is also identified as "Disk Block Verification Filter Driver". 

Google Project ARA: Reinventing New Modular Smartphone

Could you imagine a smartphone that can be interchangeably swapped every single components when it is TIME to upgrade? Sounds interesting huh? Much as with Desktop, you can choose what specifications you always wanted to have. The idea of making smartphone into a some-what MODULAR, came from Google's Project ARA. Does this Project ARA a game changer or industry changer?

What is Project Ara?

Google's Project ARA is a model that is currently trying to let users swap with different components and configure their phones. This is the mission of ARA, to make it a MODULAR smartphone. It attempts to encourage hardware manufacturers to build modules that will SLOT into a METAL ENDOSKELETON (which serves as the basic core of the phone).

ADF.LY Now Supports Daily Payments

No one-month waiting period ! Cashout $5 Everyday!  Well, Adf.ly just announced in their email that they offer Daily Payments system.

In an email I received, Adf.ly supports daily paymets as long as you comply their pre-requirements. The requirements as follows:

Is Pay4Shares Real or Fake? [Review]

Does Pay4shares sound legit and real to you? Does it really give easy money online? Does it solve financial problem? In a vast of websites popping each day, certainly if not properly researched or studied will eventually lead you in despair in the end. Well, we don't want to be scammed in the first place. But the problem here is that, how we can pinpoint this website from real to fake?

This has been a great challenge for a certain user, sadly, that user tends to be lazy over something worth to study for.

The term is Gullible or lack of social intelligence which oftentimes easily believe on what he/she sees in social media platform.

In line with this problem, is pay4shares really a legit one?

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