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23 March 2016

11 December 2013

Rovio's "Angry Birds Go Races" Free-To-Play Game

Did you miss MarioKart game? Apart from being in the 90s play, MarioKart had proven to reduce stress by playing it, especially in a team competition.

Right now, you would thank that birds could also race. Not by flying but rather on riding. Are you ready? Get? Set? Go?

12 September 2013

18 August 2013

CCleaner: Best and FREE Cleaning Tool [Review]

Did you know that in due time, your computer will be filled with useless, unused, temporary, and redundant files? Erasing these files manually are quite difficult to achieve. Moreover, your HDD becomes low disk space and tends to display slow performance.

I know it is really obvious that you have noticed and experienced great slowdown with your Desktop / Laptop / Netbook. One of the reasons why it became slower is because of the cluttered files filled in the disk

So, how to improve performance? How to remove cluttered files? This post is quite useful for you.

15 July 2012

03 July 2012

16 June 2012

12 June 2012