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29 April 2015

02 February 2015

[Software] System Mechanic 14.5: Boosts Internet Connection Speed

Do you find it more frustrating to have a slow internet connection? While it internet speed is one of the crucial factors of any PC user's experience, iolo technologies, re-engineered its NetBooster to enhance internet speed and performance.

22 January 2015

02 July 2014

08 April 2014

Twitter Revamps Profile Design Looks Like W/ Facebook

It is OFFICIAL! Twitter revamps its profile pages and roll-outs globally-soon in all users with a slight-quite-similar looks w/ Facebook. As of today, Twitter selects only group of users to take the new design in effect.

Twitter sees it more growing important in terms of design visuals w/ larger background images and more prominent profile pictures.

So, if you are familiar with Facebook page design, you could tell it has more similarities. Not only with the design, it has quite had same feature too.

03 April 2014

Google Keep: New Feature - Ability To Search Text in Photos Quickly

Evernote (a note-taking and archiving app/software) with its rival Google Keep rollouts great features such as Searchable Texts in Photos, List Configuration, and Keep Deleted Notes in a little longer.

If you access Google Keep now, you will be seeing what's new with it. In a TheNextWeb post, Evernote has already had this Searchable Text in photos yet accordingly Google has implemented instantly. In addition, Evernote when tested to index images, it took few minutes in which Google Keep is more superior with speed it display.

15 January 2014

Finally, Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs & Features Officially Revealed

A top-notch on graphics capabilities! Its 2560×1440 resolution SUPER AMOLED display with 8-core processor plus metal body. Brace yourself with this Samsung's latest flagship!

At the International CES 2014, we could expect that Samsung will finally ship its new Galaxy S5 model few months from now. While rumors and concepts are circulating on tech community, some mysteries somewhat revealed exclusively by SamMobile

13 December 2013

Instagram Direct: Send Photo and Video Messages to Friends

The Instagram team brings its new feature to send photo/video direct to friends. According to their blog, a user can direct photo and video message to the group of friends and families. Instagram Direct is the best way to send these moments.

Is this feature worth for the user?

12 December 2013

29 September 2013

Facebook New Page Insights [Update]

Well, I got selected the chance to try the newest version of Facebook Page Insights. And now, I sneak peek about this New Page Insights.

Page Insights give the administrator of a certain page a completely organize report metrics. This new Page Insights has gone way to improve to make it more simple and more focused on people.

01 August 2013

Facebook Unveils Embedded Posts Feature

Facebook unveiled its new feature the so-called Facebook Embedded Posts which give users the ability to share Facebook public posts to another blogs or websites.

In a official blog post, Facebook announced a new social plugin which first launched with its partners such as Bleacher, CNN, Huffingtonpost, Mashable, and People. Soon it will roll out to Facebook users worldwide.

31 July 2013

MyPhone ICEBERG's Anti-Theft Application - TARA

MyPhone unveiled its proudly-pinoy made anti-theft technology app – Theft Apprehension and Asset Recovery Application or simply 'TARA' – which can remotely disabled the said gadget to protect and secure data just in case it is stolen or lost exclusive for MyPhone.

What does TARA do? Well it works successful just in case?

17 July 2013

Truth About Facebook Graph App Privacy [Trending Issue]

Do our likes and comments be seen to foreigners without our permission? Does unchecking life events and comments could make my Facebook friends to private? Is it really true that Facebook new graph app makes visible to strangers?
Here I will put some information about Facebook Graph App feature.

16 July 2013

Gmail Roll Out Inbox Tabs & Categorized Labels

Gmail just recently roll out its new feature: Inbox Tabs and Categorized Labels. Well, at first, I had a minor difficulty in browsing my inbox. Oh yes, I didn't know what tabs a certain website is. But later, I feel more comfortable.

The messages are now classified into categories. These categories such as but not limited to Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. What are the benefits of these new features?

06 February 2013

Google Doodle Features Mary Leakey

Hola! This is my First post about Google Doodle for year 2013, oh, i dont blame myself to write this in February. The truth is i am only updated in widely known some people, events, places etc. 

There are really lots of Google Doodle but it is on a specific region only. So now, Google Features Mary Leakey on their site.

Who is Mary Leakey ?

23 June 2012