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03 February 2018

Top 17 Technology Apps that Will Be Popular in 2018

2017 was a great year for apps, wasn’t it? In March 2017, Android users were able to choose from 2.8 million apps, and Apple’s App Store featured 2.2 million apps. It’s a growing industry. We keep seeing new apps, and we cannot dare predict the startups of 2018… we’re going to be surprised in any case. 

We can, however, predict the apps that will gain in popularity throughout 2018. These apps are already available, and they will keep gaining momentum. Let’s list 17 apps that have great potential for 2018.

03 September 2017

[REVIEW] Is Sarahah App Safe to Use?

Sarahah app went VIRAL by storm!

To be honest, it has mix reactions and comments. Although, for some average users, safety and security aren't an issue at all.

What is Sarahah?
Image: Sarahah
Sarahah means HONESTY in Arabic, developed by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq from Saudi Arabia. It was originally created to help employees provide honest, unfiltered feedback to their employees in a private manner. (You know some work politics). Surely, I want this app for my workmates! I would gladly rate them according to their work ethic and leadership.

19 August 2016

The Psychology Behind Pokémon Go

Pokémon would not exist without the hobby of its creator, Satoshi Tajiri, of building impressive insect collections and cataloging them. And its new mobile game Pokémon GO, which conquered the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world, is offering the same experience that Tajiri enjoyed so much.

But this experience has reached a mind-blowing digital augmentation through which the users can catch their most loved animated characters of all times, Pokemons, and train them to become even more loveable and powerful.

14 June 2016

07 July 2015

HOW TO: See Who Unfriended/Deleted You On Facebook

Do you want to know who those people unfriended or deleted you on Facebook are? Well, there is an app for that. 

Introducing, Who Deleted Me, a FREE Facebook Friend-tracking app that used to show WHO UNFRIENDS or DELETES you on Facebook.

03 April 2015

23 May 2014

Syncios is FREE, FAST iPad/iPhone/iPod to PC transfer [Software]

Do you ever want to transfer photos/videos/mp3 from your PC to your iPhone/iPad/iPod? Well, honestly, it took me few days to research a FREE solution to transfer files in iOS gadgets to PCs. With lots of software downloaded and tested, this one is exactly what I needed most and its works pretty simple and useful. The fact that it transfer files, this software is totally FREE.  Now, I found this ultimate software solution for iOS devices and PCs — I want to share it too.

Okay, let me introduce SyncIOS that lets transfer one iOS device files to PCs.

What is Syncios?

Syncios is a FREE software for iPad/iPhone/iPhone transfer to PC. What do it does?
It can access it to any iOS devices, you can manage and backup media files too.

The thing is, you can convert your files to make it more compatible to your device.

What are its FEATURES

27 April 2014

HOW TO: Solve 2048 Tile-based Puzzle Game?

Want to play a tile-based puzzle game on your PC or smartphone? Spoiler alert: It is addictive yet good for the brain.

When I played it first, it took me 5 hours to complete one heck of the game. The truth is I was searching and reading for honest tips to solve this 2048 game. Yes, I found many. Still, it was tough. The good thing is when I was comfortable with the important arrow keys and with faster recognition of numbers, I tend to focus more on a smaller number(BASIC) which in turn I won the game.

09 February 2014

Flappy Bird: Is It A Good Bye Now?

When Flappy Bird became a hit both on iOS and Android platform, several people still enjoying-became-addicted-yet-with-raging-feeling while playing the game.

Though its nature is a pure rage-inducing, my friends on Facebook still kept on boasting and posting screenshots of their higher scores, and they have patiently enjoyed the game. Statistically, I found out that females are getting higher scores than males.

The fact that it has been mainstreamed already(unexpected to hit the top), press companies keep on contacting and interviewing the developer of the game. With that, well, the bad news is that the developer will remove the game from app store. Oh yes! Great! Probably, we will now be productive!?

04 February 2014

This Game Is Quite Simple But Once You Start Playing It - Frustration Yet Addictive

Probably, you certainly heard, seen, or even played with this new bird crazy game. Oh wait, did I forget to tell you that it's an addictive game? To play with it, you only need to tap, tap, tap, and tap that makes the bird get-fly through the series of familiar green pipes. Well, the prize is not that fantastic, you will just get points(with medal) here. Why is this game became mainstreaming? Why is it addictive? Is it a soft goodbye for Angry Birds? 

14 January 2014

[Tech Humor] The Six Stages of SnapChat

Snapchat is a photo messaging application ("app") developed by Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy both works on Android and iOS platform. This app lets users take photos, record videos, add texts, add drawings, and send it to list of recipients.

Then these photos and videos sent called "Snaps". The unique here is that the user set time limit(1 to 10seconds) to allow the recipient to view snaps.

The Joy of Tech once again made a poster about SnapChat, its pretty funny but its kinda true. Made by Nitrozac & Snaggy, The Six Stages of SnapChat :Stupidity, Moronism, Naivety, Obliviousness, Good Ol' Denial, and Facepalm Inducing.

11 December 2013

Rovio's "Angry Birds Go Races" Free-To-Play Game

Did you miss MarioKart game? Apart from being in the 90s play, MarioKart had proven to reduce stress by playing it, especially in a team competition.

Right now, you would thank that birds could also race. Not by flying but rather on riding. Are you ready? Get? Set? Go?