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29 March 2014

Expect Slow Broadband Speed To PLDT Subscribers

Subscribers expect to have a slow internet connection until mid-April 2014, says PLDT. In the recent outbreak of raging subscribers, PLDT said that their cable line system undersea was cut off. Thus, experienced slow data connection to its subscribers.

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co (PLDT) on its Facebook Fan page, PLDTHome, announced a customer advisory that their international undersea two fiber cables broke which resulted to slow data connection services.

21 August 2013

Is PLDT The Root Problem on Slow Internet Connectivity?

The slow connection with ISP isn't a new issue. Poor service and slow connectivity have been there for years already. The sad part is that Philippines still way behind from other neighboring countries.Why other countries have a better, faster, & cheaper Internet connection compared to the Philippines? Are there factors consist that makes it more expensive and slower connection?

04 March 2013