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04 January 2015

ADATA Unveils Gold Edition XPG Z1 DDR4

Looking for a great memory on your Haswell-E build system? This DDR4 RAM is for you. ADATA has just unveiled its new gold edition called XPG Z1 DDR4 RAM which has four speeds:
  • 3000 MHz
  • 3200 MHz
  • 3300 MHz
  • 3333 MHz
The company said that its new ddr4 memory has decreased its operating voltage from 1.5v to 1.35v which give more stable operation at higher speeds with the lower temperature. The said RAM also can transfer bandwidth up to 26.6 GB/s.

31 October 2014

Samsung's New RAM Reaches Data Rate Up to 25 Gbps

Random Access memory (RAM) or Computer's Memory is one of the important hardware components which allows information to read and write, and thus be accessed any memory cell directly. 

If you have low capacity RAM, you will have a problem using on high-demand software like Adobe Products or hungry-consume-graphic games. Worst, your system will suddenly restart if consumed more of the RAM capability.

08 April 2014

The World's First Highest Density 128 GB DDR4 Module

With the rampant evolving pace of technology ranging from full-packed chips to high-end gadgets, this newly announced RAM module model can definitely increase user satisfaction as it works with great performance.

In a TechPowerUp post, SK Hynix Inc., leader in the DRAM market, announced its development with its World's first and highest density of 128GB* module-based on 8Gb* DDR4.

Note: GB is Gigabyte and Gb is Gigabit.

This model of RAM has a double density with its advantage with TSV (Through Silicon Via) Technology. Its a product that works at 2133 Mbps w/ 64bit I/O which processes UP to 17GB data per second. The other good feat here is it consumes ULTRA low-voltage of 1.2V compared to existing DDR3 that has a voltage of 1.35V.

07 July 2012

HOW TO: Make Your USB Flash Drive As RAM

USB flash drive is a small data storage, removable and rewritable device includes flash memory( is a non-volatile computer storage chip that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed ) with an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface and supported by modern operating system like Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.