03 April 2016

Rabbit: Remote Browser Makes Videos Faster and Better

Sometimes, you need a faster internet connection to watch movies better and faster with no BUFFERING...and it answers with RABBIT.
Video chat with up to 15 friends, with no download or installation. Watch movies together, listen to music, work on projects...and it's free! ~ Rabb.it
What is Rabb.it?
Rabbit is a remote browser that has a faster bandwidth that you can imagine. Just imagine, you are watching ANIMEs whole day!


My issues here are the following:
  • Some videos had a Lil-bit delay of audio and LAG video plays.
  • And you can't download those videos (of course, you are using the remote browser with a faster connection).

Registration: It's FREE!

First off, you need to register here: https://rabb.it/

After registration, you will choose video sites to watch (Rabbitcast quick links):

You can also type your favorite URL/Site in the textbox. (I tried to watch youtube video)

Look for that white-buffering, and take note it is 720p HD video setting! :)

If you like it, then register here for FREE!  https://rabb.it/


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