16 March 2014

Look at these 10 Company Logos. You Will Be Amazed with #4, #5, & #8

Logos are graphic, symbol, & icon mark that represents an individual, organization or company to promote public recognition.

These graphics are not created without its historical meaning and/or inspiration from a certain event, place, and people.

Some of it are plainly seen and utterly understandable, but few company logos were created with hidden yet brilliant meanings.

10 Company Logos that will blow your mind

1. Amazon.com logo and its meanings

Well, this is one of the brilliant logos created, and I have seen so far. It gives you a little insight behind its logo. First impressions would seem to be displaying its distinct meanings.

The first thing you will surely notice is its Smile( yellow swoosh ) which represents that it has the best customer satisfaction.

However, that yellow swoosh that connects the characters "a" and "z" is brilliantly meant to sell almost anything from a to z. Brilliant!

2. Apple logo and its meaning

One of the biggest companies and ever loved by more people. The Apple logo comes from the Story of Adam and Eve in the Bible which symbolizes the "Tree of Knowledge" or "Fruit of Knowledge."

How about that bitten part?

In the story, Adam and Eve-bit part of the Apple thus gained knowledge and realized they were both naked. Also, it may depict to similarly sound BITE with BYTE.

A byte is digital information unit in computing consists of 8 bits. :)

3. FedEx Logo and its meaning

At first, you can tell it straightforward and understandable, but it has a hidden symbol with this FedEx (short for Federal Express) logo.

Between the "E" and "x," you will see an "Arrow" pointing right, which symbolizes speed and precision and moving forward to the future.

4. SONY VAIO logo and its meaning

This is ingenious and brilliant logo so far! You may ask what VAIO is? Sony Vaio is a premium brand of laptop maker and provider. Its name has a hidden meaning with creatively made that perfectly fit its product brand. You will be shocked and amazed of its meaning.

VA, the first two characters which are a "v" & "a" curved symbolize Basic Analogue Signal. And IO represents Digital Signal consist of "1"s and "0"s.

Is it amazing?

5. Toblerone: Name and logo and its meanings

Toblerone(Swiss chocolate company): Its name came from its creator Theodor Tobler in Bern, Switzerland in 1908. Combining the name with Italian word Torrone ( a type of Nougat).

Yields to:

Tobler(creator) + Rone(nougat) = Toblerone

However, if you look closely with its logo, you will notice white silhouette bear in a mountain.  Bern is sometimes called "The City of Bea," which incorporated this idea.

6. Cisco: Name, logo, and its meanings
This Cisco logo is attractive. These 9 vertical green lines represent San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, and it also symbolizes Digital signal.

Cisco also derived itself from San Francisco.

7. Dell Logo and its meaning

It was founded by Michael Dell, one of the largest manufacturers of PC. You might notice its "E" in DELL word which turned on its side.

"E" represents with its founder's wish to "TURN THE WORLD ON ITS EAR." Also, it portrays FLOPPY DISK.

8. Sun Microsystems: Clever representation
It's logo considered to be one of the clever examples of symmetric order. If you observed it properly, the letters "U" and "N" are arranged to adjacent with the "S." The end result still reads "Sun" in any orientation.

In 2009, Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle.


9. LG logo and its meaning

LG or short for life's good has an original logo too. At first glance, you literally see letters "L" and "G," but if you closely, it smiles at you. "L" is the nose. "G" is the outline of the face.

Some speculate LG logo contains a quite similar to Pac-Man.

10. Volkswagen: logo and its meaning

Initially, at first glance, Volkswagen is the combination of initials "V" and "W." The word "Volks" is a GERMAN for People, and "Wagen" is German for Car.

One of the clever and minimal logos you will see yet so far.

Source: Wikipedia
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