19 April 2014

[Solved] HOW TO: Fix CRCDISK.SYS Error In Safe Mode [ Windows Operating System ]

If power outage interruption occurred, most likely, you will have the problem in booting up your system. Sometimes worst, you will encounter crdisk.sys problem(it freezes) whenever you will try to access in the Safe mode in your system. How to fix it? What are the solutions?

In my experienced, crcdisk.sys error happened when the power supply is fluctuated. Thus, it will not boot up system normally. It hangs in the loading screen and repeatedly restart the system which is annoying at the same time disgusting. So how did I fix it? See below solutions.

CRCDISK.SYS was written by Microsoft that verifies and checks CR that is being read in the hard disk. It is also identified as "Disk Block Verification Filter Driver". 
If something wrong happen, one reason could be the problem is with its hard disk issue. Checking disk using CHKDSK can be repaired and solved. But what I have learned is, it's not the hardware issue but rather in  its Operating System.

Accessing Safe Mode is a quite good move to tell and check if the system hardware still works fine or not. If it does not boot in the safe mode, then presumably it has a really big problem.

Along the way, I still didn't lose hope when I tried to fix it by reinstalling the Operating System.

Known Cause of the Problem
  • Power interruption (most likely to be the culprit based on my experienced)
  • Not properly shut downs the system
  • A Virus/worm/trojan/adware/spyware/malware
  • Probably updates of some drivers
Starting your System and the Windows OS is not booting up. It hangs in the loading Windows screen and it restarts in a few minutes. Accessing Safe Mode only freezes in the CRCDISK.SYS line.

SOLUTIONS (options)
1. Use your DVD Installation disk that supports "repair" option
2. In that DVD try to use CHKDSK option in C:\ to check Hard Disk errors.
3. Alternately, check Hard Disk errors and repair them by using HDD Regenerator. If nothing error found, then it simply implies that it is more on the OS side.
4. (Works fine to me) Reformat or install New Operating System. Note: Don't erase the old installation if you have no FILE to recover.

How to PREVENT it?

1. Use of UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) instead. In case power outage occurs, you and the hardware have the time to properly switch-off.
2. Shut down the system properly.
3. Avoid Installing untrusted application which lead to virus exposed.

Still have the problem? Just comment and give your MODEL type. Thank you!

Crafted w/ Love ~ Mabzicle


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