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[TIPS] Become a Successful Passer in Civil Service Exam - CSC Reviewer 2015

Why you should PASS on Civil Service Exam hold by the CSC Agency? What are really the privileges and benefits on being one of the CSE passers

What does CSC abbreviation mean? What its functions and administers? Why do we(especially government employee) NEED to pass CSC Exam? Is it really 'that' important? How to pass the civil service exam then? These are few common questions. We will answer that later on. 
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Passing Civil Service Examination (CSE from CSC) has never been easier. In fact, a passing rate of 80% is considered to be quite an 'Inspiring Yet Feared' and fairly "difficult" to attain. This is merely why, Civil Service Test/Exam noted to be a prestigious test/exam in the country.

Statistically computed
Now, an average passing rate is at least 20%, it is arguably and mathematically LOW. But it does not necessary mean that you lose hope with that figure. Don't worry it is only a my simple calculation, but I solely based it to the five (5) options that need to shade with one(1) correct answer.

The chance to get a correct answer is 1 out of 5, that's 1/5, and it makes 0.2 when divided by 100, and multiply it to 100 that would make a 20%. 

Oh, wait, but this calculation is applicable only if you really don't know 5 options. But what if you are just confused with 3 options or 2 options? There is a greater chance of hope and higher passing percentage..surely, it gives more chances to get a correct answer. So, if I put it in a range, it will be of 20% to 30% chances.


What Is CSC then?
CSC or Civil Service Commission is a government body-owned agency with has the sole purpose is to administer those qualified members in the PUBLIC/government service.

CSC Mandates the following:
The Civil Service Commission was conferred the status of a department by Republic Act No. 2260 as amended and elevated to a constitutional body by the 1973 Constitution. It was reorganized under PD No. 181 dated September 24, 1972, and again reorganized under Executive Order no. 181 dated November 21, 1986. With the new Administrative Code of 1987 (EO 292), the Commission is constitutionally mandated to promote morale, efficiency, integrity, responsiveness, progressiveness, and courtesy in the Civil Service.
One of the mandates of CSC(civil service commission - ) is to formulate, administer, and evaluate system/program in the development of qualified work force in the public service.

In order to fully qualified to work or become a REGULAR (Item/Position) staff in any Government offices/agencies/gocsc/lgus, you need to take and pass  the civil service exam especially the CS Professional one.

Take note: If you are already passed in  BAR(Lawyers), CPA(Accountants), and other professional board exams, then you are already highly-qualified to work in the public offices.

However, if you are graduated on non-board exams (like me - an IT graduate), you need to take and pass the CSC exam,  by crook or by hook still it depends on you.

Further, CSC offers examination in two(2) tests: Sub-Prof and Professional exam every twice a year. (Usually will take on October or April/May month unless otherwise it will change without prior notice).

Pass for Future Work in Government Agencies

Passing Civil Service Test/Exam is not just for self-success, self-attainment, self-achievement( which proves that you are keen to pass it, or to test your IQ), self-dignity, and self-pride, but for your career path to take, it gives you a chance to be employed in the Government agencies here in the Philippines.

The benefits of being passer of Philippine Civil Service Examination (CSE)

If you are currently employed as a job order/contractual/casual/special project worker in a Government establishment, there is a higher chance to get a permanent JOB or become a regular employee in that office and thus gaining a promising privileges and benefits like salary increases, employee leaves, bonuses, gifts and incentives, and promotions. Sounds great right!?

However, sad to note that in our government system, being a PASSER does not necessarily guaranteed to be immediately hired. *sigh* Unless you have relatives in that office or you know someone that will help you.


  • January 2015 (CSC Reviewer 2015)

NOVEMBER 11, 2014

Added some Math PDF files for complete review of Math formulae and for more practice exercises.
    • A Handbook of Essential Mathematical Formulae (PDF)
    • Business Math for Dummies (PDF)
    • Essential Mathematical Methods 1 (PDF)
  • Google Drive updates its GUI

[ old ] Now, this is the sample files I will give and share here. Its quite outdated screenshot but it works pretty well.

