29 June 2012

First Ten People On Facebook

The First 10 People to sign up on Facebook were Harvard Students. Some of them were founders in developing Facebook. Some of them were friends of friends. And some of them were prankers :)). So how to determine who were the 1st 10 people on Facebook?
When Facebook was First Launched in February 2004, every USER PROFILE who sign up was given an ID CODE ( In Ascending Order ). Numerically, it starts at ID#0, and it redirects to your own profile page. In connection with these ID and the 1st 10 People, let us examine the sequence since Facebook uses the order of ID sequence, we Pre-Conclude that the ID#1-10 were the 1st ID.

First Ten People On Facebook
1. Mark Zuckerberg
Original Profile ID: http://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=4
Mark Zuckerberg Founded Facebook
Note: ID range 1-3 are no longer exists.

TIP: You can try using with this code format: @[ID:0], for Mark Zuckerberg => @[4:0] so with this system, you can tell it is same as to profile ID

2. Chris Hughes
Original Profile ID:  http://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=5
Chris Hughes: CoFounded Facebook.

3. Dustin Moskovitz
Original Profile ID: http://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=6
Dustin Moskovitz: CoFounded Facebook

4.Arie Hasit
Original Profile ID: http://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=7
Arie Hasit: First Non-Founder to Sign Up Facebook. Arie was a friend with early David Hammer which knew Chris Hughes

5. Marcel Georg├ęs Laverdet II
Original Profile ID: http://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=10 
NOTE: (IDs 8 and 9 do not exist)
Marcel got a Job by creating hacks and pranks with Putnam in which the CoFounder caught his attention, and Facebook hired Marcel.

6. Soleio Cuervo
Original Profile ID: http://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=11
Cuervo was the one responsible for the "LIKE" Button (y)

7. Chris Putnam
Original Profile ID: http://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=13 
NOTE: (ID 12 does not exist)
Have you ever wonder what that face icon means in your Chat Box? To display like that on the screenshot, use :putnam: in your chat textbox.
On the year 2005, Chris Putnam wrote a computer virus that spread across Facebook. The virus effect was to make Facebook User Profile to look like MySpace Profiles (it was funny, but it deleted some user contact details which is not cool). With this kind of prank hack, the CoFounder figured out Putnam who were behind the attack. Then, Facebook hired Putnam.

8. Andrew McCollum
Original Profile ID: http://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=26
NOTE: (IDs 14-25 do not exist)
Andrew was a Harvard Student who was a classmate with Mark Zuckerberg in OS class.
He was First One to DESIGN Facebook Logo (which Mark asked him to work with it)

9. Colin Kelly

Original Profile ID: http://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=27
Kelly was a Harvard student who was friends with David Hammer and Colin Jackson.

10. Mark Kaganovich
Original Profile ID: http://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=28
Kaganovich was a Harvard student who was also friends with early Facebooker David Hammer.

These are the First 10 People (Profile ID order) to sign up on Facebook.
Do you want to know some Profile ID? Let us say, for your favorite number, ID#123, just use this simple code: @[ID:0]  => @[123:0] => Morgan Grice

How about your own Profile ID?
I have my profile ID# 1276091968, which display my Profile Name Link.

Know your Profile ID
If you didn't opt to change/update your profile ID URL into your desired name link, then you can easily see your profile id string of numbers on your profile page.
To illustrate:
But what if you are using Profile NAME URL? How can you get your profile ID?

To get your Profile ID
1. You need to get your own PHOTO URL,

The last numeric is your profile ID. If you add that number to profile.php?id= then it will display your OWN profile page.

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