28 January 2015

Blogging: Your First Step To Earn Extra Income

Have you ever thought that BLOGGING could be one of the other SOURCES of INCOME? Maybe this is SOLUTION to your financial problem. Can BLOGGING indeed Earn MONEY? If so, then how to make money with BLOGGING?

Start TODAY, and you will be HAPPY for TOMORROW. The thing is: Why not start blogging now? Some would venture to blog primarily because of earning extra income, right? At this moment, to be honest — there's no such thing(well in my opinion and experience) as EASY MONEY, and also there is NO GUARANTEED INCOME or SUCCESS because it is all started in a small step, an amount of effort, and investment of learning, thus, to earn BIG revenue in the long run.

I will cite some points right here because it is important to note that later on, you might get disappointed and frustrated about your small earnings and sad to say, you tend to QUIT into blogging. But wait, there are also reasons why you would not END your life to blogging.

In fact, it is normal to get disappointed in some cases in any situations. To add delightful coating: BLOGGING IS ENJOYABLE — TIRING YET FUN experience. It's not really on EARNING passive income that makes it more enjoyable and fulfilling, but the passion for writing and sharing interesting, funny, informative, and cool information that let the readers blown their minds and feelings of excitement and hunger-thirst for knowledge.

One note to take: When I started blogging sphere, I don't actually proofread my grammars, and just didn't care at all (Well now, I am editing/proofreading here muheuheuheue). On the right side of blogging, it actually improves my grammar and writing skills.

There are lots of ways to earn extra income online from clicking ads, affiliates, buy and sell products, upload and share files, and of course blogging - and that's what I want to share here.

Some people choose to blog as their individual career to earn money and to be part of their lives. And they were so successful. Because blogging could potentially earn high amount of money, you need, however, exert enormous time, effort, and workforce to meet your goals and requirements.

What inspires me to blog?

I am eager to BLOG because I am naturally inspired by the NEEDS, UNFAIR, and small INCOME. Though, it is not my top priority as of now. I treated it as my HOBBY-little-humble experience. And I am HAPPY with it, though. ^_^. And mostly, I posted topics, issues, how-tos, and other information in my spare time, and mostly done after office work. Oh yes, I do blogging at night.

Introduction to NEW to Blogging
I welcome you to this lengthy yet informative post... and I believe you are a New to Blogging industry...Well, high five...I will give myself a chance to share a useful and informative idea with you. I am still in the process to become slightly pro blogger and keep on improving...Well, this is my first time to post about blogging kinds of stuff. Now, it is the RIGHT time, I guess, to share what I have experienced, learned, and earned about blogging industry.

Blogging is a LONG TERM Process and Investment.

As a beginner, a newbie, a novices or whatever, we actually tend to get what we really wanted ASAP(as soon as possible). Example: we want to earn huge money for a short period of time(easy money eh?). Wait! This is so fast. It is important to note that Blogging is a LONG-TERM career. Ideally, with my experience, you earn money in the later time... and it really needs more effort and more dedication to attain that goal. What is your goal by the way? To earn money? If so, then set it aside bit goal, though.

By the way, I'm on the halfway road... a small thin narrow path to success... and I hope we cross and meet this narrow road to our goals, meets, expectations, and achievements..who knows right?

You might as well read this: HOW TO: EARN Money Online

What is Blogging?
Before we jumpstart to the most enjoying yet frustrating part, first we must able to know what we are dealing with. By knowing some facts, we can visualize and put ideas into a blog topic post.

Basically, what is blogging by the way?

A Blog (sometimes a weblog) is a discussion, express diary or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries ("posts"). Therefore, blogging is a process in which a publisher put idea entries on a post with certain chosen topics like personal, tech, health, law, how to, etc.

Image courtesy from kirtok.com
To blog or not to blog. That is the question.
Some people quit blogging too. Why? What are the reasons? Later on, you will ask yourself by this issue in mind: "To blog or not to blog?". Well, in my experiences I usually asked myself about this. Depending on my eagerness to write a topic, I can surely make a blog post in my SPARE TIME.