Once you are a passer, you can get CoE here: How to get certificate of eligibility

June 25, 2014
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  • It also posts exercises to improve Math problem skills, Vocabulary, and Grammar.
May 20, 2014
  • Congratulations to all CSC Passers who took exam last April 06, 2014 :)
  • CSC Results for April 06 2014 PPT: CSC EXAM Results 2014 April

January 25, 2014
    • Added some related documents for CSC Reviewer 2014

November 28, 2013
  • I would like to congratulate those who passed the CSE PPT exam last October 13, 2013. And for those who did not make it, there is still a lot of time and chance. Be prepared for the next exam. Lastly, I am very overwhelmed as the same time happy with the result, in which, I did help and contribute in my small ways. Some of them thank me. I feel warm-hearted. Congrats!

September 06, 2013: How to download Ebook in Google Drive

Now Available Soft Copies: 

February 4, 2015

August 21, 2013
August 20, 2013

For Latest [August] CSC Reviewer[resources]
    • Added English Grammar Ebook Collection
July 26, 2013
    • Added: FULL Texts SONA 2013 (PDF FILE - English and Tagalog version)
July 17, 2013
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June 2013
    • I added New MSA Pdf Files 
    • Civil service pointers reviewer
Testimonial continuation

Good afternoon po!

...Too late already but i just want to thank you again sir for the reviewer that you gave me. I passed the April 2013 cs exam professional. May you continue to be a blessing to everyone especially for those who will take the Civil Service Exam. GOD BLESS YOU MORE SIR.
Sent from Samsung tablet

Passer is not "guaranteed" to become a REGULAR Employee Too (sad but true)

Keep in mind also that a passer does not guarantee 100% to become one of the those permanent employees in the government office. 

It is interesting to note that being one of the eligible passers will not guarantee you to be hired  in the government units/agencies. There are many factors to consider too. The Less Expectation, the Better.

My Experience. Well, a Second Taker is not bad after all

I took twice on Civil Service Exam, the second time, it took me a little surprised when I passed it last October 21, 2012. ohh, it's miracle! Funny and shocking indeed, I can't still believed but it pays the effort in my studying sessions and sacrifices..anyway....and I am very thankful for passing the exam and now I am an eligible one. At this point, I just want to share some of the tips you need to take extra effort to follow. Or if you are tired, then you still have unlimited tests. Try and Try until you succeed.

Before that, you need to know some very important facts to prepare yourself in the upcoming test and be a successful passer too. (ikanga, sabi nga nila, walang masasaktan kapag preparado ka at may alam ka. Diba?)

Philippine Civil Service Reviewer 2015

Things you need to know

  • You need to pass 80% passing rate. High % right? 
  • Exam will take three(3) hours, that's 60 mins/hr x 3hrs = 180mins
  • Test questionnaire has 180 items, 10-15 free(personal information), 10 blanks. So it makes a total of 160 total items. I calculated the total items over the total time of 180 mins.  Well, its roughly 0.87 minute per item, but some items do take time especially on reading comprehensions and Math problems. You MUST have 3-5mins to answer it.
  • Career Service Professional and Subprofessional have almost the same scopes of exam from: English, Filipino, Reading comprehension, synonyms, antonyms, logic, grammar and correct usage, paragraph organization, spelling, analogy. Math: Word problems, interest, percent, sales, linear, algebra, graphs, and general information includes Philippine Constitution, (R.A. 6713) Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, Peace and Human Rights Issues and Concepts, and Environment Management and Protection.
  • Exam will start at definitely at 8AM, Sunday.
  • If you are taking on Computer Aided Test, it is synchronize nationwide, but need to answer quickly.( No need to shade answers which makes it faster and easier)
You need to prepare for it, calculate time to answer items, and study on scopes of the exam.

