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01 January 2018

SanDisk Unveils Its 400GB MicroSD Card

If you are looking for taking pictures, recording videos, and watching FULL HD videos, then this MicroSD is perfect for you!

The 400GB SanDisk Ultra PLUS microSDXC UHS-I card gives you the freedom to shoot, save and share more than ever before. 
Western Digital through its SanDisk brand is introducing its new MicroSD card with a capacity of 400GB!

18 January 2016

4 Steps to Setting Up a Secure, Collaborative File Storage System

Small businesses often operate in lean teams, with each staff member behaving like a “jack of all trades.” This attitude can be useful for acquiring customers and putting in the extra effort SMBs sometimes need, but it doesn’t work for data management and security. Cyber attacks are not only a risk to large companies like Target or Sony but are a costly danger to small businesses as well.

22 October 2015

SanDisk Is Now Part of Western Digital

Western Digital recently announced its acquisition  of SanDisk. According to the press release,  Western Digital Corp. and SanDisk Corp. entered in an agreement which Western Digital will acquire all shares of SanDisk including Cash and Stock.
The offer values SanDisk common stock at US$86.50 per share or a total equity value of approximately US$19 billion, using a five-day volume weighted average price ending on October 20, 2015 of US$79.60 per share of Western Digital common stock.
It was previously announced that an investment of Western Digital by Unisplendour Corporation Limited closes prior to this acquisition, Western Digital will pay US$85.10 per share in cash and 0.0176 shares of Western Digital common stock per share of SanDisk common stock; and if the Unisplendour transaction has not closed or has been terminated, US$67.50 in cash and 0.2387 shares of Western Digital common stock per share of SanDisk common stock. The transaction has been approved by the boards of directors of both companies.

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The combination is the next step in the transformation of Western Digital into a storage solutions company with global scale, extensive product and technology assets, and deep expertise in non-volatile memory (NVM). With this transaction, Western Digital will double its addressable market and expand its participation in higher-growth segments. SanDisk brings a 27-year history of innovation and expertise in NVM, systems solutions and manufacturing. The combination also enables Western Digital to vertically integrate into NAND, securing long-term access to solid state technology at lower cost.

21 August 2015

WD Black Hard Drives Offer Inspiring Performance for Gamers, Enthusiasts and Creative Professionals

WD®, a Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC) company and a world leader in hard drives, announced the expansion of its award-winning WD Black™ line of performance hard drives up to 6 TB capacity. WOW!

Shipping, the 3.5-inch, 7200 RPM drive is the perfect solution for gamers, hobbyists, and professionals in need of high-performance desktop systems and workstations. 

WD Black

WD Black hard drives combine 7200 RPM spin speed, 128 MB cache, dual stage actuator technology, SATA 6 gigabits per second (Gb/s) interface, and an integrated dual processor to deliver ultimate performance in a maximum-capacity drive. The WD Black 6 TB is up to 29% faster than the previous WD Black 4 TB version in maximum data rate throughput and 10% faster in PCMark Vantage.

28 November 2014

WD Unveils Portable Storage Drives Connect To Gadgets Wirelessly

Western Digital unveils its new portable storage drives that allow users to access, save, and share files wirelessly using any smartphone, PCs, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

In a press release, WD, world leader in storage solutions, unveiled its My Passport Wireless, which is convenient to use for transferring, sharing, accessing, and saving files via wireless in any devices.

23 September 2014

14 September 2014

HGST Introduces its World's First 10TB Hard Drive in 3.5 Inches Form Factor

If you are wondering ways on how to save your movies and large images in hard drive, this 10TB HDD will surely the answer. Yeah, this is really crazy but HGST introduced its world's first 10TB HDD. How cool is it to have this 10TB hard drive?

11 September 2014

23 August 2014

Western Digital (WD) Unveils WD Red and WD Red Pro

Western Digital, a world leader in storage solutions, unveiled its expansion of its award-winning WD Red® line of SATA hard drives for home and small office NAS (network attached storage) systems with the release of a 5 TB[1] and first-to-market 6 TB capacity for NAS-specific storage.

16 October 2013

Western Digital Announced Mew Ultra-Compact Network Storage Plus

Do you run a small business enterprise? If you are then this device could help your data stay safe and secure. 

