24 February 2013

DIY: Improve and Boost USB Modem Signal - Parabolic Satellite Dish

Do you have unstable signal connection in your area? Or do you have least signal bar in your dashboard? Does it made you frustrated with your LOW Signal USB Modem Signal? I am sure it does! Now, if you are one of those frustrated users(including me) of any USB Modem from different networks, then this Do-It-Yourself(DIY) Instructions can help your USB Modem Signal improve and boost connection.

USB Modem has been known for years and many users prefer to use it because it is convenient, access-everywhere, efficient, and cheap, however, despite of these useful features indeed advantages, there are problems or disadvantages that made it less important and useful. Factors including signals(location based), and bandwidth limits(service provider issue) that can lead to frustrations among the users. The usual problem encountered for an usual user is the signal. Low signal means Low Internet Connection. 

The USB Modem captures low frequency and today, we need to improve the capturing of signal by using DIY steps: Parabolic Satellite.

USB Modem Pros and Cons


  • Cheaper  - when you subscribe for a limited days only this is better than those monthly subscribers. Imagine P50/day, if you only just subscribe for 4days in a month, it is equal to P200/month. However, if you are using it everyday, it is more expensive, example, for a month, 31 days, so 50 * 31 = P 1550. Whereas in monthly subscription, it is more than 999, the way cheaper than USB Modem.
  • Efficiency & Convenient- You can bring this USB Modem kit everywhere and you can access internet too unlike some WIMAX or Canopy, lot bigger than USB Modem.

  • Expensive - subscribing it for a month is a lot expensive. You can see in Pros above.
  • Signal - If you are in properly situated location then you don't mind over these things, however for some users especially low elevated and behind with the mountain it is really a  problem. Low Signal means Low Internet.
  • Bandwidth - for a certain network there is a bandwidth limit and rate. In Globe Tattoo, it has only 512 kb/s rate(at maximum and if you are the only one using in your location), Globe Tattoo has a limit of 800MB and it is sucks. Globe Tattoo Unlimited Internet is a FAKE! Visit here.
Parabolic Satellite DISH
You might like me wondered why satellites have a parabolic shape dish, in technically engineering subjects, Satellite dish is used to collect signals from any sources and to focus it to the receiver. Now, to collect signal, it needs to find a surface that reflects incoming signal to every point on the dish surface.

To get optimal signal, it needs to have parabolic shape, that is why satellites dishes have this kind of shape.
Now we don't need to discuss it further but if you are keen enough to read more about dishes, parabolic theory. I do recommend to visit here. 

Or you can Google it for more references and sources but for now, i limit only in improving the signal. Since we know some little facts about it. We need to implement such theory physically.

DIY: Improve and Boost USB Modem Signal
Since this is Do-It-Yourself procedures, i don't want to limit your imagination and innovation. This is simply a guide for you to know how exactly looks like and works. For the benefit of everybody, we need some things here in order to make it successful.

Things you need but limited as to what would running in your way of thinking innovatively.
  • USB Extension Wire - This is a MUST because you need to put your modem outside or near in the window to capture signals. Where to buy it? You can buy it in all computer store, cdr-king, octagon etc. Advisable to Max 8 meters. But using any wire can lead a LITTLE slower. Because the data runs in cable, unlike you will just plug the USB modem(direct). Anyways...

  • Aluminum Foil/dish-like - some of the samples were from using of electric metal fan, and some of it covered up with aluminum foil. Aluminum is an element (AI) a silvery white metal, most abundant metal on Earth's crust and known to be low density and has the ability to resist corrosion. The more low density the better because it shields from radiation that is why aluminum is widely used even in other smartphones. 

  • Optional: Electrical Tapes, Soldering Iron, & soldering lead.

Now, for the steps. You can ideally make your DIY Satellite dishes! See below examples of Improvised USB Modem Signal Boosters!
I don't own the Images i simply compile and share it and respect copyright to its owners. Mostly came from Symbianize Peeps...Thank you!

Now in my part, i used that cooking cover to boost my signal.. like you all know, it will really increase signal bars from 3 to FULL. You can try it and its FREE!


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