TIPS to HELP you PASS the Civil Service Examinations
Before EXAM
  • Review, review and review. You need to take serious about the test/exam. Your future at stake here. Though, it does not depend your future of being a passer. But for the sake to pass it, better review and do more reviews. Well, if you do have stored/stocked knowledge and very confident to pass the exam without any reviews, then go on. (I remembered my friends here, I must admit they are pretty smarter indeed). However, if you are just an average type person just like me, you need to focus and review more.
Good News! I will share to you some soft copies here. Click it => CSC Reviewer 2015.  
  • Study and Review Materials. You need to gather more resources here. Like newspapers, hard copies, books, reviewers, photocopies, magazines, soft copies, internet information, and lots of more. I have resources too, newspapers, reviewers, internet freedom information, books, and photocopies. Yet in my first take, I did not pass and it gave me low rating... 66% whoa! It could somehow damage your moral but you don't need to lose hope here. Like anyone else, they failed too. Tip: If you did not pass, try to make it as an inspiration to study and review more.
  • Pray but don't just rely on it. As many people would say, God will help you if you will help yourself first. Do your best and God does the rest. You need to be a realistic too, if you are not keen and being hardworking on studying and reviewing then you will not make it. Remember, it is a REAL TEST. One of the factors to have a better future. If you are just relying on faith without hard work, it is useless. It must be FAITH and HARD WORK.
  • Practice, practice, and practice. Mostly, we really hate MATH right? Now, it is time to love it. I am sure, you will love it too. Just like anything else, you will develop to like/love it. For the sake of your future, you need to sacrifice. Practice everyday, solve problems at least 5-10 word problems. When you do that, you are seem familiar with the problems and situations. Heck don't memorize the problem or answer. Just familiar the concepts and principles like PMDAS( parentheses, multiply, divide, add, subtract in order), solving your X, I mean, solving the unknown, formulas, percent etc. Sometimes, you feel paranoid in solving problems but remember to point out  to choose that is closer to your instinct. They said, first impression lasts. Yes, if you have your first impression about certain option then choose it. Your mind (subconscious) really thinks it as a correct because at some point, you already encountered it in the past, without even solving it but for the sake of clarity and correctness you NEED to review and solve it. Well, if you have more time remaining then you can review its validity, but I tell you that based on my twice experiences, time is really scarce and you need to answer as quick as possible. Indeed, it's a marathon of time. Of course, one reason why you are in that race is to pass. (Thus, you need to answer all questions). If you are best in math problem solving, this is your time to shine! (But the exam questionnaires are changing every test).
  • Exercise, exercise, and exercise. Study shows that exercise will make you 10% smarter. Well of course, scientifically, your blood flows which gives your brain more oxygen that could improve the ability to store information, to retrieve fast, and to analyze better. Like me, I did some gym exercises, it boost my body structure and mental alertness.
  • Use Internet Effectively. While you are sitting there in 20/7 hours just doing Facebook or playing games. Take serious, and use it effectively to learn instead. I recommend to read news on, did play there and found it more useful and enjoyable), and math problem sample, tips, and tricks, English grammar usage etc.)
  • Use Android/iOS Apps Effectively. I'm pretty sure, you almost use your smartphone to edit pictures, visit facebook, check in foursquare etc. Now, why not install apps which are useful like dictionary. I do recommend, English-Tagalog app, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, you can search in play store. Same with other OS, iOS, BB, Symbian, or Windows Phone. Use it effectively.
  • Eat breakfast[Don't skip it]. If you are planning to be sexier and  fitter, you don't need to skip meal especially breakfast. Remember, if you will sleep 9pm and wake up 6pm, how long hours would it be? And yet you still skipping breakfast? Your body will be weakens and brain thinking ability will be slowed too. You can eat a balance diet if you are into shape.
  • Eat chocolate instead of Junk Foods. Chocolate(esp. dark chocolate) has been known to boost mind power and alertness. Eating chocolates really help to sharpen thinking skills. Furthermore, Chocolate is good for the heart and soul, study reported.
