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How Old You Are? Try Microsoft Age Guessing Site

03 May 2015 / No Comments
If you think you look younger or older with your current age, then think again — you might use this Microsoft's new age-guessing site that when smash hit over internet.

Now, prepare to be amazed. To be flattered or to be shocked!

The engineers at Microsoft unveiled last April 30 at the company's Build 2015 conference — together with the show off of the cloud service platform — made a site called that will guess an estimated age of yours.

MyJobEarning: Is It Real Or Fake?

02 May 2015 / No Comments
My Facebook friend sent me a message about this one website and asked me if it is fake or not. Curiously and skeptically, I clicked and visited the link. Upon seeing its mere logo and its contents, I am pretty sure that website is not legit. So I answered back my friend and told her that it is really a fake one, and then she asked why.

Best 21 Features of Adobe Photoshop CC

29 April 2015 / No Comments
The newest version of Adobe Photoshop CC (15.0) was released on June 18, 2014 with a lot of improvements in which designers will  certainly loved it more.

Kickass.To Has Moved To

25 April 2015 / No Comments
One of the most-visited torrent websites on the internet, beating ThePirateBay, is KickassTorrents(KAT)  and it has moved to its new domain "KAT.CR". Historically, over the years, KAT has moved from domain to another domain for the evasion of law enforcement and the pressure given by the industries (copyright infringement issues).

Android Peeing Apple Logo Found on Google Map

/ No Comments
Is it a technical glitch? Or maybe a one way to a geekly sense of humor? Well, this is a bit awkward though.

Are You Ready For The Future Voice Recognition?

23 April 2015 / No Comments
The Future of Voice Recognition 

The science of voice recognition is changing the landscape of how we use computers. The possibilities are amazing. Voice recognition, the ability of a computer to “speak” to a person, such as over the phone, is already being used in various places. It is common practice now for a computerized receptionist to answer when contacting a company’s customer service center. In lieu of speaking to a real live person, the call is answered by a computer and assists callers in getting to the right department to handle their question.