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13 August 2015

System Mechanic 14.6 Supports Windows 10

Well, this is great news for Windows 10 new users, the globally acclaimed leader of computer optimization solutions, iolo technologies' System Mechanic 14.6. The newest version for this PC optimization software will be fully compatible with Windows 10.

iolo technologies system mechanic

As more users preferred Windows 10 as their primary operating system, iolo Technologies sees great opportunity to update System Mechanic to fully equipped with the OS.

System Mechanic 14.6 delivers best PC performance optimization features available not only Microsoft's latest OS, but its lower versions namely; Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

In a press release, iolo Labs has tested and optimized for Windows 10 extensively to ensure that System Mechanic 14.6 is fully compatible with the new operating system.

02 February 2015

[Software] System Mechanic 14.5: Boosts Internet Connection Speed

Do you find it more frustrating to have a slow internet connection? While it internet speed is one of the crucial factors of any PC user's experience, iolo technologies, re-engineered its NetBooster to enhance internet speed and performance.

28 January 2015

21 July 2014

12 December 2013

Iolo Technologies: System Mechanic 12.5 Version Released

Want the best result in terms of performance of your PC? The new System Mechanic 12.5 just released to serve you. This version features LiveBoost™ Technology that will tune up, repair, and optimize performance.

Right now, I am proudly System Mechanic user for almost 4-months as of this post. I had reviewed it for awhile and now, I will be reviewing again to tell great features and news.

You can read my review: System Mechanic 12

What are the features of the new System Mechanic 12.5?

31 August 2013

Invest More With System Mechanic Tool [Review]

Have you experienced slow performance with your computer? Of course, you did! We normally faced the fact that we are in the same situation – frustrating slow PCs. Moreover, do you know that eventually our PC will be filled with useless files? No, I am not joking! In fact, as I wrote this, I have been annoyed the slow PC performance and internet connection. 

Well, I just to deal with it.

In my previous review with PC utility FREE tool – CCLEANER. I did mentioned that it is really the best FREE tool to clean up mess and boost speed & performance. However, here is a catch, CCLearner still has few lack of features compared to this tool that I will be reviewing a premium now. For quick and first use, this software really improved my PCs speed, power, performance, and stability.

Is it really worth to invest with this tool?