22 April 2014

4 FREE Ways to Improve WIFI Signal

Whoever wants to experience slow internet connection? Said no one ever. If you ask someone bit tricky question — who will gonna choose and win: love or internet? Most answers prefer Internet. Indeed, WIFI is now considered as a one of the basic NEEDS though.

4 FREE Ways to Improve WIFI Signal
Here are yet FREE options that can improve and boost WIFI signal.

1. Choose least-crowded channel
WIFI routers choose channel by default and are operating on specific channels. Some routers too have the ability to choose least-crowded Channel.

To do it manually, you need to use third-party software — INSSIDER.

2. Router's Position
Experiment in changing positions with your ROUTER. Find a good SPOT which improves signal.

3. Updated Router Firmware
If your router has a firmware update with their respected sites. Install and update your firmware. In this way, it will improve performance and signal.

4. Update WLAN Driver
Network adapters can have a big IMPACT in terms of performance and range. You can update it by using Driver Updater, DriverBooster.

Final Thoughts
I hope it helps you a little with sample ways to improve WIFI signal. Thank you. :3

Image credits: axeetech.com


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