27 August 2013

Work in Abroad with Workabroad.ph [Review]

Well, I'm pretty damn tired about reviewing scam websites. Lately, I was being threatened with few individuals because I made a reviewed post that concerned about their page/website. But, it is now settled anyway. For this time, I would add this site in my white lists of reviewed service/website.

Do you like to work in abroad? Where to apply  work in abroad online? Is it real and legitimate? Is it really gives a job? Quite few questions surely an applicants would ask. I will answer it.

Some reasons to work abroad have one common – to earn money and to improve living. Of course, it is a survival. Others really think that working abroad were great earner of money. Maybe, but you know there is a lot of difference there and here. Culture and race is one reason. The expensive and lodging are factors too. So don't add a notion to our very mind that these workers abroad were walking money.

Pretty Sicked with scam and fraud services
I know, you are sicked and damned knew some few scam recruiting websites and services out there. Well, honestly, it can get to nerve and is very frustrating. While many workers exert more effort to apply for work in abroad, there are scammers coming out of nothing to fraud applicants.

If you are once-a-victim of these scam companies, this time you will be happy with the great news!

One of the best ways to determine these websites or companies that offers legal and legitimate work on abroad is to check with POEA(Philippine Overseas Employment Administration).

In addition, don't fall on the large amount it offers simply paying this or clicking this. Try to be skeptical sometimes, and try to analyze companies and websites offers real and legitimate services.

What is POEA? What does it do?

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA is a central authority agency under Department of Labor and Employment(DOLE) that has a power to regulate employment with Filipino workers and professionals in overseas.

It administers services to promote, design, facilitate, and maintain recruitment and employment among qualified Filipino workers for overseas(work in abroad).

Benefits in Applying with POEA for overseas job

1. No placement fee
2. Employers/workers are closely monitored to avoid incidence of welfare / legal cases
3. Provision of Employee Guarantee Trust Fund
4. Processing cycle time is kept at a minimum to meet deployment date

Core Functions
  • Industry Regulation 
  • Employment Facilitation
  • Worker’s Protection
  • General Administration and Support Services
Regional Offices

The POEA has three (3) Regional Centers which are located in La Union for Luzon, Cebu for the Visayas region and Davao for the Mindanao area.

Regional Extension Units are in Baguio-Cordillera Administrative Region, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro and Zamboanga while satellite offices are located in Pampanga, Calamba, Laguna, Legaspi, Bacolod and Tacloban.

You can check status of a certain recruitment agencies: http://www.poea.gov.ph/

Lists of scam websites offers money with a job

Good News! Overseas Job Applicants!

WorkAbroad.ph Overseas jobs for the Filipinos
I found something interesting and useful new service, WorkAbroad.ph. Work in abroad? No worries, with this new service, it is relatively fast and easy way to apply.

What is WorkAbroad?
WorkAbroad is a FREE online recruitment service in the Philippines that caters, facilitates, promotes, and maintains the needs of both workers who want to work in abroad and recruitment agencies who need applicants.

Good important to note: It is now serving for 10 years in giving opportunities and works to Filipino applicants to have a job in another part of the world.

What can you do with WorkAboard?
It's kinda simple process to follow, first you will create online resume and search/apply for job openings.

If you are a member, you can enjoy this quite good privileges:

  1. Receive job offers from various recruitment agencies
  2. Quick and easy application to multiple job openings
  3. Receive job matches to your email
  4. Monitor your job applications
  5. Discover your personality type
  6. Get regular career updates and event schedules
Work in abroad has been easier with Workabroad.ph!

WorkAbroad.ph Features

  • FREE( no registration fee, no hidden fee) and TRUSTED
  • EASY and CONVENIENT WAY to Apply Overseas work
  • Customizable Resume(edit, update, and save)
  • Offers great Salary Guides
  • Categorized Jobs(very useful feature indeed)
    • Jobs by Specialization
    • No Placement Fee Jobs
    • Jobs by Country
    • Jobs by Agencies
    • Jobs via Salary Deduction
    • Jobs with Low Application
    • Philippine Job Openings
    • Jobs for Seafarers 
  • Featured Agencies(this is very useful feature, it will make more trusted and reliable)
  • More partners and affiliates (http://www.workabroad.ph/partners.php)
  • Useful tools ( WorkAbroad Interactive, FREE OFW BOOKS,Salary Guide for OFWs,Work, Abroad Toolbar, Currency Converter, World Time Zones, & Check Agency Status )
  • Easy Search feature jobs
  • Great useful guides for employment
  • Offers Directory
  • Updated with Jobs(Job alerts and Newsletters)
  • Awards ( Best E-Services website )
  • Testimonials (success story)
  • Career Self-improvement test(personality test)
  • Monitors Multiple Job applications

Attract Prospect Employer

Before something else, be sure to add personal and related information with your account. Having such information could lead you more chance and opportunity with that employer!

Here are some of the information you should complete
  • Personal Information ( Add correct data, don't use dummies personal information)
  • Photo( Use business looking photo )
  • Education
  • Licenses/Certifications
  • Work experiences
  • Trainings/Seminars
  • Languages(numbers of languages spoken)
  • References
  • Available Documents
  • Login details ( Facebook login is very effective with just one-click)
  • Resume Attachment( Tip: PDF is really good choice. It is simply and professionally look)
Register with Workabroad.ph
Visit here: http://www.workabroad.ph and be a member! Join and take part of this large community! It does not support yet secure http(https but this is mild issue because it does not deal with money transaction), it uses Facebook integration system for faster login and sign ups.

Additionally, you could also register with e-reg with POEA

Registrants may now attach their photo.

Photo Requirements:
* Scanned PASSPORT SIZE (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm) photo
* Photo must be in JPEG (.jpg) format
* File size must not exceed 15K
* Recommended dimension of photo : 110 x 150 pixels

Take note: Please be reminded that the POEA system is routinely archives your account if not accessed for more than six months. Make sure you visit your account regularly to maintain its active status.

Working abroad services is a great opportunity and easy way to apply but be sure it is legal and legitimate. Workabroad.ph is a great website which gives both employers who want employees and applicants who need work in abroad.

Images Screenshot WorkAbroad.ph
Sources: POEA, WorkAbroad.ph

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