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24 August 2016

Five Best Tools for Customer Engagement Success

More and more businesses are opening their eyes and realizing that they can’t go anywhere without a high customer engagement. No commercial, ad, newsletter, influencer, article work anymore without a precise addressing to the client. If the gone years were all about making a great fuss about the product, the era of World Wide Web wants to see the human side of the business.

10 August 2015

Is 'PALUWAGAN' System A Good Or Bad Method?

Are you tempted to invest with high-return money without any risks? How does it possible? If it's good to be true, will you risk your money with this kind of system?

Piggybank savings
Photo by: Ken Teegardin / Flickr
If you have doubts, you should check this out and know it better.

Paluwagan is a matrix/cycle type of marketing plan in our country. Or it could be a simple form of  Money lending and savings system, and that is so popular in the Philippines.

Someone mentioned that in English, it is called, Rotating Savings and Credit Association or ROSCA. Ideally, it will work if there are at least three members. As such, there is no need for documentation or a memorandum of agreement among both parties, because members know each other.

My mother joined this similar kind of system called HULOGA. Group members decided to pay an amount then you can lend the money and pay it for an interest rate. Do sounds like a loan?

kinds of marketing plan
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Paluwagan is allegedly guaranteed members high returns without supposedly any risks. Is it really possible? If a member is too skeptical about it, then there's really a problem.

28 July 2015

7 Marketing Tips for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs

Advertizing a business on a shoestring budget can be a tough call yet bootstrapped entrepreneurs have to manage it all within little funds, because for them, every dollar counts. Right?

marketing tips

Well, informing the market about your products & services in the minimum possible cost can be super easy if strategic commitment and solid execution are put into effect.

15 October 2014

The Smart Use of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is defined as a form of marketing and advertising strategy that uses the web or the internet to deliver promotional messages to targeted consumers. Lot of companies, regardless if they are big or small, have started implementing it in their business.

Seeing its huge potential of boosting promotions, sales and recognition, companies now take its huge advantages for their businesses to further grow.

11 May 2014

World's Toughest Job Video Interview: Prank Interview

Do you know the toughest job with no SALARY and works everyday in 365 days? If you want to know the "World's Toughest Job", you should watch it here.

Would you really take a JOB with unlimited hours, no breaks and no pay? Someone you know might!
screenshot: Interviewed one applicant via videoconference

01 August 2013

Facebook Unveils Embedded Posts Feature

Facebook unveiled its new feature the so-called Facebook Embedded Posts which give users the ability to share Facebook public posts to another blogs or websites.

In a official blog post, Facebook announced a new social plugin which first launched with its partners such as Bleacher, CNN, Huffingtonpost, Mashable, and People. Soon it will roll out to Facebook users worldwide.

27 April 2013

Guide for the Perfect Facebook Image Post: Learn Great Tips From SalesForce

We can't argue that Facebook is a popular social media and is most used site ever. It perfectly made to share and engage with other people. With that, it became TOP social networking site with a total of Billion of users. Like most people uses Facebook to post their most of their feelings. Well, I was one of those people who regularly post the Facebook update.

However, if you are dealing with a business venture. I'm pretty sure, you actually are not putting some Love or Bitter quotes here but instead you are CONNECTING and ENGAGING your prospects and customers. Using Facebook can actually convert these statuses to a goal or value (For future customers and of course, earnings).

Yet, there are few mastered the basics ideal post in Facebook especially Facebook Images. So here, improve these posts, make it perfect posts and boost engagement to your customers.

How to make Perfect Facebook Image post?
This guide will help you a lot.

07 February 2013

3 Online Marketing Mistakes That Make Your Campaigns a Complete Flop

Do you have a company website?

Nowadays, asking this question might not be necessary – everyone just expects all businesses on the planet to be found in Google. Fair enough because most of them are. But does being online make a difference to your business?

If not then you should just go clean your scrolling LED sign and sweep the floor in your brick and mortar store. But kidding aside, I’d just like to let you know that you might be committing any one of these online marketing mistakes that I’ve listed below.

05 February 2013

11 September 2011

Product Review: Totally Tweetable Marketing System

Product Review: Totally Tweetable Marketing System is one of those WOW sites that looks like it has been the brainchild of some very serious marketing minds. It is combining the powerful concepts of member based email marketing and combines it with some powerful viral techniques, including Social Media and blogging. Wow!!