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30 September 2013

9th Google AdSense Payout

It's kinda late but it's better than never. Almost one week already, I had received this payout cash from Google dated September 24, 2013 – and it is my 9th payout with Google Adsense(GA). First of all, I want to thank God and for those people who help me earned and got like this. I never expected such good news and with the deep appreciation in my deepest heart, I am very thankful about this.

This post is not made with the sole purpose to boast but rather it serves as an inspiration for those who want to earn extra money online by blogging.

31 August 2013

8th Google Adsense + 4th Clixsense Payout

As of the second quarter of this year 2013, my blogs are bit performing well. With sweat and effort to create posts, I shouldn't come up with this good results. Also, I learn a lot about styles and few techniques in writing, blogging, online marketing, and researching. Not to mention, it paid me with small amount for hardwork and patience.

Thus, with these fruits of hard work and effort, I, thankfully, got another blessings. Truly and definitely, pay me!

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26 July 2013

[Monetize] Proof That Blogging Really Pays Off

Who needs extra money? Of course, I would say, most of us. While some of business establishments promise us a high earning revenue for a cheap investment. Do you really need to fall in trap because it shows large money income? Come to think of it. I learned that: You should invest right and wise.

Their Business Model; My Blogging Model

They were indeed very successful in that business model but I nothing's changed particularly. Yet Blogging has given me the great opportunity to learn and earn little extra money. Despite of these blessings, I realized that I am very happy instead when someone asked for the help and I answered them back with solution. It was fulfilling than seeing my earnings.  (I checked my earnings every minute).

25 May 2013

My 2nd Payment with Google Adsense 2013

Life is indeed unfair! Though some people would claimed it as BETTER & FAIR and by judging them i would say, they must be LUCKY enough to have that kind of life. Well, at least, not in my case, i mostly seen different situations in my surroundings. Moreover, I have experienced lots of difficulties in life. Life is so tough and cruel sometimes. And whenever i think of it i tend to lose hope. No, i didn't look down myself. I just could not see it in an opposite positive way. Yeah, i maybe too pessimist in nature but i have some other options too.  I must strive to fight and survive. Aja!
People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.~ Zig Ziglar
But the good news is that there's a light rays of hope. Whenever i find myself in the cave of hardship, uncertainty, unfair, difficulties and dilemma, it shines upon me and suddenly makes me feel free and gladly it makes me strong, it strengthens my keen knowledge, and it boosts my enthusiasm and motivation. What is your motivation in life? Perhaps with these reasons: status of life, poverty and personal needs.

Thank God for these blessings! @[email protected]

29 March 2013

First Google Adsense Cashout for the Year 2013

Do you want to win a lottery ? Well, the first step is to BUY Ticket. But wait, there's a little chance of winning. If you will ask a statistician, they would answer you the probability to win is 1/10million+. Good thing, we will not here to compute on how to win the lotto, but we are here to know how to earn with hard work.  Here, though it also has a small chance to get paid, yet striving it with hard work will somehow and at the proper time... you will earn your great labor.

08 March 2013

Successful Tips To Get Approved With Google Adsense Account

While some bloggers, webmasters, and publishers frustrated in acquiring Google Adsense account, still there were few lucky people out there enjoying the benefit that Adsense gives. Why is it so hard to get an account in Adsense? Why is Google Adsense is very strict nowadays? Perhaps, these might be yelling question in your mind. But just like i have said, there are lot of bloggers already acquired Adsense account. And I'm one of those, and i am enjoying the earnings i get even though it is relatively small amount.

Here, I wanna share to you some successful tips to get approved in Google Adsense.

23 December 2012

Google AdSense: A 4th Cashout Gift For Me

One thing to note: The world is not ending, yet, the year 2012 nearly ends but not with rumors about Apocalypse -- Ending the our planet December 21, 2012 as predicted if Gangnam Style reached 1 Billion. Are you scared? Well, enough with the ENDING thingy, the good news is that we will start in Christmas Holiday.

How many days to go before x'mas? It seems that this year is a Better one to me -- with great news and blessings -- despite of some difficulties that i have encountered and experienced but the bottom line here is that LIFE must really GO ON and be THANKFUL!

04 October 2012

19 July 2012

Top 5 Highest Paying Keywords Adsense July 2012

Google Adsense is a Free Advertising Service made by Google that can profits both publishers and advertisers. Google Adsense gives more earning profits than other advertising company. To see and know how to earn money online.  

30 June 2012