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26 December 2014

HOW TO: Backup System, Partitions, and Data Files Using EaseUS Todo Backup Home

What if your PC suddenly crashed or its hard-drive failed, and the worst thing is, you don't have any important backup files — which is frustrating, what will you do? Certainly you will cry, regret, and repent!

Sometimes, we fail to backup our important files even though we already knew that we MUST do backup files in the first place. This is probably because we are just too lazy to setup or maybe we don't have actually an information about securing digital data files. Am I right?

25 April 2013

Comprehensive Understanding about VPN: Why You Need To Use VPN?

Security? BIG word. Don’t we need security for as long as we live? We need this as much as we desire for food. This food is the information we humans are programmed to intake each day. We grow and we live with information. But there’s certain information that we just can’t share referred to as private, thus in need of security

 The internet is an abundant market susceptible to hacking and information stealing. We therefore need solution to this predicament. It is VPN. This article might enlighten you about VPNs as we go through.

21 March 2013

How is SMS Being Sent and Received?

"K". One Character but it creates thousands of rage reaction. How would you feel if you exert effort to compose one(1) paragraph message and just received a one(1) letter - K? I'm pretty sure you get upset. Now, with this video, that someone who used to reply "K" probably shy to reply. Nah, if they really don't like the person, they always like that. About the video, i am Not sure if it can 100% effective to change the person but sure fact is, it is FUNNY yet COMPELLING.

04 September 2012

I Received Dollar Payment From

As I checked and opened my google email, with a mild and stress glance of my email main window i saw something interesting in my inbox message(one that has cool indication icon that signifies a quality email or a direct email from me) that makes my nerve to be in active state opps :).Okey then, one of my emails marked as important pertained to Paypal: Trusted Payment System and so i clicked that has a yellow icon. To continur, as i was reading the message, i half-smiled because I got something that triggers my sense of excitement. WHY?