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18 May 2014

Fans of Wanted Film Has A Sequel: No Jolie

Honestly, I love this Wanted(2008) movie film. The story and effects were awesome. To note, this film was a big hit to box office grossing an amount of  $134.5 million. But I feel the movie had more stories to be told. That is, more sequels!

Wanted(2008) movie is a spy novel, thrilling action film written by Chris Morgan, Michael Brandth, and Drek Haas. The story goes a certain account manager(experienced panic attacks —McAvoy) who discovers he is the son of a pro assassin and join the Fraternity(secret sect).

For the fans out there, Wanted 2 will be on BIG SCREEN sometime in 2015. According to Hollywood, screenwrites Brandth and Haas mentioned that in this sequel, there is no JOLIE but a new Female character.

04 May 2014

"Olympus Has Fallen" Movie Has A SEQUEL. Release Date?

If you already seen this bloody, action-packed-thrill movie that once broke the White House by terrorists, Olympus Has Fallen has new SEQUEL.

The sequel titled London Has Fallen is officially started its development and released to set for October 2, 2015.

According to Variety Movie news, Focus Features already got US distribution rights to London Has Fallen. Of course, Gerard Butler will return to kick ass those terrorists but still has no news for the director.

Olympus Has Fallen took place in the White House, USA while London Has Fallen will take place in London with an attack.