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10 August 2015

Is 'PALUWAGAN' System A Good Or Bad Method?

Are you tempted to invest with high-return money without any risks? How does it possible? If it's good to be true, will you risk your money with this kind of system?

Piggybank savings
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If you have doubts, you should check this out and know it better.

Paluwagan is a matrix/cycle type of marketing plan in our country. Or it could be a simple form of  Money lending and savings system, and that is so popular in the Philippines.

Someone mentioned that in English, it is called, Rotating Savings and Credit Association or ROSCA. Ideally, it will work if there are at least three members. As such, there is no need for documentation or a memorandum of agreement among both parties, because members know each other.

My mother joined this similar kind of system called HULOGA. Group members decided to pay an amount then you can lend the money and pay it for an interest rate. Do sounds like a loan?

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Paluwagan is allegedly guaranteed members high returns without supposedly any risks. Is it really possible? If a member is too skeptical about it, then there's really a problem.