Philips W6618 Promises To Endure Battery Stand-By Life Up to 66 Days

18 April 2014

We often not heard about Philips smartphone, until recently this Dutch diversified technology company made a public trend with its whopping and impressive  5300 mAh non-removable battery phone – Philips W6618.

In a usual Smartphone specs, it is generally in the range between 3000 mAh to at least below 4000 mAh batteries. And those 4000 mAh are reserved for TABLETS not with smartphones.

However, there is one CHINA-made android smartphone that sports with 5000 mAh battery  – Eton Thor. But Philips W6618 has won over battery feature with 5300 mAh battery which withstand with a stand-by mode up to 66 days.

Google ATAP Team and NASA Working Together To Create Space Robots

Last February, Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) team unveiled its PROJECT Tango smartphone prototype packed with revolutionary 3D sensor chip that has the ability to track motion with 3D  on a mobile device.

Today, Google's ATAP and NASA team are collaborating by using the Project Tango Smartphone to create space robots and help navigate robots in motion tracking in the ISS(International Space Station).

This Project Tango smartphone is equipped with MYRIAD 1 Vision Processor chip that has the capability to make QUARTER millions 3D measurements per seconds.

Facebook Unveils Its New Optional Feature – Nearby Friends

Guess what? Facebook is now beginning to roll out its new yet optional feature called Nearby Friends which help users to discover their friends in "nearby locations".

In a Facebook News Room post about Nearby Friends, users can choose the option to TURN the new feature ON.

If it is TURN ON, a person certainly and occasionally gets a notifications with their friends who are happen in the NEARBY locations so that you can get in touch and meet up with them.

The problem here is you are generally a homebody-type of person, this feature is not for you. As for those you keep on partying and taking outside hangouts, these are probably a good choice. Unless you always get FREE WIFIs.

A Person That Has Visual Problems Can Be Saved W/ Google Smart Camera Lenses

With a blink of the eye, it will capture image. How cool it will be? Is it possible technology? Okay, right now Google had announced that they are working to make a contact lens with integrated CHIP camera to help people with visual difficulties or evenly blinded person.

How this little smart contact lens works?

  • An integrated chip camera system is embedded way out of the pupil to make sure it will not obstruct vision.
  • When a person blinks, it will activate the sensor of the camera system.
  • The good thing about it is it will have the ability to follow eye's movement.
  • The data that is being collected by the camera is processed.
This lens can be linked to any smartphone whenever some warning signals. Also, it will able to take regular images. Which is why I love the feature. With a blink, I can take photos. 

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