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23 March 2014

Phishing Scam Works Easily On Gullible People: How To Prevent It?

Human nature as we are —  get easily tricked or persuaded to believe on something. That is merely why, we need our brain at least to think skeptically and work out of these scammers. By do studying and researching, we can easily weigh detect fake or legitimate ones. 

To cite an example, you surely can attest someone gets easily fooled witnessing with your own Facebook News Feed — particularly on sensualized topic that sometimes went viral. Of course, you can't blame them but you can shower knowledge or wisdom to them on not to share fake or unverified posts.

18 December 2013

Why You Need To Use CopyPaste Script from Tynt

While making only a content does not earn you a lot in terms of profit, but you still need to drive traffic from sharing and advertising the posts.

But if you are tired to do marketing program, why not use this script to get more traffic. Introducing CopyPaste script that will increase traffic, insight, and SEO. Is CopyPaste improves and drives SEO and traffic to your site? Find out here.

11 July 2013

Mouseover Popup Image Viewer Script

Tired of constant viewing images that need to visit it first to display the whole image?  For quick viewing photos, this script could really help a lot and saves time too! No need to visit image in a new window/tab. It's really hassle-free and enjoy browsing seamless experience!

What makes it more useful? See more here.

07 July 2013

Lazy Load Script Plugin For Your Blog/Website

 As the web technology emerges, new trends introduced and more scripts were created for the purpose of optimizing a websites for great experience to users. We are already in HTML5, CSS3, and JS (Jquery), it helps front end developers to deploy techniques to enhance optimal experience to readers.

This script has been very compelling to me. It adds delightful viewing experience and it loads pretty fast. I am talking with the Lazy Load Script.

02 June 2013

11 May 2013

Discover Great Forum Discussion With Moot - Free, Fast, and On-the-Go Script Forum

Almost everyday we talked and discussed with our friends, families, workmates and clients. Whether we like it or not, we are involved such kind of activity. Sometimes, we are not likely love to listen to our your boss, our mother, or our client. I hate to say this but i am NO of Speaking. Regardless to whom i am surround with but hanging up with friends could somehow gives me confident to share some insights. Well, it improves my mood and feelings indeed. While discussing could create more interesting learning and knowledge. It is important to know that discussing with great people improves vision, and goal.

01 May 2013

Bored? Play Trivia Game On Web Instead! With this Trivia Script From IRC

Feeling blue? bored? nothing to do? Maybe you can try this exciting trivia game on your web or on your desktop.

This Trivia game script has been played for almost more than 10 years now. Starting from the creation of old boring text chat system, IRC (Internet Relay Chat). This script managed to give enjoyment to those chatters out there. Wait, this is a time-based game in which you should answer right away. With much more scoring points to achieve plus powerful scoring and top score system.

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