Yeah, if you don't like blogging, you can earn cash by just viewing advertise in Earn Money With Clixsense

Factors might affect the writer/publisher
  • 1. Moods/ Feelings - Sometimes when you are not in a mood, you usually don't have the energy to write a post. This mostly happens to me... -.-
  • 2. Time - If blogging is not your individual career and top priority, sometimes you are NOT inspired to make a blog post because of the limited period it offers. Though, I do a blog with my spare time.
  • 3. Fewer Earnings - This is really the primary factor that some Bloggers would quit into blogging because of the little earning results. Some publishers really think it as a BIG BAIT that they could catch large fish. Well, Blogging could earn you Thousands per month, but it takes passion, dedication, time, and money to get that figure. Let me give you some concrete examples,
1. One blogger into Corporation - Pete Cashmore - CEO of Mashable: Source of Social Media, Technology, and Other Interesting Pieces of Stuff. Visit: http://mashable.com

2. John Crow of http://www.johnchow.com/ a pro blogger but mostly earned with affiliates marketing (Selling Products which make COMMISSION-BASED earnings)
John Chow best known for showing the income power of blogging by taking my blog from zero to over $40000 per month in two years.
3. Yugatech - Filipino Tech blogger of Yugatech.com. The owner of the site that made him fame about technology. More companies give and sponsor actual gadget to him to review.
Yet, there are still Pinoy Bloggers who roughly earn as much as $10,000-$20,000 per month!
With these successful individuals, it should boost your confidence and dedication for Blogging career.
  • 4. Writers Mind Block - Now, I remember something, later on, I forget it...this is really reasonable... how to fight with this condition? Well, I usually put it to DRAFT all brainstorming and idea so that if I would get back on track, it is easier to edit, add, and enhance. 

Some say "Blog requires passion and power"....yes, without passion your blog is outdated and plain annoying, and it makes the page rank gets lower and old. If you are skilled and have the authority to post quality topics, the viewers/visitors will treat you as a trusted and a reliable person. Though, it is not really necessary to post and share interesting topics even if you really are not that completely and thoroughly knowledgeable about such topic. This could be improved somehow by being a keen researcher.
Images courtesy from blog.hudsonhorizons.com

Sharing is Better. But Skills are ADVANTAGE.

To gain the sympathy of the visitors, you really need to be reliable and trusted. Give free kinds of stuff and solutions, this will make you an edge than to other bloggers.

Why do you need to blog?
Some people will blog just for fun, store information, put thoughts, make a diary, help others, share ideas, express feelings into words, earn money to learn and improve English grammar, and much more. Whatever it might be, it is your own choice, and it's up to you what you are really want to post, though.

Blogging POTENTIAL Earning Money

Blogging is a potentially great opportunity to earn MORE EXTRA money, and many successful bloggers are now Millionaires just like this Former one blogger to Corp - Pete Cashmore - CEO of Mashable.

TAKE NOTE: Writing a post does not earn MONEY, but the ADS service you put or add into your website. Unless you are working as an article writer. To article writers, I would suggest making your own blog. Write quality posts for yourself, later on, you will surely reap what you have sowed.

So how I can actually earn money with my blog post? I will give you a picture for you to visualize it — I would think you will have a map idea about blogging.
  • Writing a BLOG POST - it should be at least 600 words. Must be unique, very engaging, informative, funny, and quality jobs.
  • Of course, you need readers. Get more traffics and visitors - SEO( Search Engine Optimization) Strategist. 
Read interesting posts about generating traffic.
  1. Increase Traffic with Reddit
  2. Top 5 Websites to Increase Traffic
  3. Boost Traffic with LinkCollider
  • Register Website( be it be a personal blog) that gives PUBLISHER (you) the ability to earn and learn. I suggest as a newbie to choose Blogger platform. Fundamental Choice: Blogger Platform
  • Put ADS script on your WEBSITE
  • If some visitors would CLICK on the ADS, you will earn MONEY.
Of course, you need to buy the own domain. Why? 5 Reasons To Own A Domain Name

