30 July 2011

FREE and EFFECTIVE Ways To Earn Money Online

In today's trend, new technology has never been new since WWW was developed. Every year has a new Technology, every year has new opportunities too. People significantly use the internet to increase their income. They used the new technology/services to transact their businesses. 

Earning money online is not easy as it should be. However, if properly studied and with applied online market techniques you can be a millionaire someday. Online Market should patiently and strategically analyze. 

How to earn and generate money online
Boost your website into Earnings. Putting Ads on your sites can increase your revenue. Yes, it is real can. 

Earning Money Online: Fast, Easy, and Effective Way

How can I earn Money?

To put it simply:
Advertisers use tool that gains them consumers and increases traffic to their websites. Publishers use this Advertisement for them to gain more income. Putting ads on websites can generate money.

For me as a publisher, I usually used some ads, especially in this blog.

What is PPC(pay-per-click)?
Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the hosting service when the ad is clicked or visited. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. Content sites commonly charge a fixed price per click rather than use a bidding system.

Example: Neobux, Onbux, Clixsense Etc.

What is Cost per click (CPC)?
Cost per click (CPC) is the sum paid by an advertiser to search engines and other Internet publishers for a single click on their advertisement, which directs one visitor to the advertiser's page.

Example: Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter Etc

I listed it into 3 Groups make money without taking up any current ad space

1. In-Text Ads - as the name suggest, these are ads that appear in the text in a content of the websites. Usually, they are underlined(dashed, or two underlined)
The good thing about these ads are 


Infolinks adds In-text Ads to your websites.

  • Turn your text into Money!
  • Has a bigger revenue 
  • Fast Easy Installation
  • Paypal Support
  • Tag Cloud and Label Support
I could tell that it has greater revenue compare to other competitors. The one you see in Dashed Green Links.
As of now, I earn $6 in just a week. You can withdraw the money when it reaches to $100.

Visit here: INFOLINKS

Kontera: Context, Interest, Results
Adds In-text to your contents.
It is also similar with infolinks.
Based on my reports, I only got $1 for this ad tool
Visit Here: Kontera {CLOSED}

Vibrant: Finally your Ads can be relevant. Everywhere.
Another in-text ad. But you can add toolbar ads also
As of now, I'm still on pending.
Visit Here: VIBRANT

There you have it. Just explore these tools. It might help you. I would suggest before you apply to these sites, please ensure that you have full of a content site. :)

Is it okay if I use them all?
Based on my experienced, Yes! You could do it. However, think carefully in combining those ads it might get annoying to the visitors.

Fast and Easy Way to gain money - TEXT to MONEY

2. Pay-per-click - a model that drive more traffics to the advertiser while a typical user gets earnings through clicking those websites.
Some of the pay-per-click websites have a low rate $0.001/ads. But it depends on in what status you are. If you are a premium member, then you can generate as $10/day.

NEOBUX - one of the trusted PPC sites. ( for now, I already have $1.4 in my account. Honestly, I actually don't click ads here. I just created an account here for my IRC Bot/Psybnc Services. :D )

You clicked ads with individual numbers, and it is categories by a country. I mean if you are in the US, you probably see ads originate in the US also. I have 4-6 ads/day so I can earn $0.06/day, but it is the case-to-case basis. The amount is $0.001 per ads. If you have plenty referrals, you can increase your income exponentially. :D
Minimum Payout: $2

Register Here: NeobuX: Earn Dollars By just Clicking Ads

CLIXSENSE - Pay-per-click that has some advertisements.

The good thing about this clixSense: it has a number of ads than Neobux.
It also has $0.05 by chance, $0.01, and mostly $0.001.

Register Here: ClixSense: Increase Your Money

ONBUX - Yet Another Pay-per-Click Site

BTW, I registered here, but I got banned.

Top Advertisers

Google Adsense - Ad Serving Tool. Publishers enable text, image, and video advertisements on their websites. These ads can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

Adsense is very strict. Before you register this program, you should have acceptable contents to your website.

-Reviews your application in 1-2days.
-Advertisements differ based on the materials.
-Withdraws when reaching to $100
-Easy to install in websites
-Perfect Reports

For now, I already have $20. (in a day it generates $3). It is small actually. But I wanted to increase it by adding contents here on my blog.

Visit Here: ADSENSE

Asia Pacific's FIRST and LEADING Blog Advertising Community. 
It is local advertising service. Here I have an account in the Philippines.
The minimum payout here is Php2,000.

 Now I got Php100

Monetize your site!
Click to Register here
Connects audiences and ads in relevant scenarios They create technology platforms that provide revenue to online media businesses.Publishers Start earning money instantly!

You can withdraw if you reach you're earning to $100!
It much like Adsense, and it is still new. (By the way, I got $1) :)
Register Here: Smowtion {Closed}


Webmasters can buy and sell text ads based on their site's topic area.
Alternative to Google Adsense, Publishers use as a second option for their websites revenues
I don't have the account here because I still don't have enough personal information to register.

Register Here: Adbrite Exchange {closed}

Earning Money Online must be actually implemented by publishers. For myself, I'm still on studying techniques, secrets, and tips on how to increase my earnings. Who knows, you can be one of the successful publishers. Soon I'll post what's the updates of these advertisement services!

I guess you might think and know that these tools are incomplete. Yes, they are so many advertising services out there, but I believe that these sites are better than another.

Earning Money Online: Fast, Easy, and Effectively


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