  • Drink Coffee. If you are not into drinking a coffee, it's up to you, just eat chocolate. However, coffee improves memory capability and speeds up reaction time. In a company research, at least 3 times of drinking coffee will definitely boost your mood and cognitive function. Take note: if you are overdrinking it, you will experience sleep disorder.
  • Ask previous examiners. Good news, I just share you some tips here. And I am willing to give some soft copies if you like. For offline e-book csc reviewer, download here.
  • Beauty Sleep. Don't overdo things like over spending time. Don't sleep too LATE at night or early morning. In separate news, those who sleep late at night tend to have a higher IQ than to those who sleep early. Now, you are excused. :D If you have insomnia problem, drink hot milk to relax your body and brain. Also, study suggested, to try to blink your eyes more so it will get your eyes tired, you will fall asleep. :)
  • Take Vitamins. If you don't like to exercise and eat some balance diet meal, take vitamins from A-Z. sounds familiar? But recent reports, that taking vitamins can damage liver or other organs. So be careful.
  • Relax before the day of exam. Don't be desperate, just because the day of exam will take the next day, you will study in 24 hours? Hell No! Don't overdo it, it will slow your thinking skill the other day. And your body becomes tired too.
  • Prepare things. Prepare pencil, ball pen, receipt, sharpener, eraser and of course, yourself. Take a cold hot bath and rest well.
  • Relax and stay calm. While on your test, just relax and stay calm, because panicking will lead you into despair and your mind will not cooperate in such cases.
  • Be on time. Exam will start at 8am, so you need to get in your chair earlier. However, if you don't know your seat number and room number, be early as 7am to look for those number. I remembered when I went at 6am, yes too which it resulted for me to stand at 2 hrs, and it is really exhausting and tiring though. So be just on time, don't be late or too early or else you ended same as me.
  • Time is Gold, you need more time.Love takes time but not on taking exams, it is a quickie one. If you just rely on your Mobile to know the time, I'm afraid you will feel paranoid as me, when taking exams. Why? Because you don't know the time, you will tend to answer longer, and when an proctor says the time: i'm sure you will panic. (of course, just like me, I don't even have a single watch, how poor)
  • Skip harder questions. This is really crucial. But when you skip questions and be back later, you will had hard time to cope up possibly because you are running out of time. But the advantage is, there's a hint in proceeding number items. Just don't leave blank questions, don't leave no shades or else it might had a problem on computer checking system.(since it is computerized system, ideally, you must shade all questions)
  • Be happy and enjoy the exam. While it might depend your future in that exam, don't take life seriously, remember if you don't succeed on passing it. There's a lot more better place for you. :) Sounds redundant.
  • Be thankful. Thank God and yourself. Maybe talk to yourself. No, I mean NO! But highly suggested, because it will improve your thinking skills. (nerd)
  • Be optimist. There is nothing more calming when you think positively. (nah, I am a pessimist ) 
  • Less expectation. Yes don't really expect on your hard work, faith, prayers, and keen study. If you do that, you are debt by your own actions. But if suddenly, make you passed the exam. Jump and celebrate!
  • Relax and enjoy!
Would you really trust me? You SHOULD trust me, why? because I did those crazy stuffs :D and I took twice in the exam so I have learned more crazy stuffs yet useful tips again. Read my story here.

Now, I really do hope and pray to your success in passing the Civil Service Examinations. Also, I hope, you have learned something here. 


Jan 25, 2014
  • Next Exam will be on April 6 2014
You can try to register online using COMEX: CSC Computer Examination

 June 14, 2013
  • Next Exam will be on October 2013
By the way, exam will be on April 14, 2013. Take it as your opportunity to pass, not only for work opportunity but also in your self-dignity. :)

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    Items 17 to 20

    In which of the
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    in budget management, and project planning/management, shade box no. 2 of item
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    Management and Audit Analysis

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    None of the Above

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