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07 July 2013

Lazy Load Script Plugin For Your Blog/Website

 As the web technology emerges, new trends introduced and more scripts were created for the purpose of optimizing a websites for great experience to users. We are already in HTML5, CSS3, and JS (Jquery), it helps front end developers to deploy techniques to enhance optimal experience to readers.

This script has been very compelling to me. It adds delightful viewing experience and it loads pretty fast. I am talking with the Lazy Load Script.

21 February 2013

Animated Scroll Fade + Opacity Hover Sidebar Widget

Perhaps, the most important part in blogging is to get more visitors engaged on your blog post because without the readers, your posts are just useless --well it depends if you don't want visitors to read your blog posts. While having visitors are very difficult to achieve sharing widgets from social media have become important piece in the process of interaction and engagement between the writers and the visitors. With the help of these sharing social media widgets, publishers can be able to optimize its article thus potentially be reached to readers. That is why there are many websites offered FREE services to publishers or website developers to give bridge on the publishers and the visitors.

So with that in mind, now, this widget will help you get potential visitors in your blog posts. Why? Imagine when you read article downwards then you see a widget and at the same time you like that article. You just click LIKE button there, or if not you opt to share it. When they share something, it will broadcast in their profile, and it creates potential for gathering more visitors in your blog. Now, lets get started.

20 February 2013

HOW TO: Remove Facebook Recommendation Box's Border?

Facebook Recommendation plugin has been proven to increase page views and boost site's activity between visitors and site/blog. It is Fair enough to use it without any modification on its code. Sometimes you still want to edit some design (color, size, font etc.) now here comes the CSS Trick.

And most website owners wanted to remove the border in the Facebook Recommendation Box. How?

11 February 2013

Change Default Text Selection Color in CSS

When you copy a certain phrase, word, or paragraph to paste it in other destination, you will notice the  HIGHLIGHT color. Yes, you have guessed it, when you highlight it, it has a Background color of blue, and a color of white on text

Now, if you are tired of seeing that color, you change change it in CSS.

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