23 May 2014

Syncios is FREE, FAST iPad/iPhone/iPod to PC transfer [Software]

Do you ever want to transfer photos/videos/mp3 from your PC to your iPhone/iPad/iPod? Well, honestly, it took me few days to research a FREE solution to transfer files in iOS gadgets to PCs. With lots of software downloaded and tested, this one is exactly what I needed most and its works pretty simple and useful. The fact that it transfer files, this software is totally FREE.  Now, I found this ultimate software solution for iOS devices and PCs — I want to share it too.

Okay, let me introduce SyncIOS that lets transfer one iOS device files to PCs.

What is Syncios?

Syncios is a FREE software for iPad/iPhone/iPhone transfer to PC. What do it does?
It can access it to any iOS devices, you can manage and backup media files too.

The thing is, you can convert your files to make it more compatible to your device.

What are its FEATURES

1. Free Backup & Restore Tool for iPad, iPhone, iPod
2. Audio Converter & Video Converter & Ringtone Maker
3. Displays iOS Device Information
4. Backup, Install and Uninstall Apps
5. Transfer Photos
6. Backup Music, Ringtone, Audiobook
7. Copy Videos
8. Manage Playlist and ebooks
9. File System Management
10. Contact Information Management

Supports: Windows 7, XP and Vista (both 32-bit & 64-bit)
its not yet support Windows 8

How to Transfer iPad/iPhone/iPod to PC?
1. Before installing Syncios, you need iTunes, for updated version you can check it here.

Or visit https://www.apple.com/itunes/

2. If anything goes better, from downloading and installing itunes then you need to install syncios now.
3. Download and install Syncios 
To download: www.anvsoft.com/syncios-ipod-transfer.html 
4. Done!
5. Just plug your iOS device and ready-to-go transferring.

Note: When transferring, Syncios will prompt a window displaying that you need to close iTUNES program. 

Just open SYNCIOS, if you want to transfer videos, click Media(found at the left side), when it displays new window, choose and click Videos(found at the right side). Then, click IMPORT and start transferring files.

Thank you :)


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