19 July 2015

oDesk Changed Its New Name — Upwork

When I try to access oDesk.com, the website will now redirect to its new site, Upwork.com. I didn't know Odesk changed its name, so I decided to dig some infos.

Well, I got from Forbes' post, which stated that Elance-Odesk had its new name Upwork. If you try to access Odesk, you will redirected to Upwork, and oh don't worry, your account in oDesk can be accessed in Upwork. 

Where does the name Upwork come from?

According to the company's CEO, Stephane Kasriel said that the word "Work" could sound like a downer. But instead, he said, it's really awesome work-better work.

Upwork is a new freelance work/hire platform. In a phone interview, Stephane Kasriel, company's CEO and who led the team of engineers, designers, and programmers to completely relaunch the company.

One of the key features on this new platform is its Message Center wherein employers(companies) will easily chat with freelancer who is available for work.

New Feature

Upwork introduced its Connects. Connects are virtual tokens for applying jobs. User can get 60 connects free per month with Freelancer Basic (free) plan.

Connects will give limits to users' quota:
  • fewer unnecessary applications.
  • Most freelancers will only apply to jobs they are truly interested in and qualified for.
  • User competing against a smaller and more relevant pool of applicants, increasing your chances of getting hired when you're the best fit.
However, if you are invited or rehired, you can't use any Connects. Take note also that, initially, most jobs require 2 Connects. 

Why applications require different number of Connects?
Not all jobs are similar. Different jobs require different levels of time, effort, skill, and complexity. The number of Connects it takes to apply reflects these job-to-job differences. Generally, smaller, simpler jobs require fewer Connects than larger, more complex ones.

Now, all freelancers belong to a membership plan. By default, you're automatically enrolled in the FREE Freelancer Basic plan, which includes:
  • 60 Connects per month
  • No ability to buy or roll over extra Connects
  • Payment protection (through Escrow and the Upwork Guarantee)
More active? Consider the Freelancer Plus plan.
Upgrade to the Freelancer Plus plan for more features and flexibility. For $10 per month, you get:
  • 70 Connects per month
  • Ability to buy and roll over extra Connects
  • Ability to see minimum, maximum and average bids on any job

Good luck looking for a legit job!


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