06 August 2018

10 Things You Need To Know Before Taking Career Service Examination-PPT

To fully qualify in becoming a permanent staff in a government agency, at least, get a certificate of passing and ideally the CS Professional.

In the coming exam this August 12, 2018, the CSC Region 10 posted an advisory to their Facebook page of the things an examiner should know.

10 Things You Need To Know Before Taking Career Service Examination-PPT

1. Visit the school you are assigned to (you can check or ask the CSC near you about your school). In our region 10, they already posted the list of examiners with corresponding school and room assignment. You can site inspect on Saturday or be early on the exam day to be familiar with the place.

2. Be early as possible. Yes, so you can prepare things and you need not worry about being late.

3. School gate will close at 7:30 AM so be early.

4. Wear proper attire. That is one of the prestigious examinations so be formal.

5. Always bring the important things: Examination Application Receipt, and Valid ID. As for my experience of being a proctor, there was once an examiner who forgot to bring her VALID ID. The CSC staff really imposed the NO Valid ID, NO ENTRY. So that person already consumed the time for the exam and for the other respected takers.

6. Only black ballpen is not prohibited.

7. You can always surrender your gadgets at the front of the proctor and examiner.

8. Exclusively use BLACK Ballpen the rest are prohibited. So be informed about it.

9. Always shade neatly and completely. Remember you cannot erase it; thus, be sure to have a final answer.

10. Lastly, of course, if you fail to come and take the exam, then it is already forfeit. Hence, you can take the examination the next schedule.

Final Thoughts

Wish all the best and break a leg! If you need some tips, you can visit here:
Tips on Passing the CS Exam

Thank you!


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