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[WATCH] The Origin of Humanity

26 June 2016 / No Comments
Humans are the amazing and unique creature on Earth. How do we exponentially progress?


Watch this Youtube video

Via ScienceAlert

[Movie Trailer] Jason Statham Is Back To His New Movie 2016

25 June 2016 / No Comments
Jason Statham will return as the Mechanic to its sequel to the 2011 action thriller movie. 

HOW TO: Use Scan Ability in Dota2

22 June 2016 / No Comments
You might be wondering and probably the most surprising changes in Dota2 6.87 version — The Scanning of map ability.

Image: Derrit
In Dota2 6.87, players can use the Scan ability on top-left of the mini-map user interface to detect any enemy heroes in a specific area(See Photo below).

Image: GamePedia
HOW TO: Use Scan Ability in Dota2
As you can see above photo, the Scan Button is located at the top left of the Minimap. You can click it if it is already available.

At the beginning of the match game, it is not available and has a cooldown of 4:30 (m:s).It scans ranges to 900 AoE(Area of Effect) for 8 seconds to detect whether enemy heroes are in that area indicates.

Scan Ability summary
  • Ability: Target Point 
  • Cast Range: Global
  • Radius: 900
  • Scan Interval: 1
  • Ping Sound Interval: 2
  • Duration: 8

  • Has a global team-wide cooldown of 4.5 minutes
  • Checks for enemy presence in 1-second intervals, starting immediately on use, resulting in 9 checks.
  • When a hero is detected, the green (blue in color blind mode) minimap indicator turns red.
  • Does not consider units inside the Roshan Pit.
  • Detect enemies under the effect of Smoke of Deceit.
  • Does not show how many heroes there are, just if there are any enemy heroes. This includes illusions.
  • Does not give vision or reveal anything other than the presence of enemy heroes.
  • Treats creep-heroes as heroes.
  • Enemies do not know when your team casts it

Best Money Saving Apps for 2016

14 June 2016 / No Comments
Everybody hates it, but it’s something that needs to be done. Budgeting your money, that is. As long as you have mouths to feed, bills to pay, and wants that need to be satisfied, you need to manage and save your money

OG Wins At Manila Major Dota2 Tournament

13 June 2016 / No Comments
Yes. OG did it again, and it is historical! The first team to win two Dota2 Majors! 

[EXCLUSIVE] Alcatel Flash Plus 2 - Sale on Lazada

05 June 2016 / No Comments
If you are looking for a cheaper yet for gaming/photography smartphone, then you could have this smartphone at your hands exclusively on Lazada.

Would You Like To Have VideoCard Mounted on Your Display?

/ No Comments
While it is thought to be far from the future, actually, it is available on the market for an expensive price.