03 August 2014

Projector Turns Any Wall Into Interactive Feature

Projectors are quite useful device used to project an image or a presentation onto a surface. Okay, there is now a handheld projectors which is  more handy and ideally more convenient way to present than those of traditional. But what if handheld projectors will project any flat surface and have the ability to interact with it ? It is sound possible and interesting right?

What is TouchPico
People from TouchJet already giving it into action. The interactive device tagged as TouchPico, which has the ability to turn any flat wall into a touchscreen. Or maybe, I called it, a TouchWall?
Image: Vine
TouchPico is a white, small handheld projector that projects up to 854x480pixel which run on Android. According to Mashable, at 150 lumens, it will light up any room.

The user will definitely interacts any surface by its pen-like stylus which sports with infrared switcher. The handheld project has built-in infrared camera which it can track movement of the stylus in front of the TouchPico's screen.

When using the stylus, it will interact any surface objects with taps and gestures. As seen Vine video below.

Vine's with Fruit Ninja

TouchPico also sports with HDMI, AV/VGA IN, and audio out ports; its has built-in Wi-Fi feature can be used with Android’s Screencast technology. Lastly, projector runs off standard AC power.

It is expected to ship in October.

TouchPico is priced under $500.

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