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28 December 2017

RARE: Limited Edition President Duterte Cherry Mobile Flare J2S

The Philippines' leading smartphone brand returns with another member of the Flare family, this time the Limited edition. Look what's on Cherry Mobile Limited Edition no other than the President of the Philippines himself, Rodrigo Roa Duterte!

Seamless mobile experience meets a cool camera with this little tech device and the President himself on the packaging.

According to Yugatech, Cherry Mobile have been distributed its limited edition The Flare J2s as a Christmas gift from the Philippine President, Rodrigo Roa Duterte which can be seen in its packaging.

29 January 2017

Is January 30, 2017 to be Declared as Holiday?

There has been a hot topic whether January 30, 2017, to be declared as a Special Non-Working Holiday or not. There are a lot of mixed comments on social media sites — there's negative and there's optimistic approach, yet, should Palace declare it as Holiday?
January 30, 2017 to be Declared as Holiday?

Last January 24, 2017 (Tuesday){Manila Bulletin}, it was the Quezon City Representation, Winston Castelo, urged MalacaƱang Palace to declare January 30 a non-working holiday to give the Filipinos the time to witness the coronation of Miss Universe since the Philippines is hosting the said beauty pageant.

14 July 2015

10 March 2015

First Philippine-made Satellite Called Diwata

For the first time in the history of mankind, Philippines will set to launch its own-made satellite — Diwata — into space.

Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has announced on Tuesday, March 10, 2015, that Philippines will launch its first micro-satellites  in 2016 and 2017 which aims to improve weather forecasting, protection on forest, cultural, agriculture, fisheries, mining, and historical sites, and other public services.

01 February 2015

Hackers Deface Gov't websites in Protest of SAF Carnage

Justice is served for the death of 44 SAF commandos, this is the call of protecting for several groups of hackers by defacing some government websites as to protest of the carnage of 44 SAF members.

Group of hackers claiming to be the responsible for defacing of some government websites were Blood Security Hackers International, Elite Cyber Army, Digital Nodes, Basureros, Philippines Hacking University, Magdalo Cyber Army, Anonymous Philippines, and b4ckd00r.

12 June 2014

09 May 2014

How Company Charge Customers? Electricity Monthly Bills: Explained

Summer is nearly ends and electricity is delivered lack at home primarily because of "no rain" could sustain main source — HYDRO power plant. Well, especially in Mindanao and surely, you are one of those frustrated consumers.

Plot Twist: If you have HIGHER Bill with Rotation brown outs across whole Mindanao, then surely you will be out-of-rage-mode..

Okay, have you ever wondered where did your money go in your monthly electricity bill?

18 March 2014

Philippine ISPs Shall Filter Child Pornography Websites

The Philippine Government with the Memorandum Circular No. 01-01-2014 issued by the National Telecommunications Commission(NTC) dated January 30, 2014, ISPs shall implement Anti-Child Pornography. In the said Memo, NTC ordered Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block or filter user from accessing child pornography sites by providing list of websites to ban.



According to the memo, ISPs shall submit list of child porn websites which subscribers attempt to access to the Inter-Agency Council Against Child Pornography(IACACP) for evaluation. ISP given until June to install filters.  Lastly, NTC is one to finalize the list of blocked websites that IACACP provided to the ISPs.

17 March 2014

Bloggers Shall Pay Tax Doing Online Business Transactions

How can we forget Kim Henares? If you don't know her, KIM S. JACINTO-HENARES is the Commissioner of Bureau Internal Revenue(BIR), a calm and sharp, that had been favorited topic on social media and news nowadays. Of course, this brave woman known-to-be the Tax Woman Cometh whose mission is to capture those tax evaders and collect P1.066 trillion within this year 2014. 

Also, she makes sure we all pay correct taxes like VAT, EWHT, and other taxes. (and we make sure also it will be on distributed fairly and just to Filipino people not on pockets of those corrupt officials).

31 January 2014

24 January 2014

Online NBI Clearance Registration System is UP

Effective, today, January 24, 2014 marks the flagship of NBI's new online registration system. 

Some of us had experienced inconvenience when acquiring NBI Clearance certificates, we woke up early morning usually 4-5am just to get priority numbers and probably got the form in the afternoon.

Worse scenario, some would come back the next day. Sigh.

With this new online system, does it eliminates burden among applicants? Is it effective system? Does it solves the problem on queues? Does it simplifies the processes?

11 November 2013

Philippine Tropical Storm Zoraida

After the most devastating storm and the most strongest storm in the World, Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda that smashed central East Visayas last week. On Monday, Tropical Storm Zoraida or International named PODOL, is the 25th Typhoon in the year 2013, has entered Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) and was initially spotted at 634 km SE of Hinatuan, Surigao Del Sur at 2am.

05 November 2013

Typhoon Storm - Haiyan: Locally Named "Yolanda" PH [Update]

International Named super typhoon – Haiyan or locally named when enters Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) as "Yolanda" is projected to threaten Philippines and neighboring countries.

Initial Reports:
According to PAGASA, initially issued at 11AM 05 November 2013, it was estimated that Typhoon Yolanda located at 2,170 km East of Mindanao. Yolanda / Haiyan has a maximum sustainable winds of 95 kph and gustiness of up to 120 kph. Furthermore, PAGASA forecasted to move at West direction at 25 kph. 

On Thursday morning, it is forecasted that Yolanda will enter Philippine Area of Responsibility(PAR).

20 October 2013

October 28 2013 Declaring Special Non-Working Holiday

The official Gazette of the Philippines posted Proclamation no. 656 s. 2013 last September 25, 2013. The said proclamation declaring Monday(10-28-2013), as a special non-working holiday nationwide. It is the Synchronized Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK)** Elections to be held on that said date.

30 September 2013

21 August 2013

11 August 2013

Tropical Cyclone: Typhoon Labuyo [Update]

As of 4:20 PM
Issued at 4:20 PM, 11 August 2013 (Sunday)
Target Areas: ‪#‎MetroManila‬

Light at times moderate to heavy rains is affecting Metro Manila and most likely to continue for the next 3 hours.

People are advised to MONITOR the weather condition and for the next advisory.

24 July 2013

[PH] Is August 09, 2013 A Regular Holiday Or Not?

The reason you were landed here because you were looking for the answer. Is it really a holiday on August 09, 2013? This is quite difficult to answer at least for now simply because the reason is the government still does not declare such. I know you are pretty excited for the mere fact that August 09 should be a holiday right? At least for unofficial statement coming from other external sources.

07 July 2013

Republic Act. No. 8484 or Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998

With the rampant of illegal sale and installation to telecom's modems nowadays, I was bit curious on what grounds will a person be filed if he/she violates any such illegal activities. Gladly, a proper law on violation against illegal access of devices shown.

Republic Act. No. 8484 or Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998.

02 July 2013

Got Email Invitation From Manila Dev Challenge

Phew! Pretty excited to read my inbox then suddenly, feel sad...Its an open invitation for dev challenge though I am no longer a web developer or such. Still, I am happy to receive one prestigious invitation from -_-

Are you a rockstar developer? Have a passion with programming, logic and algorithm? here's for you!