Western Digital (WD) unveiled its new small-and-medium sized (SMB) storage solutions: WD Sentinel ™ DS5100 and WD Sentinel DS6100 (S-series) ultra-compact network storage plus servers.

How could these devices help the businesses?

WD Sentinel has a great performance which equips with Intel® Xeon® processors. It is pre-installed in Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials.

06 September 2013

07 June 2013

Introducing The World's Thinnest 1 TB Hard Drive From Western Digital

In the tech show in COMPUTEXT TAIPEI 2013, specifically with Booth L0810, it was announced that it will ship the world's thinnest 1 TB HD with its 2.5 inch WD Blue 7mm HD. This device could offer OEM, Channel Integrator, and customers unique storage solution.

It's thin, slimmer light system notebook compatible with industry standard 9.5 mm drive slots. Also capable from 320 GB to 1 TB in 7mm height.

06 June 2013

First Enterprise-Class HD For Data Center Market: Western Digital

Western Digital now launched its innovative SE HD for data center deployments. This enterprise-grade platform could stand 24/7 operation.
WD Se is a combination of performance, reliability, and robust for most network storage deployment.
  • True enterprise-class drive with the right blend of affordability and capabilities to address the massive growth of semi-structured data, which is accelerating the scale-out of data centers of all size
  • Capacities up to 4 TB
  • the new WD Se hard drives enable customers to balance their data growth challenges in multi-drive enclosures without compromising enterprise-class features.

29 May 2013

Western Digital Green™ Desktop 3.5-inch HD: Best Choice Award in Green ICT Category

WD Green Desktop HD
Western Digital(WD), leader in Storage and connected-life products, recently announced for its WD Green Desktop 3.5 inch Hard Drive for its Best Choice Award in the Green ICT Technology which awarded by COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013.

What is WD Green Desktop 3.5 inch HD? Why it was awarded to be the Best Choice Award in Green ICT category? What is Best Choice Award?

Find out more here.

25 May 2013

Western Digital Joins Computex Taipei 2013: What Are The Key Activities There?

In my last week's post, WD had unveiled its My Passport Ultra in which it has USB 3.0 connectivity technology, more slim design and secured featured. Today, the leader in storage announced solid state hybrid drives (SSHD) and 5mm ultra-slim HD technology be demonstrated in the trade event, COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013, in Taiwan from June 4 to 8, 2013.

SSHD Among Thin-and-light, Cloud Storage and Connected Life Portfolio Exhibited 

16 May 2013

Western Digital(Leader in Storage Technology) Unveiled its New "My Passport® Ultra™

 The company leader in storage solution technology, Western Digital, announces its new portable hard drive, My Passport Ultra not so long ago and last week, it unveiled 3.5 inch SAS HD.  What are the difference among portable hard drives? Is it reliable? Is it fast? Is it really useful for heavy users?

My Password Ultra is a portable hard drive that has USB 3.0 connectivity technology, slim & compact design, and secured. In the press release, it was mentioned that it has 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities available. Is it enough? For heave downloaders, this could be quite more useful. I think 1TB is not enough for me. -_-.

14 May 2013

Western Digital (WD) Unveiled New 3.5 Inch SAS Hard Drive Solution

Western Digital(WD®) has been focused lately on this innovative hard disk product. This leader of storage launched its new 3.5 inches SAS hard drive solution with the release of WD XE™ (2.5inch, 10,000 RPM SAS hard disk).

WD XE™ is now mounted to 3.5inch WD performance adapter.

02 May 2013

World's First 5 mm 2.5-inch Western Digital Hard Drive in the Philippines

WD Blue 5mm Mobile HD
Imagine slim fit, storage capacity, innovation and high performance as Western Digital a company and world leader in storage and connected-life products launched the world’s first ultra-slim 2.5-inch 5mm hard drives and solid state hybrid drives (SSHD).

This new devices are designed for integration into the slimmest and space-constrained computing environments. WD Blue™ 5 mm ultra slim hard drives and WD Black™ SSHD are first in a family of high-performance and slim drives for ultra-portable devices featuring innovative mechanical designs and solid state hybrid drive technology.