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HOW TO: Recover Deleted Contacts from Android Mobile Phone with MobiKin Doctor for Android

27 November 2014 / No Comments
We ideally interact some customers, friends, and families from everyday routine. Those at office tend to call or contact their clients for the services and products. Indeed, contacts are always very important in our smartphones.

When we lose those important contacts, how do we restore those from android phone? We all know that if we backup contacts, we can easily access these contacts from it, but if we do not have backup "contacts", how do we restore these contacts from our mobile phone?

Samsung Introduces EYECAN+, 2nd Gen Eye Mouse

25 November 2014 / No Comments
Samsung's 'eye mouse' is the nicest thing it's ever done ~ TheVerge. Indeed, it's kinda a great innovation especially for those people who have disabilities.

Samsung Electronics unveils EYECAN+, a second generation eye mouse for people with disabilities. With a simple eye movement, people can easily use computes; they can compose,edit, and modify documents and can browse using web browser.

According to Samsung, EYECAN+ is a single unit, portable box that sits below the monitor. It works by calibrating user's eye wirelessly which leads it to become first of its kind. It does not require users to wear any device, such as glasses.

Globe Telecom Subscribers Will Enjoy Piso Mall

24 November 2014 / No Comments
Globe Telecom is launching Piso Mall to its prepaid customer for greater mobile experience. The launching with this one-stop shop virtual video store will enable subscribers to watch videos on their smartphones with over 200,000 video contents TV shows, movie trailers and clips, music videos, and video tutorials on their mobile phone. Each video is available for as low as P1.

HOW TO: Transfer Contacts and Messages from Android Phone to PC - Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager:

/ No Comments
Android smart phone has incredibly gained lots of market shares in global scope. Indeed, it is become the favorite of most used mobile by users due to its brand varieties and multiple functions. Assorted brands such as Samsung, HTC, LG, and Sony offer products and services to people with different user experiences. 

For the masses of Android users, there is a bit doubt that the longer we use the Android smartphone, the more data our phones will be stored. We may be acquainted, indulged or met with those diverse strangers, friends, colleagues, or co-workers in our daily life. 

Thus, the more phone numbers and text messages are added to our Android phone storage, the storage capacities will be decreased. In the advent of ever-increasing data: contacts and message, we need to find a convenient and reliable way to keep them safe.

HOW TO: Avoid Online Hacks, Scams, and Attacks

22 November 2014 / No Comments
With the advent of innovation and latest technologies, we can't deny that most of us are connected to online via our smartphones, personal computers, laptops, and the likes. Did you know that Internet is not "really" a safe place to hangout?
Photo credit:
On the other hand, Internet offers free, useful, and great materials for learning. It is also a good way to stay connected with family, friends, relatives, and love ones, to make new friends, and to use for entertainment, but behind with all these wonderful and great benefits lie the high risks to be hacked, abused, and bullied online.

So here, I will provide information on how to be SAFE online. Why is it important to stay safe online? Is Now

21 November 2014 / No Comments
Kickass has new domain name. KAT team announced its new domain from to The move according to Kickass team is nothing new to them. In FACT in their statement, they said that they regularly change its domain from one to another.

KAT LOGO. Image credits: KAT
The good news is that, nothing has changed. For those users tend to visit the old ( will automatically be redirected.
Hi everyone!
We are moving to now. As you know we change our domain regularly. Nothing more has been changed for you, so don't worry, you can use Kickass as usually, it's automatically redirected.

KAT Team
In other news, KAT had turned off its Open ID login with Google and Facebook, but users can login via Twitter and Yahoo. Furthermore, the header of the site got wide and bookmarks have drop down for categories.

Windows Selfie Brella Concept

17 November 2014 / No Comments
Because taking selfie with monopod is way too mainstream, WindowsPH, pleased to announce its concept with the combination of an UMBRELLA (yeah, it's rainy season still) and Selfie Stick pack-in-one amazing product. Well, if it is actually existed though.