03 July 2012

The First iPhone Was First Invented in 1983

Apple's First Design for iPhone in 1983 was a landline colored-white handset and with built-in screen controlled by a stylus. Instead of a touch screen it was built in stylus controlled interface. The Iphone physical appearance and specification quite cool ( i never know that the first design was a landline with screen controlled by stylus.)

02 July 2012

Smart Offers Tri-Net Unli 40: Smart Sun TalknText

New Promo from Smart Prepaid Tri-Net Unli. Just for P40 you can enjoy the promo with unlimited call and text to Smart, Sun Cellular, Talk N Text Subscriber. Not only that, you can access unlimited browsing in Facebook in one day via Facebook Mobile App using Java Capable Handset. Though, facebook is free offers for everyone but having part of promo makes it cool.

01 July 2012

HOW TO: Login Multiple Yahoo Messenger

On most software even games, the rule is one login per user in the system. This is ideally important because it creates no further potential flood and minor spams among the users. In my experience, sometimes it is useful too in login using multiple accounts. One dummy and one real.

History of the Firefox Logo

As Leo Burnett quoted: Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people. Being curiosity is good sometimes and it stimulates our mind over things that surround us. With this, I asked myself: where does Mozilla get the idea of using Firefox Icon? And i guess, you probably asking yourselves with the same question in mind. So, I posted information about the Firefox logo.