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18 December 2016

02 November 2013

The Power of Adobe Photoshop - Make Over Model. Great or Alarming?

It was on this Youtube Video that I came across with that I really appreciated on how it achieve incredible photo using this powerful application, Adobe Photoshop. From a single original model turns to fabulous and fascinating masterpiece of edition. For this large part of modification, does media company uses more on edition than their models?

21 September 2013

Angel Locsin Breaks Silence With Photo Scandal Leaked

After TV host Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh and Band Parokya Ni Edgar(PNE) vocalist Chito Miranda with his GF controversies that videos went viral. Here comes another alleged photo scandal, in which, has slight a different medium. 

Angel Locsin alleged photo leaked scandal that goes viral.

Angel Locsin breaks the silence with the issue. Is it really Angel Locsin? Find out more here. 

15 September 2013

HOW TO: Swap Faces Using Photoshop BASIC Techniques

One of the things that people seem want to learn in Photo Editing using Photoshop is on how to swap faces to a different figures(face, body, poster, thing, animals etc). With today's technology, we can create hilarious photo with our friends.

Swapping faces is quite FUN to do especially you swap your own face into some quite celebrity face/body yet for some reasons(specifically with your friends) if it could probably offend or harm the subject, you need proper consent and right to edit to make it more hilarious and fun.

Now, the best thing here is, I will be showing off some basic instructions on how to achieve: "FACE OFF" – from the great movie.

Are you willing to learn on HOW TO SWAP FACES Using Adobe Photoshop? Continue to read here:

22 July 2012

01 June 2012