31 December 2014

HOW TO: Change Your Facebook Profile Picture in FULL SIZE — NO CROPPING !

Your  Facebook Profile Picture is what REPRESENTS you. Some people use a photo of their loved ones, about political, activism, cartoons, logos, pets, nature, backgrounds, businesses, and just-for-fun images. Indeed, There is no actual rule that you can't upload any cool photos.
Additionally, it displays prominently reflected your personality.

Facebook Profile Picture is always shown as SQUARE (equal sides) and is ALWAYS shown as PUBLIC.
Facebook profile picture cropping
Facebook profile picture cropping
Facebook also allows: 
  • uploaded photo at least 180px by 180px; 
  • Resized to a natural size of 168px by 168px; 
  • displayed at 160px by 160 px;
However, it seems that Facebook already implemented cropping of Profile Picture which displays not in FULL SIZE PHOTO.

More people, including me, really don't like the idea of cropping profile pictures. So how to upload profile picture without having to crop it?

Change your Facebook Profile Picture in FULL SIZE no CROPPING.

The effective way to get full in size photo in your profile picture is to upload it via a Mobile view or in Mobile site.

Here's how.

1. Instead of using the desktop site in the address bar (https://www.facebook.com/) change it to mobile site (m.facebook.com)

2. If you are already logged in, just go to your profile, and upload photo to make as a profile picture. Or https://m2.facebook.com/mabzicle?ref=bookmark

  • Change mabzicle to your username.
  • You will find it in similar with the desktop version
3. In your profile, click the Photo icon (located bottom right in your profile picture)
4. Click Upload Photo

5. Then click Add Picture

3. Viola! Then your new profile photo will be updated without cropping.

Hope this tutorial help you upload your profile picture without cropping it. Enjoy! :3

Updated: February 12, 2017: 12:08PM

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