In short, Blogging takes more time, dedications, efforts, motivations, and inspirations. Who says English is easy? Well, for others it would be easier — how about others? How about me? :D

Sometimes people can write great blog posts when they were hurt, sad, and frustrated. Perhaps the best part of blogging is to put yourself wrapped up with inspiration to light and help others to solve their problems and share interesting information.

Cashouts with BLOGGING

I already got my cashouts with BLOGGING, and each of it has a $100 minimum/cash out with the Google ADSENSE only. I have advertisers too, and I earned some revenues.Yes, It is FUN INDEED!  Try it!

Right now, I am able to say to myself that I am one of the successful bloggers with this HOBBY. WHY? I got TRAFFICS: 10k/day pageviews, 10k Unique visitors, and I am average earner to $10/day.

I earned money, and  HELP and SHARE quality information to others at the same time. And that makes more fulfilling and very SATISFYING to me.

These are the list of websites that give FREE and POTENTIAL learning tool for PUBLISHERS like the US.

MUST READ: How to Earn Money Online

For the meantime, try to use and register these AD networks before  GOOGLE ADSENSE because Adsense is really STRICT on REGISTRATIONS NOW.  Tips To Easily Approve Google Adsense Account
  • CLOSED: Smowtion - Sign Up now and be my REFERRAL
The advantage to referrals
Once you sign up and make me as your REFERRAL, you could earn 80% revenue than you don't have any REFERRALS that make it to 60% revenue only.
I will update these from time to time, and you should have a clearer mind and direction.

BLOGGING: Start the first step

Now, it is time to shine! It is time to write a blog post. Your First Post! But, you might ask, where do I begin? The start is really PRICEY — all first things really take risk and high price. I  mean, it is tough at first, but once you get into it —it actually FLOWS better and easier.

Use FREE BLOGGING Services/platforms
Many FREE websites offer you to write own posts out there. The following sites but not limited to:
  • Blogger.com You might love to read: Choose Blogger
  • Wordpress.com
  • Livejournal.com
But I do recommend to USE Blogger instead, because of its simplicity and straightforward! And it is EASY to USE.

Now, register in Blogger to get your first subdomain like => .blogspot.com

BASIC SEO Tips and Techniques
  • Use Social Networking Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Digg, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. These ways can improve page rank and increase traffic on your blog/website.
  • Your Blog post must have 600 words or more. Why? Google detects it as a Good and Quality posts, and it thinks that user loves to read such kind of numbers.
  • Content is a KING. Yes, content must be unique and exciting. The readers will inevitably come to visit again in your blog, and it is paramount.
  • Consider the Link, it must have at least, or max to 4 words relate keywords like yoursite.com/Blog-Earn-Money-Online/
  • Optionally, proper meta tags and description in other search engines. Google does not support meta tags.
  • Before thinking to earn from blogging, consider that you should put many blog posts, and it MUST be unique.
  • Adsense requires UNIQUE and Good Quality posts, and you MUST have at least 6months old with your blog.
  • Register to earn extra money with these advertisers service to publisher: Infolinks, Adsgadget, Affiliates (Clickbank), Smowtion, Nuffnang (ASIA), Chitika
  • Make Money by clicking Ads -> Clixsense.
  • Use Short-Url Service and Earn Money -> ADFLY.
  • Blog Commenting: Comment with the same genre to other websites.
  • Bold Keywords and Emphasize them for improving search engine algorithm better results.
  • Alexa Traffic + Google Page Rank: Consider it for the proper linking,.
Will update some of this part...on some daily basis.. :)) I hope you have earned some insights about blogging.. :)) Keep it touch....

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