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13 April 2014

LG Smart Mobile Printer: Smartly and Instantly Print Photos

Is it damn cool to instantly print picture using your Mobile phones? With LG Smart Mobiele printer (PD221), you can instantly and smartly print pocket photo. Fast, Easy and Convenient!

Enjoy the Instant Mobile Printing, Easy Bluetooth Connection, Smart NFC Connection, Customized Editing, Adjustable Photo Filter, Posting the D-days, DIY Photo Frame, Share your memories with the Photo Split Function, Enjoyable sharing, LG Pocket photo application, No need ink, Zink, Optimized print quality, Perfect wallet-size photos measuring a Compact 2 X 3, Handy and Minimal design, Share your happy memories at any time, Keep your special day with Pocket photo, An album for your loving child, Use photos as Interior items, DIY invitations, When in need of ID photo and LG Pocket photo application.

08 December 2012

15 June 2012

[Solved] How to Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter T13 Printer?

Waste Ink pad error is a situation when the printer has reached a condition where the waste pad are full. Epson Printers track on how much ink it has dumped absorbent pads in the printer's base. Thus, it shows a error prompt message to user "Parts Inside your Printer Has Reached The End Of Its Service Life" once full.  For that the user needs to reset the Waste Ink Pad Counter of the Printer.