22 May 2013

What Exactly Is The Facebook Cover Photo Size?

This is not quite common question for most Facebook user, in fact, these users really did not care about what are the sizes with their Cover Photo. It seems that they just change it frequently and they were happy with that mere flow process.

However, for some people especially on designers full of creative juice and those Business oriented group prefer to  have knowledge about this.

Does it really matter? Do you know what are the sizes of your cover photo ?

While you are having great fun in your Facebook experiences. Not to mention, Chatting with friends, Viewing others' photos, enjoying crafting comments, uploading great summer time photos, updating emo statuses, the likes. Some people seriously have time to compute and keen to observe every size detail.

What is the Facebook Cover Photo Size?
If you are keen with small details especially cover photo size, surely you will test, experiment and research. But practically, it is more easy to do some good research than testing it without or less prior knowledge. Since i have researched this, well i was way back questioning and asking what exactly the cover photo sizes were.

Here it is:
  • 851 pixel (px) wide
  • 351 pixel (px) tall
 For the profile picture dimension, space sizes and other related sizes, refer image below.

Facebook Photo Cover Size
If you are really want the exact size of the Facebook cover photo and you dont need to arrange or edit your photo cover just to fit, follow these sizes: 851px wide and 351px tall.

Dont worry, it will squeeze if it exceed the exact size. :)

Now, here's a creative cover+profile pic combination.

The other one might already been seen by you in the first paragraph here. :)

Image Courtesy to the owners of these images

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