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15 October 2014

The Smart Use of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is defined as a form of marketing and advertising strategy that uses the web or the internet to deliver promotional messages to targeted consumers. Lot of companies, regardless if they are big or small, have started implementing it in their business.

Seeing its huge potential of boosting promotions, sales and recognition, companies now take its huge advantages for their businesses to further grow.

11 May 2014

World's Toughest Job Video Interview: Prank Interview

Do you know the toughest job with no SALARY and works everyday in 365 days? If you want to know the "World's Toughest Job", you should watch it here.

Would you really take a JOB with unlimited hours, no breaks and no pay? Someone you know might!
screenshot: Interviewed one applicant via videoconference

01 August 2013

Facebook Unveils Embedded Posts Feature

Facebook unveiled its new feature the so-called Facebook Embedded Posts which give users the ability to share Facebook public posts to another blogs or websites.

In a official blog post, Facebook announced a new social plugin which first launched with its partners such as Bleacher, CNN, Huffingtonpost, Mashable, and People. Soon it will roll out to Facebook users worldwide.

22 July 2013 Conducts Digital Influencer Boot Camp @ CDO City

CEO and FOUNDER of, Janette Toral, will be the lead speaker in the upcoming #Boot Camp at Cagayan de Oro City this July 27, 2013, from 8 am - 5 pm.

If want to improve and learn digital marketing techniques, Miss Janette Toral will conduct a piece of training to build and establish as a Digital Influencer.